Boss Up Your Mindset: What’s Holding You Back In Your Career?

Apr 15, 2020

Ladies, brace yourself.

I have some tough feedback for you, but I need you to know that I am sharing this with you out of love.

You see, I want you to reach your highest potential… and on top of that,  I know you can. There is this one little thing (well, actually huge thing!) that continues to hold you back. 

If you are conscious of it and continue to work on it, I believe that you will achieve more than you ever thought possible.

This brings me to what I wanted to share with you.

Are you ready to hear it??


I am talking a COMPLETE mindset makeover.

Stop doubting yourself and selling your accomplishments short!…

You are qualified for that job or opportunity.

So go apply for it right now!

I mean today. 

You did work hard and if you don’t start sharing that, your accomplishments are not going to share themselves.  I promise there are ways to do this and still be professional.

Let me share with you how, like you, I used to sell myself short all of the time.

I worked for a company in Chicago and was placed on a stretch assignment in an area that most human resources professionals shy away from.  I will give you hint, it involved spreadsheets and numbers, more specifically I was analyzing global sales incentive plans for the segment I was supporting. 

So, anywho, it was uncomfortable as I had never done anything like this before.  It involved research, winging it, and trusting my gut. I was fine with the first two parts but I struggled with trusting myself.  I second guessed myself quite a bit. 

I later learned that my recommendations were sound, however, I came across as unsure, un-confident, and therefore unconvincing.

I continued to work on this particularly when I am placed in an uncomfortable, fearful, and stretching situation. A strategy that I used to begin Bossing Up My Mindset, was the Boss-Up Action Plan. I want to share with you the steps that you can begin taking today to stop getting out of your own way.

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Reflect on those things that make you fearful and try to understand why.


 Open yourself up to the possibility of success as well as failure.  Did you know that there was a such thing as fearing success as well as fearing failure?  The first one may come as a surprise, but it is true and it could be holding you back. Open yourself up to the possibility of both succeeding and failing. Then become comfortable with either outcome.


A critical step to pushing past fear is acknowledging its existence.  This is why it is so important to “See Fear.” The next part is what separates leaders from non-leaders.   It is the choice. We have a choice to make, and I encourage you to choose Faith and Self-Confidence. Now, Faith may look different for different people.  For me, Faith means having Faith in God and myself as this has helped propel me forward coupled with my confidence in myself.


Leading yourself or others can be challenging.  Having the proper support & community will help you lead more successfully.


A vital element to the Boss-Up Protocol is affirming yourself especially during times of transition or adversity.


Bossing Up Your Mindset is not an overnight or quick fix sort of thing. It does require work,  commitment, and refreshing from time to time. You need to be up for this ongoing challenge and lifelong commitment to yourself.

Does it work?



Having used the Boss-Up Action Plan again and again, I am called upon for my expertise even when it involves areas in which I am unfamiliar or uncomfortable.  It is because I reflect back on this story and the steps and then push past fear. 

As a leader, we make choices. We can choose Fear or we can choose Faith and Self-Confidence.


To learn more about the strategies and process that I use to push myself past fear when I find myself in a stretching, uncomfortable, fearful, or unfamiliar situations, download the Boss Up Your Mindset Action Plan.

Does your mindset match your skill set?

Cassie Catrice
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Cassie Catrice

Leadership Consultant

 Cassie Catrice Consulting is a premier faith-based Leadership Consulting agency that provides career consulting services to individuals and organizations with ambitious early to mid-career women and future leaders in business and tech who are ready to take their career to the next level. 


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