Why You Need To Know What Your Dream Job Is

Apr 26, 2019

What is your dream job? Knowing the answer is what made my dream come true.

Let’s face it, our careers are not always going to be full of interesting and fulfilling moments of pure joy. There will be natural highs and lows and sometimes those lows might seem more common than the highs and it’s normal. However, if you don’t have any knowledge of what does fulfil you or get you so excited that you can’t stop thinking about it or would do the work for free, you’re cheating yourself. Why spend more than half your life doing what you don’t enjoy? You know you only get one chance at this thing called life, right?

So how do you find what that dream job is?

For me, I knew from a very young age that I loved to read and hear other people’s stories. It was a passion of mine. So much that I would read whole books in hours under the hot Florida sun as a child. That passion stayed with me and was the catalyst for choosing to study journalism in college. That led to me landing my dream job as a producer before I had a degree. It was a few years later that I found out what my dream job was going to be long term. That was 10 years ago. Once I knew what it was, I created a blueprint for my career and made every decision from that moment on with that dream in mind. Some decisions seemed crazy or didn’t make sense to others but I never cared what others thought and neither should you. It’s your dream.

During the last 10 years since I had my “aha” moment, I’ve made very conscious decisions about choosing specific jobs and even when unexpected opportunities came up, I knew which decision to make. An interesting thing I’ve also learned is that when you know what you want, life has a way of putting those things in front of you.

For those of you asking ok great Michelle, good for you but I still have no idea of what my dream job is. I hear you and you first need to ask yourself two questions.

What do I enjoy doing and what am I good at?

The first you have to answer yourself but the second is one you can have family, friends and colleagues help you by asking them. Once you have those answers, it’s time to do the research and open yourself up to opportunities that will allow you to do those things. This might take you down some unusual paths and that is ok as long as you’re following your heart. I guarantee you that once you decide to consciously follow that path, you too will get your “aha” moment

What most surprised me about my journey is that by knowing what my dream job was, it not only allowed me to get the experience needed to fulfil it but also surprisingly made others want to help make it come true. I have been asked several times what my dream job was and guess what? I always knew the answer. Recently, a high-ranking company executive asked me that question and I answered with such enthusiasm that he had no choice but to say, “That’s cool! How can I help?”

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Michelle Enjoli

Communication Strategist

This guest blog was submitted by Michelle Enjoli. Michelle is a communications strategist, speaker, writer and business coach. She is the founder of Connect, a blog and coaching business focused on educating others on using the power of connection to achieve success in business.

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