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Topics we cover 

Every month we have a new theme and four live / virtual workshops featuring our chosen experts, delivering the best of the current knowledge, sharing their expertise, tools and success secrets to help you build a successful business. 

Personal & Online Branding

Are you looking to make your personal and business brand stand out online so you can start attracting your ideal audience? We have 4 workshops dedicated to branding online, helping you show up online in the best light possible so you can make the best first impression every time. 


Instagram Visibility & Marketing

Online visibility is everything when it comes to growing your business and attracting clients and customers to your products and services. We have a wealth of knowledge within our member’s club to help you grow your social media and online visibility. 


Mindset, Confidence & Goal Setting

Setting goals will keep you focused and motivated to keep going in business. Very often it is our mindset and confidence that hold us back from achieving more, within our member’s club we focus on expanding your mindset and giving you all the right tools to help you grow as the owner of your business. 

Launching Your Business

Have been working on your idea, but not sure how to create an epic launch attracting your clients or customers who convert? We have you covered, with 4 incredible workshops and e-books, our experts will take you through exact steps to have an uber successful launch for your business. 

Public Speaking & PR

Have you always wanted to be more visible and share your voice? But felt like public speaking is scary business? Well, our incredible world class experts will show you how you can conquer your fears and become more visible through public speaking and events as well as how to be your own publicist. 

Money, Passive Income & Sales

Let’s talk money. You son’t need to work harder to make more money, you need to work smarter. In our Member’s Club we will show you how you can build more passive income streams and generate more sales by doing less and earning more. 


Here are just some of the incredible featured experts within our Member’s Club

Tara Rae Bradford

Tara Rae Bradford

Publicity Strategist

Tara Bradford is a  Reputation Designer, and Communications Expert from New York City.

She incorporates her background in cognitive neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology principles, emotional intelligence, and neurolinguistics to help individuals develop their message into something that is bigger than them, something that is changing the world.

Tara also runs a YouTube channel called the New York Minute


Tar'Lese Trainer

Tar'Lese Trainer

Certified Life Coach

Tar’Lese Trainer is a Certified Stress Management Coach and Certified Holistic Life Coach. 

Tar’Lese has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs Internationally teaching them how to find more enjoyment in their businesses while increasing profits.

Tar’Lese’s strength lies in showing others how to incorporate gamification and fun into their businesses.


Monica Doyle

Monica Doyle

Business Mentor

Monica Doyle – Business Mentor & Success coach for ambitious and driven entrepreneurs who want to build and grow a profitable and sustainable service-based business.

With 10 years of business experience, the founder & CEO of multiple companies, one generating over 1.5 million in revenue in it’s lifetime,

Monica brings the knowledge needed to create a business that lasts

Angela Monteiro Pereira

Angela Monteiro Pereira

Empowerment Coach

Angela Monteiro Pereira is a leading Women’s empowerment coach, serving clients with her intuitive strategies to ensure they are profitable and create a business and life they love.

Angela works with women helping them create financial freedom from a sacred, spiritual space. She helps women gain clarity on their divine gifts, align it with a profitable business strategy, so they can create a life of freedom.


Ruby McGuire

Ruby McGuire

Visibility Queen

Ruby McGuire, Visibility Diva, aka Queen of Connection is a visibility strategist who works with service based solopreneurs helping them to rock their visibility in their business both on and offline. She’s also a caffeine and Pinterest addict. She says preferably vanilla coffee, please!

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Business Success Coach

Lisa Johnson is a passive income queen and success coach for determined ambitious entrepreneurs. She is straight talker, an insightful thinker and a passionate believer in working smarter not harder. Lisa is inspiring women to design their ideal life and live it. As featured on BBC & Huff Post. 

Tricia Brouk

Tricia Brouk

Director & Speaking Coach

Award winning director, writer, filmmaker TEDx producer and the executive producer of Speakers Who Dare. In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, she applies her expertise to the art of public speaking. She was also an  executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare.

Katie Colella

Katie Colella

Sales Funnels Strategist

Katie is an award-winning business mentor working with women starting out in the online world of business. Kate has started and run businesses online and offline, both in product and service based capacities. She specilaises in sales funnels and FB Ads. 

member’s Club 

Inside our members club you can expect to find our exclusive content from previous workshops, beautifully designed e-books. As well as footage from our previous events featuring world-class speakers, replay access to our international summit, bonus content and music playlist to give you spring in your step and daily motivation!  





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How can i contribute?

Very often we get asked “How can I contribute to Women in Business Club?” 

We have many opportunities to be involved within our community. From becoming a member and actively engaging with our community, to writing and submitting a blog post, to contributing as an expert to our monthly themes, or even speaking at our live events. 

Click on the link below to submit your interest to be featured as one of our experts. 


Our Upcoming events 

We host live events several times a year, giving our members the opportunity to connect and get to know each other. Our events is a fun way to meet like-minded people who may become your friends, clients or even business partners. 

We encourage collaboration and real and authentic connections, online and offline. 



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Here is what our existing members have to say:

“This Members Club is all about lifting women up, helping them reach their dreams and encouraging courage. And I love that. I have met so many incredibly inspiring ladies through the Club, and learned so much through the trainings and amazing event speakers. It’s made me rethink my business and set my goals even higher!”

Cate Butler Ross

Copy writing expert and coach

“This group is so empowering. I am SO glad I joined. Since joining this group, I have been able to practice my Live video skills (as part of the August challenge) and I have received such amazing support and feedback. This group is full of amazing women who motivate and inspire me!”

Abbie Robinson

Life Coach

“It’s a place I can ask all those questions about business that I wouldn’t dare ask elsewhere, because this community really has your back. It’s inclusive, you can be yourself, and there is so much wisdom and willingness to help and point you in the right direction. Having lived in four different countries, I love this truly international tribe!”

Yvonne Dam

Life and Career Coach

“What a wonderful community!
Women in Business is an amazing space with so much ongoing value and support.
The Facebook group is such a safe Haven for entrepreneurs! I am learning and growing every day, thanks to this community of women!”

Lian Allweis

Mindset and transformation coach

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