Women in Business Events

Come and experience the magic of in-person connections – meet like minded women and see what the buzz is all about.

Our attendees say:

‘Women in Business events are so different to any other events I have attended before, they feel like coming home to a tribe of women I have known all my life’

That is certainly true – because we are all united by the same ethos – to empower women to thrive, with the mindset of support and collaboration. When you are in the room surrounded by like minded entrepreneurial women you feel like you arrived at a meet up with your best friends. 

The energy is positive, uplifting and motivating and the whole experience is just magical. You are surrounded by women who are all passionate about what they do, they are ambitious, they are thriving, they are supportive, and kind. They are giving and inspiring to the core. They want to share their experiences and knowledge and they want to support each other. 

It isn’t about competition – but it is about creating opportunities for women all across the globe. It feels international but yet intimate, where you can have conversations and meet women you never knew existed. You may even meet your next mentor, business partner or business best friend. Most of the women at our events do, and become a life long friends. 

If you have never attended a Women in Business event before this may be the time to book your spot.

Upcoming Events

Atlanta - March 2020

Women in Business Event

Los Angeles - April 2020

Women in Business event

London - June 2020

Women on Top Conference

Toronto - July 2020

Women in Business Event

Luxury Retreats

Business & Mindset Retreat - Ibiza

Business Mastermind- New York

What do our attendees say?

Lisa Marie

"I  can’t express enough our wonderful founder Raimonda Jankunaite brings us all together through wonderful events and retreats, she’s such an inspirational hardworking woman constantly creating such wonderful material, connections, support and giving advice where she can.

I love being part of this wonderful empowering club!"


"Attending the WIB event was a first for me.  Apart from the amazing ambience, food and socialising, I was blown away by how much knowledge I left with. It was speaker after speaker with nugget after nugget. 

I literally felt like I'd hit a gold mine. I have seriously never attended anything like it. I left inspired, fired up and equipped with the steps I needed to take to change my business forever." 


"Women in business is a wonderful community of women encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. This community has changed my life as a person , I was able to dream big and I did things in 2019 that I never thought I could do or achieve .

Awesome women here."

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