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Social Media Mastery

It is time to up-level your social media game! No more sitting on the sidelines, no more wondering what to post and how to engage your audience! It is time to learn how to attract, nurture and convert your followers to clients using your social media! Let us show you how to master all the expert tips and tricks of how to make social media work for you! 



August 2019

Join us for the month of August to up your social media and marketing efforts with brand new strategies, techniques and training.

We will be showing you exactly how to attract your ideal audience, nurture them to build trust and convert them into paying clients or customers.

If you are looking to launch a new business, product or service, this is all-encompassing virtual training to help you get more visible and start making money online.

During this training you will learn how to:

– Build awareness and visibility using your social media platforms

– Nurture your audience and build the know, like and trust factor

– Promote your products and services

– Monetize your following so your audience become your customers

Every Tuesday in August we will be delivering 60 minute live and interactive training sessions delivered by our club founder Raimonda and other community experts.

This training includes: 

How to effectively promote your business and make an offer 

Introductory session to Social Media Mastery with Women in Business Club founder Raimonda Jankunaite. 

In this interactive session you will learn about the first step of social media and that is attracting your ideal audience to your social media channels using different types of posts, writing captivating copy and using engagement techniques and strategy. 

In 2017 Raimonda launched the Women in Business Social media accounts and grew them to over 130k followers in just over a year. She truly understands how to leverage social media for business and attract your tribe and in this amazing training will share with you her key tips and strategies.

Don’t miss this first session to your Social Media Mastery! 

How to nurture and build trust with your audience

Join our in-house expert Katie Colella to learn all about nurturing your audience with the right content, and that will build trust and long term connection with your social media followers. 

Katie Colella is a social media expert, business mentor and sales funnels strategist with vast experience in building marketing campaigns and sales / nurture sequences to help transition subscribers to buyers.  Katie knows her stuff when it comes to nurturing audience from cold to hot and will share with you her top take aways that you can implement in your business to see the growth your desire. 


How to effectively promote your business and make an offer 

So many people use social media on a daily basis but whilst doing so forget to make a direct offer for their services or products in fear of coming across too ‘salesey’ or in fear of it being ‘too soon’.

Come and learn how to make an offer in a way that feels natural and is part of your customer journey. No more sleazy sales tactics or missed opportunities. 

Let’s navigate nail the most important aspect of your social media efforts – The Offer! 

How to monetise and convert your audience 

In our final training of the month, we’ll share with you  the various techniques and strategies you can use to help monetise your following.

Sales is a tricky thing, and it takes someone an average of 17 times of seeing your posts before they are ready to purchase. 

 Let’s face it, your audience are becoming more and more in-tune with your marketing tactics, therefore you need to get more and more creative in how you are going to make an offer and monetise your audience. 

Join this training session to learn about various ways of monetising your tribe and how to build sales offers that connects with your audience. 

This is truly, the last building block to Social Media Mastery. 

How does it work?

 This training will take place virtually over the course of 4 virtual masterclasses, where you will be able to engage with our experts and ask questions. As part of this training, you will get the opportunity to join our private Facebook group with over 1,350 women from all around the world. 

This training is paid at $129 one time fee for all 4 workshops life-time access. 

Members of Women in Business Club get access to this training for FREE. Details are available within your Member dashboard.  

Not a Member Yet? Our membership enrolment is currently closed, but you can still enrol by invitation from our existing Member’s Club Members and Ambassadors. 


What exactly is Social Media Mastery?


Social Media Mastery is a month long virtual social media training delivered by our experts and our community founder Raimonda Jan, who in just 1 year grew @WomeninBusinessClub Instagram from 0-100k followers.

In this training you will learn our exact secrets and strategies how to master Social Media and start growing your business online. Read our latest blog post with a quick preview of the course contents! 


Members Club 

Women in Business Members Club is the fastest growing community for female entrepreneurs and those looking to start a business. 

We offer community support and resources to help grow your business online. Anything from Social Media, Launching your Business, Tech Skills, Copywriting, PR, Visibility, Mindset, Confidence, Work-Life Balance, Self Care and so much more. 

 Our Members get access to a huge library of videos and e-books, that is invaluable resource at their fingertips as well as access to virtual interactive trainings like this. 

Not a Member Yet?

Our membership is currently closed, but you can still enrol as a member, by invitation from our existing Member’s Club Ambassadors or join our Waiting List to be the first to know when we do open for enrolment again. 

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