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What will Global Diversity summit achieve? 

1. Help women build new valuable partnerships, explore new opportunities, build valuable collaborations, partnerships globally. 

2. Help entrepreneurs and business owners attract more customers and clients from other continents whilst understanding cultural differences. 

3. Help businesses enter new untapped markets and dominate it through partnerships and local collaborations

5. Help build new perceptions of diversity and multiculturalism, open new job opportunities and create more acceptance in the workplace. 

How can you get involved?  

Save Your Seat to Join This Conversation

Join this upcoming event and be part of the conversation, ideas sharing, inspiration, networking and collaborations. Secure your spot early to be on the waiting list for when we open the doors to this global event.

We have women leader, entrepreneurs and the most influential women from all across the globe, so this is the perfect opportunity to start building global partnerships and collaborations. 

Speak on This Summit

Our speaker applications are now open to to women with experience, skills and inspiration to empower our audience to build global business, audience and partnerships. 

Apply early to be considered to be a speaker on this summit. We have a high volume of applicants for our events, so do make sure you fill out the application form as fully as you can.  

Become a Sponsor

Do you want to have brand exposure to global highly targeted and engaged audience? Your brand could be featured across this high impact summit reaching over 500k audience online. 

We are looking for corporate and brand sponsor partners who are looking to be part of this event and help us make global impact on diversity and women empowerment. 


The Impact We Make 

 As a result of the Women Thrive Summit, one of our women entrepreneurs network events, we have now raised nearly $400 which has been donated to the Global Fund for Women one of the world's leading foundations for gender equality, standing up for the human rights of women and girls. 

 Our donation has gone directly to a project to make a positive impact on racial and gender justice movement that is called 10 Days to 10k Solidarity Match.

 Our donation from women entrepreneurs network events was matched to contribute to the Groundswell Fund strengthens U.S. movements for reproductive and social justice by resourcing intersectional grassroots organizing and centering the leadership of women of colour – particularly those who are Black, Indigenous, and Transgender. 

Thank you for contributing to a cause that is close to our and our community hearts to make a positive social impact for women, especially focusing on human rights and racial justice. Any future purchases of the Women Thrive Summit will continue to support The Global Fund for Women and their life-changing initiatives.  

Women Thrive Virtual Summit 

Check out 34 talks from a week-long Virtual Women Thrive Summit Women from all walks of life and all corners of the world coming together to inspire, motivate and empower women to stand up, stand out, and thrive in business with our women entrepreneurs network events. 

Our Luxury Business Retreats

Our Luxury Women in Business retreats are women entrepreneurs network events that are planned to go ahead in 2021 - please put your application forward and someone will be in touch with you within 7-14 days to schedule a call. 

What to expect in Ibiza?

Women who took the stage at our events

Here are some of the women who took the stage at our women entrepreneurs network events to share their stories, inspire people with their message and helped us create impact. 

Be you and be unstoppable

Abbie Robinson was a first time speaker at our event who is a Life and Mindset Coach based in Sheffield, UK. Abbie graduated from university with a degree in Psychology and has always had a passion for helping others.

She became a coach because she wants to empower women to get out of their own way and make the changes they need to in order to live the life they desire.

Why having a disabled child made me launch a new career  

Helen Diplock had a long and successful career in policy development and design, realising solutions to climate change, environment. In 2016, Helen had her second daughter Rosie. Rosie has Down’s Syndrome and congenital heart disease. This experience and change in circumstance spurred Helen to set up her own web design business.

‘Sexy, Successful Strategies To Stand Out Online’ 

Katie Colella an award-winning business mentor working with women starting out in the online world of business.

She has started and run various businesses both online and offline, in product and service based businesses. In her talk Katie breaks down the process of being visble and relatable online.

‘Overcoming fear of success’ 

Anna Parker-Naples – a Success Coach, award-winning Entrepreneur and British Voice Actor.

In her incredible talk Anna shares her moving story of how she overcame trauma and disability and was nominated at Bafta Awards for her role as a voice over artist. 

This is a must listen talk. 

‘How to become the number one choice for your clients.’

Helen Willsher with over 30 years experience in the beauty industry who ran her own award-winning salons for over 16 years, creating a six-figure business.

Now Helen helps other business owners create a successful customer experience journey that results in repeat customers and customer loyalty. 

Step Into Your Power as a Woman of Influence

Tara Bradford is a Publicity Strategist, Reputation Designer, and Communications Expert from New York City. She incorporates her background in cognitive neuroscience, psychology principles, emotional intelligence, and neurolinguistics to help individuals develop their message into something that is bigger than them, something that is changing the world.

Other ways to get involved

Come and join Women in Business Club and our women entrepreneurs network events for networking, inspiration, new insights, opportunities and an unforgettable live experience of the Women in Business exclusive luxury events.

We host events for women globally and you can usually find us in London, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles,  Ibiza, Paris, Toronto and Amsterdam.  

Experience at Our Events

Women in Business events are so different to any other events I have attended before, they feel like coming home to a tribe of women I have known all my life

That is certainly true – because in our women entrepreneurs network events, we are all united by the same ethos – to empower women to thrive, with the mindset of support and collaboration. When you are in the room surrounded by like minded women entrepreneurs network you feel like you arrived at a meet up with your best friends. 

The energy is positive, uplifting and motivating and the whole experience is just magical. You are surrounded by women entrepreneurs network who are all passionate about what they do, they are ambitious, they are thriving, they are supportive, and kind. They are giving and inspiring to the core. They want to share their experiences and knowledge and they want to support each other. 

It isn’t about competition – but it is about creating opportunities for women all across the globe. It feels international but yet intimate, where you can have conversations and join women entrepreneurs network events you never knew existed. You may even meet your next mentor, business partner or business best friend. Most of the women at our events do, and become a life long friends. 


Due to COVID-19 our current in-person events schedule is suspended, we will be monitoring the situation and follow the government guidance for in-person events and gatherings. We hope to be back as soon as possible with our exclusive events and in-person dinner. But for now, you can still apply for our International Retreats for 2021 and keep an eye out for more virtual events and upcoming summits. 

Please stay up-to-date via our email announcements.  

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What do our Members say?

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Lisa Marie

"I  can’t express enough our wonderful founder Raimonda Jankunaite brings us all together through wonderful events and retreats, she’s such an inspirational hardworking woman constantly creating such wonderful material, connections, support and giving advice where she can.

I love being part of this wonderful empowering club!"

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"Attending the WIB event was a first for me.  Apart from the amazing ambience, food and socialising, I was blown away by how much knowledge I left with. It was speaker after speaker with nugget after nugget. 

I literally felt like I'd hit a gold mine. I have seriously never attended anything like it. I left inspired, fired up and equipped with the steps I needed to take to change my business forever." 

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"Women in business is a wonderful community of women encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. This community has changed my life as a person , I was able to dream big and I did things in 2019 that I never thought I could do or achieve .

Awesome women here at Women in Business Club and events."

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