Social Media Schedulers

For most businesses, social media forms a significant part of their advertising and helps them to be more visible to their target audience, however creating, planning and posting content one post at a time is time-consuming.

Social Media Schedulers –With so many social media schedulers available on the market, how do you know which one is best for you?

The choices can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start can often mean that you don’t pick any and continue to use your valuable time and energy posting onto social media manually. This eventually becomes detrimental to your business, as your motivation drops, thus your consistency goes out the window and you are left feeling like a failure for not staying consistent.

Social Media Schedulers

Be an entrepreneur who works smarter not harder and avoid some of these most common pitfalls, that you know may be inevitable. In the end of the day you have clients to serve, not just spend all your day posting on social media. 

Latest Social Media Schedulers

Before we look at which social media schedulers to use, let’s look at the benefits that using a scheduler can bring.

  • You can be visible online without having to post your content physically. You can focus on other tasks in your business with the peace of mind that your content is still be shared and engaged with on your social media platforms.
  • You can focus more time on creating better content.  If you are rushing to get a post out because you have a spare couple of minutes, you aren’t going to be entirely focussed on what you are posting.  Posting and planning your content allows you more time to think about your posts and to create better and more engaging content.
  • You can be more strategic.  Planning your social media ahead of time can help you be more consistent, not only with how regular your posts are, but also the type of content you are sharing, creating better customer expereince and less overwhelm. Lacking ideas of what to post? Here are our top 10 Ideas for Quick and Easy Content Creation
  • You can manage multiple social media accounts all from one platform. As busy entrepreneur it is not easy to keep up with all the social media platforms, so having a social media scheduling tool with help you be visible across multiple platforms all at once. 
  • You can visually plan your content.  Many of the schedulers mentioned in this article below allows you to visually arrange your content so you can see how it will look on your feed in advance. By doing this and planning ahead, you can create a beautiful visual effect on your Instagram Feed – making it aesthetically pleasing for your visitors. 

There are hundreds of schedules out there, all with the same primary purpose of allowing you to plan your content in advance, but all with slight variations and different features.  Here are some of our favourites:

1. Social Media Schedulers for Instagram – Later

Later is one of the most popular visual social media schedulers platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  It makes it easy to upload your content and visually plan your content ahead of time. It is particularly helpful content scheduling platform for Instagram, as it boasts IG Specific features, allowing you to schedule content from your computer or laptop, unlike many other programs that only offers an App option. Later has both, in-app experience and web version. 

Social Media Schedulers: Some of the best features of Later include:

  • A visual content calendar making it easy to get started
  • A drag and drop function so you can easily plan and preview your feed to make sure it looks the way you would like it to
  • It will post automatically to Instagram (many other schedulers require an auto push for Instagram).
  • You can find out when your best time to post is and analyse your content performance to track your likes, followers and click-throughs with the analytic function.

What we most love about Later is their super useful Blog posts on all things Social Media – from latest trends, tools and clever hacks to dramatically improve your social media skills. Go ahead and have a peek here 

Also check out our very own blog post on ‘Instagram Trends – What’s Hot and What’s Not’.

Visit Later to learn more. 

    2. Social Media Schedulers for Pinterest – Tailwind

    If you are thinking to start using Pinterest for your business the most essential tool to help you stay consistent with Pinterest is social scheduler called Tailwind. It is really the most powerful and easy to use tool to schedule all of your Pinterest Pins for the week or month ahead. It also works great for Instagram, so with this tool you can schedule to both platforms all at once. 

    Tailwind allows you to recycle content and share your pins to multiple pin boards or other groups boards, helping you get even more visible by leveraging other boards. It also gives you in-depth analytics and weekly updates which is super handy when making decisions, so you can see what content is performing best. Here is a quick guide on how to start creating Pinterest worthy content. 

    Social Media Schedulers – Some of the best features of Tailwind include:

      • Tailwind’s Smart schedule so you can pin your content at the most optimized times
      • Using Board Lists and interval scheduling to easily schedule out your content
      • Board Insights to know what to schedule and where
      • Pin Inspector feature so you can repin your best content to group boards
      • Scheduling pins from any web page using the Tailwind browser extension
      • Tailwind tribes to easily find niche content for your audience

      Visit Tailwind here

        Download 10 Fresh Content Ideas
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        • Facebook
        • Pinterest
        • LinkedIn

        Looking for some Fresh Social Media Ideas?  Success in business really comes down to having online visibility and being consistent with your messaging. We have curated 10 top ideas how to find Fresh Social Media Content ideas whenever you feel stuck. Go ahead and grab this FREE download! 

        3. Instagram Favourite Content Scheduling App – Planoly 

         Our own al tme favourite content shceduling tool is Planoly – a truly visual planning tool that allows you to shedule your content for publishing in advance, giving you a complete visual look of your content. Planoly isn’t just an app, it is also a web broser based tool, that allows you to upload, create and curate content of others.

        It is powerful tool, to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to sheduling Instagram content, both for your posts and stories, adding hashtags and much more. It provides analytics and allows you to add team members. 


        Social Media Schedulers – Our Favourite Planoly Features are: 

        • Sell anything to anyone with a single click – without the need for a website. sellit transforms your social content with a single link into a social storefront
        • Easily create and customize content for all of your social channels from our selection of designer templates with their new design app
        • Embed shoppable gallery on your blog or a website to sell your physical or digital goods 
        • Use Planoly app to also schedule your posts to Pinterest

        Planonly isn’t just a content scheduling platform, it is a powerful all-in-one platform. Go ahead have a look here how to sign up. 

        4. More advanced Social Media Schedulers – Hootsuite

        Hootsuite is a powerful social media scheduling tool that caters to both, large and small businesses. It truly has an impressive array of features, but can sometimes feel overwhelming if you are just starting out. It is recommended for brands who are looking for more advanced features, or have a team managing your social media efforts. The good thing about Hootesuite is that there is a FREE potion as well as paid, so you can try before you buy. 

        Social Media Schedulers – Some of the best features of Hootsuite include:

        •  You can manage many different platforms all from one place 
        • You can manage up to 3 social media profiles on the basic free account, and you can schedule up to 30 messages a month
        • It allows. you to provide better customer service, but being able to reply to messages in Hootesuite
        • Hootesuite have lots of useful free social media training and webinars to help you learn more about getting the most from your social media
        • You can also monitor, track and analyse the performance of your posts

        Visit Hootsuite here. 


        5. All round Social Media Shedchulers – Buffer

        Buffer helps you to build your audience and grow your brand on social media by helping you craft the perfect posts for your platforms in one place.

        Social Media Schedulers – Some of the best features for Buffer include:   

        • You can collaborate quickly with your team on posts and social media marketing campaigns and even set up approvals so team members or clients can approve your posts for quality and brand before publishing
        • You can custom tailor your posts for each social media network easily
        • There is an easy to use calendar that allows you to view all of the content you have lined up
        • It has listening tool, so you can plug in various hashtags, accounts and topics of interest and monitor the social conversations happening around those subjects

        Visit Buffer here.

        6. Turning Your Content Evergreen with SocialBee

         We have been loving using Social Bee ? for our own Social Media sheduling. We have loved the simplicity and ability to split your content into different categories, such as promotions, testimonials,  Blog posts, quotes or whatever you wish for the categories to be to suit your business. 

        Social Bee also allows you to plug in most of the most commog social media platforms, including Facebook, Insagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business. 

        It is fantastic tool as it allows you to batch create lots of content in various categories to create a good mix of content (read more about content types here) and set the content to post on specific days or evergreen. You can also create different various of the same post, so it is not the same caption running over and over again. It also allows you to altenate text for different social media platforms, making it easy to adapt your social media posts to various different platforms. 

        Social Media Schedulers – Some of the best features of Social Bee include: 

        • Adding content automatically  using more advanced features such as RSS feed and multiple content import features
        • Use custom URL Feature and tracking – making your links smarter and better looking at the same time, whilst tracking results
        •  Lacking time to do it all yourself? No worries, Social Bee has plenty of Concierge services to choose from. From friendly on-boarding team to social media managers and even Facebook ad specialists. You will never feel alone using Social Bee. 
        • The best part about it, Social Bee is affordable and flexible option for both starters and those looking to grow their business. 

        Visit Social Bee Here.  

        Using a social media scheduler can never replace your actual presence on social media.  You still want to allow some time for real engagement and interaction on your posts, however, using a scheduler can undoubtedly help you free some time and make your social media efforts much more consistent and strategic. 

        We hope you have found this article useful? Go ahead and leave a comment below and let us know which Social Media Scheduler you will be using in your business.  

        Disclaimer: This blog post contains affilaite links, which means we may receive small % if you become a customer of some of these platforms mentioned above. 

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