How to use Socia Media to Grow Your Business without overwhelm?

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Can Social Media Work For Me?

With nearly half of the world’s population using social media platforms, so naturally Social Media is a great place to reach your target audience. 

But Instagram alone has over 90 million posts a day! So how do you stand out in the already overcrowded online space? 

– Do you often get stuck on what to share on your social media? 

– Do you struggle to stay consistent and create ‘engagement worthy’ content?

– Are you stuck on 989 followers for several months and unable to move the needle? 

We know what it feels like to get frustrated with social media, when you aren’t seeing desired results from all your efforts. Spending way too much time scrolling through your feed trying to come up with something original to say. Ending up feeling ‘not worthy’ of social media. 

But don’t give up just yet,  no matter what industry you are in, social media is still hot for authentic, real and genuine content and people. You can still make a huge impact with your brand and your message and become an authority in your field. 

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What If You Could:

What if Social Media could become your best marketing tool, attracting your ideal clients day and night? What if you suddenly had much higer engagement on your posts with people taking interest in what you have to say? How would it feel if your Social Media efforts started to convert your followers into buyers?

Do you want to find out how?

Here are a few FREE Resources for you: 

Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Content Creation
Raimonda Janukaite

Our Story at Women in Business Club

When we first started Women in Business Events back in 2017, we had no Social Media profiles, except our FB Group where our event attendees could connect post our events. We did not have a website, a logo or any of the social media channels, because it was simply a passion project. 

Women in Business became official in Spring 2018 and that is when we decided to take a leap into Social Media, creating our Facebook page, Instagram account and other social media channels. 

Instagram was our favourite place, as we could get instant feedback from our followers on their preferences and reactions for the various content types we were sharing. It was easy to determine how to shape our brand. In the first few months we started to attract quite a followig, all due to our content strategy and consistency. 

Just 4 months later, we already had our first 10k followers. It was a huge achievement, but what happened over the next 8 months, we did not anticipate. Our following exploded from 10k to 100k followers. From 0 to 100k all in one year. How did we do it? This is exactly what we share accross our workshops and WIB Member’s Club content, including our most famous Instagram Secrets workshop.  

Workshops you should watch

Some of our epic workshops available inside the Women in Business Club or accessible as pay-per watch basis. 

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Questions most entrepreneurs ask us: 

How do I plan and struture my content? 

How to I grow my following? 

What Social Media Scheduling tools should I be using? 

How do I grow my following online? 

How do I create a Social Media worthy brand? 


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