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I know it is not all about the money, and I am all for making an impact, but if you want to be successful, you have to also be focused on your income goals and giving yourself the financial freedom, so you can grow and enjoy life on your own terms. 

So back in January 2019, I created a Consistent Income System to track my finances and be able to plan and manage money ahead of time. So I would always know what and when money is coming in to my business. What I am launching at any given month and when do I need to push harder in order to achieve more. Since using this system / spreadsheet I been hitting 5 and 6 figure months consistently and feeling less overwhelmed and 100% in control of my business and my finances. 

Now, this tool is being also used by my Mentoring Clients are hitting their financial goals consistently.

I know you are not officially signed up to my full mentoring or coaching programme, but today, you have a one-time opportunity to steal my Consistent Income system for fraction of the cost. 

This system is set up in easy-to-use google spreadsheet so you can get started right away. You will have monthly financial goals sheet, confidence and mindset building exercises, a dedicated sheet to help you figure out your ideal customer avatar. Another sheet to map all your services and offerings, and a marketing planning sheet, so you can even map out your visibility game plan and tie it together with your financial goals. 

Seriously, this is the only tool you will need to run your business. 

I gurantee you this simple spreadsheet will help you stay on track and focused on your financial and marketing goals so you can start hitting those money goals!!! 

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What will this system do for you?

  • Get you more financially focused 
  • Give you clarity to see where you money is coming from 
  • Map your next 12 months financial goals
  • Help you work on your mindset and confidence 
  • Help you map out your marketing strategy 
  • Help you map out your products, services and offerings 
  • Assist you in figuring out your ideal client and their needs
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For $99 you can have my very own Consistent Income tool to get you started!

What others had to say about my mentoring approach

“When Raimonda opened up her mentoring services I didn’t have to think twice. I was at a stage in my business where I knew all the things I was meant to be doing but all I seemed to do was spin my wheels and get nowhere. I know Raimonda as a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and her finger on the pulse of online entrepreneurship. But also as someone who is hugely nurturing and the biggest champion of women in business there is, I knew I’d be in safe hands.

After the first session it was like she had de-fogged my windscreen. I suddenly had a much more focused path, and over the course of our next few sessions, she helped me map each step on the journey. If Raimonda has a super power – it’s an instinct for when someone is hiding their light, and she will hunt down the thing that’s holding you back like a heat-seeking missile.

This is one clued-up lady. If you want to stop shuffling along, and start making big, meaningful strides towards your dreams, work with Raimonda now.”

Cate Butler Ross, Communications Consultant, Copywriter

“I’m really grateful to Raimonda for the time she has spent mentoring of the past few weeks me. She combines excellent listening skills with guiding precision point questions and very useful practical advice.

Over this period I’ve gone from vaguely “wanting to do something online” to a decision about creating a new niche activity for my business. The amazing thing is that I feel totally aligned with what I want to do, excited about the upcoming opportunities, and yet so calm. This is a first for me !

I know that I have some tweaking to do but I feel confident, thanks to Raimonda, that I’ll get there.”

 Elaine Lee

Leadership & Team Coach , Impact4

Purchase this Consistent Income System

You can purchase my consistent income system for one time fee of $99 today. This tool is only available to my private mentoring clients who book 4 or more sessions with me. 

For just $99 one-time fee you can have my very own Consistent Income tool!

Strategy Call Confirmation 2
Strategy Call Confirmation 1

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