Energy Healing Methods: Top 5 Easy Way To Return To Natural Harmony

Looking for energy healing methods? There are so many ways we can feel knocked and pushed out of alignment and feel a sense of discord. We can experience great stressors, traumas, worry, and begin feeling low vibration. Louise L. hay pointed out in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” that the word dis-ease means you are in discordance with ease.

I want to help bring ease back into your life and for my top 5 energy healing methods below to become second nature.

Energy healing occurs when we return to our natural state of harmony. ‘Natural’ being the word I’d like to point out here. Returning to harmony should feel easy and natural. 

These energy healing practices have helped me come into higher states of being and return to inner harmony and bliss no matter what. 

1. Your own loving touch

The exploration of energy healing through self-love gets more progressive for me each year. We are Spiritual beings in a physical body and I feel personally that the physical touch is important for our well-being and how we intimately and lovingly interconnect with others as well as ourselves. 

When we hug we release endorphins and oxytocin, feel-good chemicals us reduce stress and alleviate depression. 

I find that it feels really good to snuggle into a self hug or self soothe by gently stroking my skin or placing my hand on my heart. Being completely present and attentive to my own body and physical touch. 

I also learned through ‘The MIR-Method’ that if you stroke that backs of your hands and speak positive affirmations at the same time this relaxes your nervous system and subconscious mind making it more able to accept positive suggestions. Yes, this simple and easy energy healing method can come quite handy if you are nervous or stressed.

2. Readjust through breath and stillness

Sometimes we just simply need to stop. Take a moment. And breathe. 

How you are breathing is how you are living and when you come into stillness we allow the dust to settle. 

When we allow ourselves to come back into stillness we naturally readjust you adjust your whole life naturally adjusts back into place with you. You’re the main piece and you can effortlessly start bringing all the pieces back together through returning to your own peaceful state. 

There’s also a lot more to stillness. 

I once read a book called ‘Radical Healing’ by Rudolph Ballentine. He described and that my body had intuitively lead me to do a couple of weeks before discovering the book (intuition will always guide you to your best way of healing). 

The energy healing practice he described was called ‘Tapas’. You lie completely still not moving a single muscle for as long as possible until you feel the stored up energy not being used eventually reach combustion. It then naturally releases and changes form. 

I find it fascinating that the body knows exactly what it’s doing! Deepak Chopra teaches that our bodies have their own intelligence and superconscious. We can breathe without thinking and we don’t have to consciously think about digestion. 

When we relax our bodies can begin to self organise. 

We can bet a lot from just simply being still. In this place of peace, we are more able to hear the quiet wisdom lovingly supporting us. It is quite amazing how energy healing works in this case!

3. Sleeping is Receiving

Similar to stillness, when we sleep our bodies can naturally repair. 

Sometimes I have an unexplainable need to sleep. I have intuitively learned not to fight it and allow myself to go rest. When I have had my power nap I wake up full of energy, ideas, and inspiration! I realize now that a need to sleep is often a signal from my body telling me that I am going through a massive energetic shift or I’m about to receive some downloads I all I need to do is simply get out of my own way. This changes my whole perspective. Instead of feeling frustrated by feeling sleepy (which drains us more) I can see it as something magical and supportive. 

So, wanting to sleep can often mean that you are going through some brilliant re-wiring and you just need to sleep this one out and receive new changes or embody and integrate all the recent changes. 

Of course, there are other things that come into needing sleep such as the foods we eat and the lifestyle we have, but I just wanted to offer an alternative way of looking at it. 

Ultimately, sleep is when we rest and repair and helps us to get out of our own way to receive. Release any guilt of needing to sleep and know you are entering receive mode. Simple and easy energy healing method.

4. Feel the Music

Feel the music. Really feel it. Allow it to enter you and move you. 

Everything is vibrating and made up of sound. Music can be powerfully healing in many ways. Vibration and sound effects our bodies, including the words we say.

Start by recognizing the sounds that make you feel good and the music that moves you. Allow yourself to blissfully move and feel. Be with the music, let it stir things up inside of you, shift and uplift you.

I did this when I was going through heart-ache and there was no logic that could help me shift the pain I was feeling emotionally. Emotion is energy in motion so I decided to dance with this energy to music until I naturally lifted my spirits.

So often we resist pleasure. Pleasure brings joy, light, and life back into our cells.

You can also let the sound move through you with your own voice too! I have found this can help the energy express itself, change form and release. It’s important to express your emotions in a way that is safe and feels good.

So no restrictions. Go dance, sway, move, play in the pleasure of feeling your own musicality and let energy healing work its wonder.

5. Return to Nature

When I was energy healing from PTSD nature played a huge part in helping me return to peace and the natural harmony of the universe. When you come into close proximity with a tree, for example, your energy naturally begins to match up with natures frequency and harmonious symphony.

When you sync up with nature you become in sync with the natural flow of life and you experience more synchronicities.

Put your back against a tree and feel the strong support against your spine. Go belly to belly with the grounds of Mother Earth and re-connect with the energetic umbilical cord and loving connection between you both. Let your belly soften into the nurturing relationship you have with her. Sink the naked soles of your feet into the soils and feel your soul recharge.

By grounding yourself, you are returning to knowing that you are safe and supported. Try some energy healing methods and let us know what you think.

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