About the Women in Business Club

An international community for female entrepreneurs empowering women to thrive and succeed in business 

Empowering women to thrive and succeed in business

Our Community

We believe that every woman is capable of achieving success – but you can’t do it alone.

That is why Women in Business Club exists. It is here to support you on the journey to business and personal success. 

Our community members are encouraging, supportive, open to collaborations. 

Whether you are running a multi-million dollar business or just starting out in business, the connections you can make within this community will be an invaluable support network for you and your business. 

We are a global community, so you are guaranteed to make friends from every corner of the world. 

We also have infinite opportunities for you to contribute to our community and share your own knowledge and expertise. Be it through our virtual weekly masterclasses, live in-person events, our podcast or blog section or our private Facebook group. 

The world needs more women like you – courageous, creative, kind, supportive, strong and open minded. Above all – always ready to learn something new and support others along the way. 

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Our Team

Our incredible team behind Women in Business community make it all possible for us to deliver phenomenal training, resources, events and valuable content. Without our team Women in Business Club would not be where we are. From our Creative Content Stylist Claire, to Project Manager and Automations Queen Carrie, our Tech Whizz – Helen, Facebook Strategist – Katie and Pinterest Queen, Hayley, and of course our Club Founder Raimonda. All of these ladies are 100% committed to serving our tribe of women all around the world. Our ethos is remote working, whilst sharing the team spirit and collaboration. 

We inspire, educate, connect and support Women in Business!

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Redefining Success

Redefining Success

Traditionally, being successful meant having a good job title, a good salary, a big house, nice car etc but what does it really mean? We explore how our obsession with success is really affecting our physical and mental health.

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