Social Media Schedulers

Jul 1, 2019

Social Media Schedulers

For most businesses, social media forms a significant part of their advertising and helps them to be more visible to their target audience, however creating, planning and posting content one post at a time is time-consuming.

With so many social media schedulers available on the market, how do you know which is the best for you to use?

Which features will you benefit from and how much do you need to spend?

For many, the choices can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start can often mean that people don’t and continue to use their valuable time and energy posting onto social media several times a week manually.

Social media scheduling is the act of scheduling your posts in advance. You use a platform to organise your posts and then set them to be posted to various platforms at selected times and dates in the future.

Before we look at which social media schedulers to use, let’s look at the benefits that using a scheduler can bring.

  • You can be visible online without having to post your content physically. You can focus on other tasks in your business with the peace of mind that your content is still be shared and engaged with on your social media platforms.
  • You can focus more time on creating better content.  If you are rushing to get a post out because you have a spare couple of minutes, you aren’t going to be entirely focussed on what you are posting.  Posting and planning your content allows you more time to think about your posts and to create better and more engaging content.
  • You can be more strategic.  If you are planning your content, you can link this to the other things going on in your business and create campaigns for new products and services.
  • You can manage multiple social media accounts from one platform. You can even set up some easy automation, such as always posting your Instagram posts to Facebook.
  • You can visually plan your content.  A lot of the schedulers out there allow you to visually arrange your content so you can see in advance how this is going to look. By doing this and planning ahead, you can create some beautiful visual graphic displays on platforms such as Instagram for example.

There are hundreds of schedules out there, all with the same primary purpose of allowing you to plan your content in advance, but all with slight variations and different features.  Here are some of our favourites:

1. Later

Later is a powerful scheduler for Instagram.  You can also plan posts for other platforms; however, many of the features are geared towards Instagram, and so this is an excellent option if Instagram is your social media platform of choice.

Some of the best features of Later include:

  • A visual content calendar making it easy to get started
  • A drag and drop function so you can easily plan and preview your feed to make sure it looks the way you would like it to
  • It will post automatically to Instagram (many other schedulers require an auto push for Instagram).
  • You can find out when your best time to post is and analyse your content performance to track your likes, followers and click-throughs with the analytic function.

Visit Later

    2. Tailwind

    If you are thinking to start using Pinterest for your business the most essential tool to help you stay consistent with Pinterest is social scheduler called Tailwind. It is really the most powerful and easy to use tool to schedule all of your Pinterest Pins for the week or month ahead.

    It also allows you to recycle content and share your pins to other groups or group boards, helping you get even more visible. It also gives you analytics and weekly updates which is super handy to see what content is performing the best.

      Visit Tailwind here

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        2. Hootsuite

        Hootsuite is a schedule that different levels depending on what you need to use it for. The free plan, however, is a high starting point to manage your social media all in one place and start building your audience.

        Some of the best features of Hootsuite include:

        • You can manage up to 3 social media profiles on the basic free account, and you can schedule up to 30 messages a month
        • They have lots of useful free social media training and webinars to help you learn more about getting the most from your social media
        • It is an easy to use visual platform that connects with over 35 social media networks
        • You can also monitor, track and analyse the performance of your posts

        Visit Hootsuite


        3. Buffer

        Buffer helps you to build your audience and grow your brand on social media by helping you craft the perfect posts for your platforms in one place.

        Some of the best features for Buffer include:

        • You can collaborate quickly with your team on posts and social media marketing campaigns and even set up approvals so team members or clients can approve your posts for quality and brand before publishing
        • You can custom tailor your posts for each social media network easily
        • There is an easy to use calendar that allows you to view all of the content you have lined up

        Visit Buffer

        Using a social media scheduler can never replace you on social media.  You still do need to allow some time for real engagement and interaction on your posts, however, using a scheduler can undoubtedly give you a head start and free up some of your time to allow you to do this.

        We hope you have found his super useful and we’d love to know which scheduler you use? Is it one of the above or a different system? Do let us know in the comments below what you love about it, or if you are on the lookout for a new system, why not try one of our suggestions?

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