Love it or Hate it – Social media marketing is here to stay – so as a business owner, how do you master it? 

Social media marketing ideas for new business owners – Social media changes all the time, from algorithms to functions and features. One day certain type of content is on trend and the next it is yesterday’s news. For any female entrepreneur it can become overwhelming, to say the least! 

You may not know it all when it comes to Social Media Trends, but what you do need to know is that your audience, clients and customers are probably spending at least an hour a day surfing social media platforms and chances are your competitors are showing up online too, so you really can not miss a trick when it comes to online marketing and knowing what’s on trend.

Your customers are currently spend their time browsing and evaluating products and services just like yours, using one of the few top Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. 

For us at Women In Business Club social media marketing has been a huge game changer and helped us attract over 150k followers in just 2 years. It has formed a huge part of our strategy for marketing, visibility and growing our amazing community of female entrepreneurs. It has taught us many valuable lessons, some of which we want to share with you in this very blog post. 

Here are our some of our top 4 tips for social media marketing success:

1. Know your customer (ideal client) for your social media

If you want to grow your following and have more eyes on your social media marketing content, start with getting to know your ideal client.  Do you know what they are currently looking for or hoping to find?  

What will make them stop scrolling and take notice of your post?  Stats show that there are 95 million posts on Instagram every day, so you really want to stand out on social media and have brand recognition as soon as your post appears online. 

So many female entrepreneurs loose patience in building awareness and want to see instant results from social media marketing, without realising that it takes time to build ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor. 

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2. Create ‘Know, Like and Trust’ Factor

It is true that people buy from brands they love – and creating this fuzzy feeling with your online audience is so crucial to your online marketing and your business success. 

Creating great content ideas is just one part of your social media marketing strategy. How you infuse ‘know, like and trust’ factor is the second. Here is a quick and useful blog on how to do just that

So, the power is in your hands to build trust and loyalty by serving timely and relevant content that also creates deeper connection to your brand.  To help you make your content consistent, why not use Social Media Schedulers to help you? 

3. Be of service to your social media followers

“People often forget what you said but they never forget how you made them feel” –  Maya Angelou. This popular quote is certainly true when it comes to social media marketing.

People will always remember how you made them feel, if you have gone the extra mile to serve your audience, or left a kind comment, or positively responded to a customer complaint. Read more how to respond to customer complaints here. Being of service and going the extra mile for your clients, customers and followers (who one day may become customers) is super important. 

So next time someone leaves a comment, don’t miss the opportunity to be kind or be of service to someone.  Here is another blog post we have on Social Media Secrets that we use at Women in Business Community. 

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Looking for some Fresh Social Media Ideas?  Success in business really comes down to having online visibility and being consistent with your messaging. We have curated 10 top ideas how to find Fresh Social Media Content ideas whenever you feel stuck. Go ahead and grab this FREE download! 

4. Be human on social media and in your content strategy

This may sound obvious but we often forget that at the other end of the screen is a real human being reading your social media post or a blog. So infuse human like language into your content and social media posts. Use humour and emoji’s to make your content more fun and relatable. Business doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun with your brand and see how your audience react and how quickly it will help you develop ‘know, like and trust’ factor with your followes. 

At Women in Business we love having fun and infusing our content with simple to relate language. Lacking ideas for your content creation? Here is our super valuable blog post on Social Media Content Ideas

Want to learn more about creating awesome and engaging social media content for your Instagram? Check out our  Social Media Mastery training that helps business owners master their Instagram growth and engagement with most practical tips and tricks that helped us reach 100k followers in just one year! 

Raimonda Jankunaite
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Raimonda Jankunaite

Women In Business Founder

Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Business Coach, and International Speaker. Raimonda is the founder of the Women In Business Club, international community and events to help women become visible go-to experts.

Raimonda helps female entrepreneurs and business owners get established, get noticed and visible online – so they can build a successful business online and become the go-to authority in their field – generating more leads and creating more income whilst making an impact.

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