Strategy Session 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your business and need a roadmap so you can get back on track with focusing on things that are important?

Are you looking to work with someone who can help you gain clarity and focus in your business?

Look no more – here is your opportunity to speak to our Club founder Raimonda Jankunaite, an entrepreneur with over 10 years of business experience!

Power Strategy Call with Club founder Raimonda – 90 minutes virtual consultation. 

Have you been struggling with clarity and overwhelm? So many ideas, but no idea where to begin? Perhaps you are not feeling so confident in your strategy and need someone to give you an outside perspective?

I have seen so many women getting stuck in this place of confusion, overwhelm, lack of confidence and therefore lack of action. I have seen their own mind hold them back from achieving success. 

I have also seen them get complete clarity and sense of direction after just one call with me. So I know that together, we can find all the answers you are looking for. 

I have been where you are today, downloading all the freebies in the world, trying to find inspiration on every social media post, reading books, listening to podcasts, but yet, still feeling foggy about a way forward in my own business.

Until I sat down and created a tool for my own strategy and focus. A financial tracking tool that would help me map out my sales, products, ideas and income. In the first month I hit my goal of £10,000. I couldn’t believe it, just how important it was to map out my strategy! Ever since I been consistent with my income and feeling less overwhelmed. 

I am currently opening my diary to just 10 people a month to jump on a call with me for a one-time strategy session, where you can pick my brains and get all the answers you need.

I will work with you for 60 minutes, adding value to the things you are already doing, and help you gain clarity through practical tips and advise to reduce your overwhelm and help you figure out the next steps in your business.


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Book today to get a personal business strategy consultation!

I am currently opening my diary to just 10 people to have the opportunity to jump on a call with me for a one-time strategy session, where we will work on your business strategy and goals and try to get all the answers you need in order to move forward with your business.

I will work with you for 90-minutes, adding value to the things you are already doing, and help you gain clarity through practical tips and advise to reduce your overwhelm and help you figure out the next steps in business.

What I can help You with?

Confidence & Mindset

Your success starts with your mindset. If you are struggling with confidence, self-belief or limiting beliefs we can work on getting you feeling empowered and confident in yourself again.

Business Strategy

Success of any business starts with having a plan of action, a strategy behind your daily activities and tactics. Let’s spend 90 minutes figuring out what is overwhelming you and how we can get you on track with business strategy. 

Marketing & Visibility

Are you struggling with social media? I love uncovering your goals and helping you navigate social media, to help you reach more eyes and start showing up as an authority in your field.

Book Your Strategy Call Today

Book your strategy call today and let me help you build a more successful business with less worry and overwhelm. 

Why You Want to Choose Me as Your Mentor?

I have over 10 years of experience in business. Having started my first business at the age of 21 I have been through the start-up phase of a business, I have built brands, online and offline businesses, created successful partnerships, collaborations and hosted a number of successful events. 

I found passion in mentoring after setting up the Women in Business Community in 2017 and seeing just how many women need the help and support in starting out and building a business. Sharing the same struggles as I did when was starting out, the fear, not knowing if what you are doing is on the right track, not having anyone to talk to or bounce ideas. Feeling overwhelmed from all the noise and too many options can often leave you in analysis – paralysis where you are simply not taking action, held back by the fear that you will make the wrong decision. 

I want to help you gain clarity and finally start running your business on purpose. No more winging it, or seeing if something will stick. Don’t leave your business success to chance. 

Note: This is one-time strategy call for a single use only. This offer can not be used again for a second call by the same person. Only 10 spaces available – on first come first served basis.  Booking will be confirmed once payment has been made. You must attend the original time slot or give 24 hours notice of cancelation or change. Failure to notify within 24 hors will result in loss of booking. 

Why book your power strategy call today?


It is time to stop chasing everything in sight and start taking action with clarity and focus. When working with me – you will be able to map out your 2020 business plan for success and growth.


Together we will work on mapping out your income goals, including your main revenue streams and passive income ideas – helping you get focused on things that make a difference in your business.  


After working with me you will have more confidence in your ideas and plans to move forward in your business. I will help you uncover things that are currently holding you back from succeeding.

What my clients had to say…

I’m really grateful to Raimonda for the time she has spent mentoring of the past few weeks me. She combines excellent listening skills with guiding precision point questions and very useful practical advice.

Over this period I’ve gone from vaguely “wanting to do something online” to a decision about creating a new niche activity for my business. The amazing thing is that I feel totally aligned with what I want to do, excited about the upcoming opportunities, and yet so calm. This is a first for me !

I know that I have some tweaking to do but I feel confident, thanks to Raimonda, that I’ll get there.

Elaine Lee

Leadership & Team Coach, Impact4

When Raimonda opened up her mentoring services I didn’t have to think twice. I was at a stage in my business where I knew all the things I was meant to be doing but all I seemed to do was spin my wheels and get nowhere. I know Raimonda as a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and her finger on the pulse of online entrepreneurship. But also as someone who is hugely nurturing and the biggest champion of women in business there is, I knew I’d be in safe hands. After the first session it was like she had de-fogged my windscreen. I suddenly had a much more focused path, and over the course of our next few sessions, she helped me map each step on the journey. If Raimonda has a superpower – it’s an instinct for when someone is hiding their light, and she will hunt down the thing that’s holding you back like a heat-seeking missile. This is one clued-up lady. If you want to stop shuffling along, and start making big, meaningful strides towards your dreams, work with Raimonda now.

Cate Butler Ross

Communications Consultant, Copywriter

Thank you Raimonda, for all the support and encouragement you have given me through your mentoring program, you have given me the confidence to think bigger and the tools to make it happen.

I have noticed a significant shift in my mindset since doing the homework exercises you set me and feel focused and driven putting everything into practice.

It is still early days but I have faith that I am going to get the results that I want and exceed all of my goals.

Naomi Buff

Health and Wellness Coach, Nourish by Naomi

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