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We empower women from all backgrounds and walks of life to grow, thrive and succeed in business. 

Welcome to The Women in Business Community

Get to know the different roles of our community members!


Someone who is regularly follow us on social media, is supportive of our ethos and values. Who regularly takes part in our social media posts, daily inspiration, useful content, business tips and community initiatives such as #FollowBackMonday  

Founding Member

A woman who has been with us from the start, actively taking part in Women in Business Activities. Experts who have contributed to our community growth, training, networking opportunities and continues to add value to our club members through connections, mentoring, training, and support.

Startup Club Member

Someone who has enrolled as a paying member of the Women in Business Start-up Club that has a 6 core business themes. Delivered via video training, ebooks and bonus content. This is for any small solo founder or an early-stage female entrepreneur or a business owner.

Club Member

WIB Club Member is someone who is a paying member of our club, who actively takes part in our weekly virtual workshops, events and group initiatives. Members get access to our full library of resources, e-books, training videos, and discounts to our live events. Members also get access to our exclusive speaking opportunities and feature on our podcast.


Someone who has subscribed to our mailing list through any of our campaigns, challenges of Free Workshops.
Our subscribers receive our exclusive monthly news, first peek at our event announcements, speaking opportunities and ways to engage with our community.

Expert Trainer

We have been really fortunate to work with many incredible experts who over the years contributed hours of video training, resources, and insights into their expertise topics via our weekly workshopsMost of our experts you can meet via our main Facebook group where our community members and others hang out. 

The Core Benefits of Our Club

Here are some of the awesome things we do and offer!

Weekly Workshops

We host weekly, expert-led video training workshops as well as offer replays of these sessions within our Members Club and individual bundles. We have over 65 hours of training. 

A Community

A supportive women-led online and in-person community for female entrepreneurs who can finally feel like they belong. Shared experiences, contributed knowledge and skills, networking and collab opportunities.

Bundles and Training

We offer various specialised training bundles, templates, expert led courses, live challenges and regular and fun things you can do within our community.  


E-books / Workbooks

Practical and actionable e-book or workbook to help you implement new business strategies and tactics in your business. 

Events & Exposure

Our  community is proud to host regular in-person events, business retreats, summits and digital and live conferences. Offering many participation and exposure opportunities. 

Podcast Features

We feature many inspiring women stories via our Inspiring Women Stories Podcast, where our Club Members get the first opportunity to be featured as well as contribute to our blog post and member features . 

Our activities so far

Look what the Women in Business club have achieved already, and our community & impact just keep on growing!.





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Our live events

We host regular member meet ups and live event experiences, where our members can connect in person and meet other like minded entrepreneurs, share experiences and soak up inspiration. Check out our upcoming events here

Being part of our international community of trailblazing women is an opportunity for you to connect and network with like-minded female entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Members Club

Weekly Workshops and Monthly Themes

Here are our monthly themes for the upcoming 2020 year ahead

Every month we have a different theme in our member’s club, with featured experts delivering online training to help you grow your business, expand your knowledge and help take your business to the next level.

Getting involved in our workshops is like having access to expert knowledge at your fingertips! Who wouldn’t want that?

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or planning your next product launch, there is something for everyone.

Our monthly schedules are put together as building blocks for your business, providing the perfect stepping stones to creating a truly profitable enterprise.

Join the Member’s Club Today to get access to over 65 hours of content, workbooks, member benefits, exposure and networking opportunities. You will feel right at home with us! 

  • January – How to protect yourself in Business and Law
  • February – Building Partnerships and Collaborations
  • March – Creating Your own course + Tech
  • April – Community Building + Sales
  • May – launching your Podcast
  • June – Time Management / Productivity
  • July – Design skills and Marketing
  • August – Actionable Launch

From Our Members

What our members are loving about Women In Business Club, our community and events!

The Women In Business Club & Community is five star! I’ve been a member for nearly a year now and the women I’ve met through the club and connections made are wonderful, it’s more like a big family and we all support each other. The content within the club that you receive each month is wonderful, so informative and I love how each month is themed! The founder Raimonda is such an amazing woman and how she reaches out to help everyone in the business is second to none! Not to mention the invaluable workshops and also a brilliant retreat!

Lisa-Marie Mosca

Interior Designer

“Attending a Women In Business Club event for the first time felt like coming home for me. A wonderful tribe of like-minded, supportive and generous professional women who love to share, exchange and grow together. The value of being part of such a tribe can’t be expressed in words. Apart from the live meetings, the online vault of trainings, resources, and support is amazing and helps me to propel my business forward.”

Nicoline Huizinga

Visibility Expert & Author

“This Members Club is all about lifting women up, helping them reach their dreams and encouraging courage. And I love that. I have met so many incredibly inspiring ladies through the Club, and learned so much through the trainings and amazing event speakers. It’s made me rethink my business and set my goals even higher!”

Cate Butler Ross

Copy writing expert and coach

“This group is so empowering. I am SO glad I joined. Since joining this group, I have been able to practice my Live video skills (as part of the August challenge) and I have received such amazing support and feedback. This group is full of amazing women who motivate and inspire me!”

Abbie Robinson

Life Coach

“Women in Business Club has provided me with a valuable support system connected me to like minded women and helped me build my business by removing the overwhelming blocks that were holding me back – thank you!”

Naomi Buff

Health and Wellness Coach

“Women in business is a wonderful community of women encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. This community has changed my life as a person , I was able to dream big and I did things in 2019 that I never thought I could do or achieve . Awesome women here .”

Priscilla Makopa

Business Owner

“I joined the Women In Business club around 2 years ago and have attended several of their events travelling across the UK to do so. This community has supported me and my business so much always providing incredibly valuable content and resources. I’d fully recommend joining the community if you are looking for a supportive, skilled and empowering community of women.”

Claire Lockey

Content Stylist

“I joined this women’s club last year and I have been supported by its members throughout my professional journey ever since.
There is an amazing number of resources for whatever stage you are in your business. I have worked closely with some members who have become friends. It’s great to be part of this tribe!”

Elaine Leen

Executive and Team Coach

“The Women in Business community has literally changed my entire business and my life! I cannot thank Raimonda enough for everything that I have learned, which has truly transformed my business game and enabled me to become a confident and successful business owner! The resources in the community are second to none and you really need to go nowhere else if you have bought in to this membership.”

Natasha Orumbie

Professional Baker / Educator / Influencer

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