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For every woman to be empowered to use her voice and share her story 

In our monthly digital publication - the Women Thrive Magazine we feature women stories, inspirational content, business tips, news and announcements. 

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Volume 1. Women Thrive Magazine 

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Women Thrive Magazine Vol 2

Volume 2 August / September Issue

Women Thrive Magazine Vol 2

Volume 3 October

Women Thrive Magazine 

Women empowerment publishing platform for women to express themselves and talk about the subjects that many times feels like taboos. 

At the Women Thrive Magazine you will discover an array of topics being covered in our shortly monthly publication filled with gems and fun stories. 

We love to feature entrepreneurial women and their personal challenges and successes – featuring them in a new light and new audience domain. 

Our magazine also draws attention from global serial entrepreneurs, speakers, authors and global contriibutors. You will always find diversity of topics, perspectives, stories and blend of hand selected  content – just for you as a reader. 

Plus – you will never have to pay to be a reader of our digital magazine. 

This is a platform for women by women, where Queens SUPPORT Queens Globally. 

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