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Do you have a powerful message to share?

Become a Featured Speaker

We are looking for speakers, experts and women with a powerful message and purpose.  

Want to be heard by thousands of women across the globe? Do you have a powerful message to share with the world?

The Women in Business Community are the lookout for incredible women to tell their stories. Our ethos is to empower women with a platform where they can share their voice, expertise, knowledge, stories and inspiration. We build our community in such way that is inclusive and created by all of us women. Together we can have epic conversations on global scale. But first starting with one woman at a time – and that is you!

Are you ready to share your story? 

Apply to be featured as our expert, virtual event speaker, a guest on our podcast or contribute your expertise via our dedicated blog for women. 

We are here to give you the platform to reach international community of women, but how you want to be involved and show up is your choice. 

We want to hear from women from various business sectors in business or walks of life that led you to where you are today. We value the different experience levels in our community, and women of different ages, because we are passionate about supporting all women in our community, no matter where they are right now today.    

If you have a burning desire to share your story with the Women in Business community, then go ahead and put your interest forward!

Our Events

Women in Business International Events 

Over the last few years, our events have become recognised for the guest experience that we provide. Renown for their welcoming atmosphere, incredible speakers, friendly and supportive guests and the absolute luxury and pampering sophistication we treat all our guest to.

A combination of compelling speaker topics, beautiful locations and the venues we chose ensures that we provide our guests with a lasting experience and memories (and friendships!) that will last forever.

We take pride in the details by providing delicious food, gorgeous decor, networking opportunities and luxury goodie bags to spoil our guests. From the minute you sign up as a guest or a speaker, till the minute you arrive at the event, you will notice something different about WIB event – we take genuine pride in what we do, and every guest is special to us.


WI B Events

Applications are currently to be featured as a speaker, expert or podcast guest within the Women in Business Community.
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Women Thrive Virtual Summit

Applications are now OPEN for our upcoming Women Thrive Virtual Summit– put your interest forward today! Selection process is already underway!

Speaker Application 4

London - June 20th

Applications are now OPEN for our upcoming London event, June 20th – put your interest forward today! Speaker selection process is already underway!

Speaker Selection Criteria

When we organise events and consider speakers for our events there are a number of things we take into consideration, here are some of the things we will consider in the selection process:

– Speaker’s Story – how powerful your story is 

– The subject of your talk and suitability for the specific event 

– How does your topic fit into the grand scheme of the event theme and other speakers 

– How professional your photos are and how well your bio is written 

– How much personal / business following you have and overall visibility 

– How much speaking experience you may have 


Are you looking for your next big speaking opportunity?

Women in Business Community and International Events are on a look out for incredible Women stories, from all walks of life, different experiences, ages, backgrounds and locations. 

If you have a burning desire to share your story on stage at one of our Women in Business Events, then go ahead and put your interest forward!

You may be the next featured speaker at our event!

Why should I apply?

Why should you apply to speak at Women in Business events? We would love to answer this question for you!

You gain international exposure through our network, promotions, media coverage and social media posts 

–  You get to share your story with a captive audience in a truly incredible surrounding of like-minded women 

– Many of our speakers go on to secure further speaking opportunities, new clients and business friends 

– All speakers receive photos and WIB Founder testimonial following the events which you can use to build your speaker profile 

– Professional video production of your talk at an extra cost 

– Luxury goodie bag and speakers lounge at the event 

– Opportunity to offer 1-2-1 mini breakout sessions to our VIP Guests 

– Pre and post event promotion, pictures and social media shout outs  

Are you ready to put your application forward?

Go ahead and put your application forward to be featured at out next event – this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

If your application is chosen, you can expect to hear from us 6-10 weeks prior to an event to book an interview call.

If you do not hear from us, your application may not be considered this time around, but it does not mean you are not chosen. It may simply mean that your topic was not the right fit for that specific event. We keep all applications on file for a minimum of 12-months for later consideration or other opportunities. 


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