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The Women Thrive Summit 2021 

You are invited to be part of this global virtual event, featuring over 40 incredible speakers, experts, mentors and coaches from all walks of life. This event is second year running, where we bring together speakers and experts from all around the world to share their stories and expertise to help others to grow and thrive in business. 

Because right now we all need access to knowledge, support and inspiration.   

No matter where in the world you are, you can become part of this global event, learn new skills, connect with likeminded people, hear stories of women of how they created success in business and life.

This is your time to THRIVE! 

Hear from some of our past and current Speakers

Why Right Now? 

March is the most important month of the year for women, celebrating the International Woman’s Day as well as Women’s History Month. 

The Women Thrive Summit was originally set up to empower and support women during the pandemic in 2020 – when everyone was facing the most uncertain times yet. When so many people did not know if their businesses would survive. 

Sadly, we are not yet out of the pandemic, and women have been particularly affected during this time. Having to spend more time than usual taking care of homes, families and homeschool children. So despite all of these challenges, how do we continue to thrive and balance life and business. 

The Women’s History Month is the perfect time to highlight the impact that women are making in the world. Let’s join the forces as women and help raise awareness of issues women are facing as well as have discussions on how we can continue to grow and succeed in business and life. 

women thrive summit 2021
women thrive summit 2021
women thrive summit 2021
women thrive summit 2021
women thrive summit 2021

Our Mission Is:

 1. Help Women THRIVE Globally by building new valuable collaborations, partnerships and explore opportunities for growth. 

2. Help women to succeed through mindset, new skills, knowledge and visibility – this is your time to shine.

3. Create a huge global impact worldwide, about women empowerment, inclusion, diversity and creating more inclusive and diverse communities where everyone feels like they truly belong. 

4. Create more success for women – through empowerment, confidence building, opening new collaborations and funding. 

How can you get involved with the Women Thrive Summit?   

Save Your Seat

Join this upcoming event and be part of the conversation, ideas sharing, inspiration, networking and collaborations. Secure your spot early to be on the waiting list for when we open the doors to this global event.

We have women leader, entrepreneurs and the most influential women from all across the globe, so this is the perfect opportunity to grow, thrive and start building global partnerships and collaborations. 

Let Your Story Be Heard

Our speaker applications are now open to express your interest to be featured as one of our speakers on this summit.  

Apply early to be considered as we have a high volume of applicants. Also, do make sure you fill out the application form as fully as you can.  

Every year we have opportunities for first-time speakers, so no matter what level of experience you may have in public speaking, we want to hear form you.

Help us Make a Bigger Impact

Do you want to have brand exposure to the global highly targeted and engaged audience? Your brand could be featured across this high impact summit reaching over 500k audience online. 

We are looking for corporate and brand sponsor partners who are looking to be part of this event and help us make a global impact on women empowerment. 


Meet The Women Thrive Summit Host

Meet the host and Founder of Women in Business Club:

raimonda jankunaite

Raimonda is a serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business Coach, and International Speaker. She is the founder of the Women In Business Club to help women become visible go-to experts.

Since launching the Women in Business Club, Raimonda has hosted a number of successful international events and summits, helping women grow and scale businesses online.

She is a vocal supporter of women in business, and her focus is to champion and empower women in business and leadership.

In 2020 Raimonda hosted the Women Thrive Summit, to empower women to succeed and thrive during the pandemic reaching over 3.5k global audience and hosting 34 speakers LIVE.

Last summit was delivered all live to create authentic engagement, interactions and ability to ask questions. 

Our past events supported the work of Global Fund for Women, one of the world’s leading foundations for gender equality, standing up for the human rights of women in girls. This year we pledge to support The Female Lead Charity helping amplify women voices.

What Will Women Thrive Summit Achieve

The week-long Women Thrive Summit event features both live and pre-recorded sessions with industry leaders across the globe, discussing topics such as:

Growth & Marketing

– Partnerships & Collaborations 

– Visibility & Exposure

– Marketing Awareness & Branding 

– Thought Leadership & Authority Building

– Social Media & Lead Generation 


– Visibility Skills 

– Using Public Speaking to Grow Your Authority

– Power of Communication 

Leadership & Empowerment

– Leadership Skills 

– Owning Your Story 

– Mindset and Confidence in Leadership 

– Hiring, Training & Managing Global Teams

– Creating Global Impact 

Diversity & Inclusion

–  Women Equality & Diversity In Business 

– Inclusion Awareness & Belonging

– Cultural Awareness & Doing Business Globally 

Our estimated reach for this event is approx 500-800k via Social Media with anticipated 10,000 people attending this event.

How To Get Involved?

The Impact We Make

Women in Business Club is committed to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to empower women globally, this event is in line with our commitment to make a difference in delivering inclusive and equitable quality education and learning opportunities for all.

To achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. To promote decent work and economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Read more about our Sustainable Development Goals here.

This year we are supporting women-focused charities, including Global Fund For Women and we pledge to support The Female Lead Charity helping amplify voices of women.

This event is set to make impact not only directly impacting women in business, but also raising awareness about diversity, inclusion and belonging.

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