Women in Business Podcast

Do you have a powerful story to share? Maybe you have been faced with struggles and hardships in reaching for your success but despite any set backs you have conquered your goals and achieved what you set out? 

Women in Business Podcast features women from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences. In this podcast we highlight women just like you who despite any challenges and set backs have been able to build a successful business and a happy life. 

In June 2021 we are launching Season 2 Inspiring Women Stories by Women in Business Podcast featuring 30 incredible female entrepreneurs who have conquered the struggles and rose to the top. 


“Empowering women to SUCCEED & Thrive in business”

Be Featured on Women in Business Podcast

Would you like to be featured as our next guest? Put your application forward for Women in Business Podcast – The Inspiring Women Stories Season 2. 

Women in Business Podcast –

Inspiring Women Stories 

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What do our Community Members say?

Women in Business Podcast 1

Lisa Marie

“I  can’t express enough our wonderful founder Raimonda Jankunaite brings us all together through wonderful events and retreats, she’s such an inspirational hardworking woman constantly creating such wonderful material, connections, support and giving advice where she can.

I love being part of this wonderful empowering club!”

Women in Business Podcast 2


“Attending the WIB event was a first for me.  Apart from the amazing ambience, food and socialising, I was blown away by how much knowledge I left with. It was speaker after speaker with nugget after nugget. 

I literally felt like I’d hit a gold mine. I have seriously never attended anything like it. I left inspired, fired up and equipped with the steps I needed to take to change my business forever.” 

Women in Business Podcast 3


“Women in business is a wonderful community of women encouraging, empowering and inspiring each other. This community has changed my life as a person , I was able to dream big and I did things in 2019 that I never thought I could do or achieve .

Awesome women here at Women in Business Club and events.”

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Are you looking to share your incredible success story with us at Women in Business? Get featured on Women in Business Podcast called Inspiring Women Stories as our guest speaker.

Go ahead and fill out the application below or listen to Women in Business Podcast Here

Would you like to contribute a blog post article?

We accept regular guest blog posts from our community. If you would like to write a unique and inspiring blog article post for us, please complete an application form below for us to consider. 

Our Brand Values

Compassion - We meet people where they are and treat them with kindness and empathy

Collaboration - We work with others to achieve our mission to empower women from all walks of life

Inclusiveness - We are an inclusive community without racial or other discriminatory bias

Integrity - We work honestly with each other, our community, our partners and those who work with us

Excellence - We continue to learn, improve and grow in order to make continuous progress in our community and our mission

Knowledge - To deliver exceptional resources and valuable knowledge to empower women to achieve success

Since the 6th of July 2020 The Women in Business Incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You can read more about it via UN website here.  

The best way to get engaged with the Women in Business community and get the inside scoop of what is happening and exclusive opportunities we offer, is to become the Women in Business Club Member. 

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