Visibility & Authority Building Coaching Day 

In-Person, London, Tuesday 7th of June

What does your personal brand say about you? Does it help you attract your ideal clients and build trust in an instant? Or does it leave your audience confused and non-action taking after they connect with you?

Join us for a powerful Personal Brand, Visibility & Authority Coaching Day in London (or online) to learn how to position your personal brand to attract your ideal clients, position you as an expert and help you become visible go-to authority in your niche. 

Are you READY to become visible & the go-to influential voice in your industry or your niche?

Hey, good to see you!

My name is Raimonda Jankunaite, I am an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Visibility Coach and The Founder of Women in Business Club & Women Thrive Media Platform (Magazine, Podcast, Summit & Speakers Academy)

My mission is to help women become visible go to experts in their field so they can impact more lives with their work and become financially successful in their business. 

Over the years as an entrepreneur I have learned the strategies of how to build a personal brand, create a powerful positioning and attract clients with ease. 

I never loved sales, in fact I hated the spammy approach that many coaches have when it comes to selling their services. I wanted my brand to be authentic and attract my audience with ease. 

So I did things my way and built a brand that attracts audience with ease. In my first year doing business online I grew my audience to over 100k followers and never had to offer my services again. People simply reach out to us because of the power of our brand. 

I now attract not only clients, collaborations, partnerships as well as many speaking and media opportunities due to my personal brand and visibility strategy. I don’t invest in expensive PR and still able to get lots of media opportunities.

Visibility Coaching Day 1

“If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.”


What is the biggest challenge today?

The biggest challenge I see today is the ability to captivate attention of your audience and build instant trust. With so much noise, content and information available online it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out online. However, having a strong online presence and a ‘stand-out’ brand is the key to building instant trust and authority in any industry. 

So why so many people don’t pay enough attention to their online presence? – They simply do not know where to start. It takes a dedicated time and effort to focus on your personal brand, do in-depth personal brand analysis and create a visibility plan with intention. Otherwise, our personal brands often fall to the wayside and never get the attention in deserves. 

Why should you build a personal brand? – Because no matter what business or career you will ever go into, you personal brand is something you will never loose. It is your ‘business card’, your authority, skills, knowledge, thought leadership, your area of expertise and the value you bring to clients, partners, media and who ever you interact with in a professional capacity. 

It is a long lasting strategy to business and personal success – develop your personal brand online and see the difference it makes in the way people perceive you and are willing to do business with you. 

What’s the biggest benefit of a visible personal brand that builds your authority as an expert?

– You are perceived as a valuable person to do business with 

– People are able to trust you instantly because they already see your successful track record online 

– Your leads come pre-qualified because they have already identified themselves as good fit due to your content 

– You are able to demand higher prices for your services and your time 

– You are able to attract media attention, speaking opportunities, podcast and radio interviews 

– Your story is being shared widely by others 

– You are able to get regular referrals and recommendations by others 

– You don’t need to hard-sell because your brand already sells your services for you – you merely need to lead people into your programs and offers 

Visibility Coaching Day 2

Why should you attend this event?

Visibility Coaching Day 3

When: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm on Tuesday 7th of June

London Marylebone

This is a rare opportunity to have in-person coaching group session where we deep dive into practical strategies for your personal brand and visibility. During this one-day coaching event you will walk away with personal strategy for your personal brand as well as a clear road map for your visibility. You will get to connect with other incredible women in the room and share ideas and brainstorm together. This offers great opportunity to learn from each other and get new insights and connect with others. 

During this full-day training program you will:

– Carry out a personal brand audit that will uncover the gaps in your current visibility

– Carve out your niche and unique selling point about your personal brand

– Create a visibility plan that will attract new clients and exposure opportunities that you desire

– Revamp your social media presence that reflects who you truly are and positions you as the go-to expert 

– Learn how to create powerful content that attracts clients and opportunities that you want

– Create social media and media content plan for the next 30-60 days

– Walk away with brand new visibility and authority building strategy for your personal brand

– Get clear on your messaging and your next launch strategies 

– Have a good idea where you need to show up and be visible in order to see the best ROI 

Total investment £297 

You get: access to full day training / coaching day worth £2990

– Access to my content planning & copy templates worth £380

– Networking opportunities and mastermind worth £590 

Also included: 

– Light lunch and beverages worth £39

– Post event follow up call for accountability worth £290

– Workbooks and other practical materials & templates worth £200

Total worth £4,489, instead you get it for £297 

Personal Branding & Visibility Day in London








Visibility Coaching Day 4

Some of the media features of me and my clients 

women thrive magazine
women thrive magazine
Visibility Coaching Day 5
Visibility Coaching Day 6
Visibility Coaching Day 7
Visibility Coaching Day 8

Can you get featured in the media?

At the end of this coaching day, you will also have at least 3 article ideas to pitch to the media to help build your authority and thought leadership. 

Do you want to join – but the date or location does not work for you?

No worries – for our international audience we are hosting this very workshop virtually on the 15th of June 2022. This is a full-day interactive workshop training and hands-on support. 

Grab your spot today while the seats are available. We have a limited number of spots for both in-person and virtual workshops to ensure you have individual time and attention to your business. 


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