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Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?

Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to create a successful online business, without spending thousands of $$$ on online courses or coaching.

Because Right Now

  • You’ve realised that the lead magnets and freebies clogging up your inbox aren’t the solutions to your problems.
  • There’s no point in keep signing up for sales webinars that offer no real answers to starting, growing or scaling your business.
  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, lonely and frustrated.
  • You’re tired of trying to do it all yourself and not knowing where to turn to for reliable and easy to understand support.
  • You’re fed up of worrying about where your next client is going to come from and not having consistent and reliable income every month.
  • You lack the confidence to show up, be visible and stand out in the online space.
  • You’re overwhelmed with the success posts of your peers and feel a failure in comparison.
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But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

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How would your business be different if you could:

  • Work alongside a COMMUNITY of ambitious, determined women working towards the very same goals as you? 
  • Be held ACCOUNTABLE and offered support and feedback on every single aspect of your business?
  • KNOW that you have expert knowledge at your fingertips that’s designed to help you find clarity and understanding so you can take your business to the next level?
  • Learn how to build a business that’s PROFITABLE, sustainable and designed for growth because you’ve been taught foundational strategies and techniques from the experts?
  • Be SUPER confident in your messaging, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it so you can build a dreamy audience of ideal clients just waiting to work with you?
  • Develop a SUCCESS mindset, squash those limiting beliefs and feel more confident than ever about building the life and business you truly desire?

Know you could get all the SUPPORT you needed to create a successful business — and you could actually afford it?

Introducing the Women In Business Club Membership

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Member’s Club Enrollment
Is Open!

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The Member’s Club is Risk-Free – cancel anytime!
No minimum contracts or commitments. Get full access to our library upon

Women all around the world taking action already – will you be the next Success Story?

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Women just like you have transformed their businesses from barely surviving to THRIVING. From launching their online businesses to getting featured in major publications, headliner events, launching podcasts and online courses. Women from all over the world, building sustainable and consistent income in their businesses as a result of our weekly expert training, and library of resources, and tools.
Over the last 2 years we hosted over 70 business leading experts, leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and mentors. Training provided to us is no fluff – easy to follow and implement, coupled with beautiful workbooks and practical checklists.
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Here’s how the Women In Business Club is different from other memberships:

  • We empower and support women from all backgrounds and walks of life to grow, thrive and succeed in business.
  • We offer a wide range of high-quality content to help you in your business journey, from practical swipe files and checklists to detailed workbooks and guides. Whatever your learning style and pace, we’ve got you covered!
  • At Women In Business we celebrate diversity and promote equal opportunity for all. We are proud to welcome women from around the world into our membership and community.
  • We are one of the only female business memberships that host live in-person and online international events bringing our community together in real-time.
  • We believe in creating a platform to help our member’s share their voice, so we provide regular opportunities to be involved via our Podcast, blog, guest expert and live speaker applications.
  • We teach you the fundamentals of building a successful business combining timeless tried and tested strategies with new and modern approaches.
  • We are all about the real-life. Our passion is to help real women like you build the business of their dreams, whatever that may look like.

Here’s what’s included inside the Women In Business Membership.


With 26 different themes, you’ll have everything you need to know about starting, growing and scaling a successful business at your fingertips without moments of joining.


We don’t do fluff at the Women In Business. We host only the best experts at the top of their game to share high-quality training just for you.


As a Women In Business member, you get access to a monthly group coaching call where you can ask questions and be given the opportunity to have a hot seat mentoring session with our Founder, Raimonda.


Being part of our international community of trailblazing women is an opportunity for you to connect and network with like-minded female entrepreneurs from around the world.


As part of our Women In Business membership, you will always get exclusive access to our events as a priority AND, at a discounted rate. Our live event tickets are always in high demand, but as a member, you are given early bird access.


As a Women In Business member, you get access to a monthly group coaching call where you can ask questions and be given the opportunity to have a hot seat mentoring session with our Founder, Raimonda.

Wow So Much Value – Can There Be More?

Oh Yes, Girl! We got your back!

  • Want to learn more about building a brand? Sure let’s rock it!
  • Hear everyone talking about building passive income? You Got it Girl!
  • Wonder how everyone automating those emails and growing their lists? Sure thing – our experts done it all and have shared with our community how it is done.

From copywriting skills, to marketing & sales training, how to create epic content, set yourself up as an expert online, host your first webinar and even launch your online course.

We have over 26 different themes that you can choose from to learn from different experts who have been there and done just the very things you are yet to learn and put into action in your business.

I don’t think you can afford NOT to TAKE ACTION with all of these incredible resources available at your finger tips. I promise you – no need for another freebie or a fluff filled webinar, ever again. Here you get the full value for just $37.90 per month.

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Our Club Enrolment is only open for a limited time – so take action today!!

Best part about the Member’s Club?

The best part about being a Member is that you get to meet many like-minded, ambitious and thriving women within our community. Who will keep you accountable and feel supported at the same time. Sometimes you just need someone who gets you!

Because let’s face it turning to your family or friends doesn’t always lead to sound advice that you need to hear. Sometimes it fuels your fears and doubts. Within our community, we believe there are no limits and restrictions on what you can achieve.

We can support your biz journey from the very start of developing and launching your idea, to helping you create your personal or business brand, helping you consistently evolve with marketing and business strategies as well as giving you exclusive exposure opportunities.

Business is an ever-evolving landscape and you sometimes just need an affordable and trustworthy source of information and training. This is truly the one place where you will be able to access not only invaluable training and information but also gain a whole tribe of cheerleaders who will be behind you every step of the way.

Ready to meet your Women In Business Founder and Leader?

Hi There!

I’m Raimonda

I am the founder of the Women In Business. I started my first business at the age of 21 and have since become a serial entrepreneur, mentor, event host and soon to be author. Along with my amazing team, our passion is to empower women from around the world to build successful businesses and reach higher than ever before to achieve their dreams. I believe every woman can achieve success, become visible and stand in her authority in business and life.

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There has never been a better time to change your life and start taking action

Because nothing’s going to change unless you do! I know you’re working hard to make your business a huge success but you’re doing it all alone. I know how difficult it is when you’re bootstrapping and going down the DIY route. It’s hard work, it’s time-consuming, it’s exhausting. I’ve been there!

But, I don’t want you to look back 6 months from now and realise you are in exactly the same place as you are today.

Because, I KNOW that you are passionate about what you do and I KNOW you’re ready to create the business you’ve been dreaming of and, we’re are right here to help you take your dream to the next level of success.

Come and join us and experience for yourself what it feels like to have a whole community of like-minded women cheering you on!

I’ll see you on the inside.

Love Raimonda x

Let’s recap on what you can achieve by joining the Women in Business Club:

  • Build more consistent and passive income in your business
  • Learn copywriting and social media skills so you can be more visible 
  • Grow & explode your Instagram and Social Media following 
  • Become the ‘Go-to-Expert’ Authority in your field 
  • Get crystal clear on your goals and have an action plan 
  • Launch your business or next offer with successful launch blueprint 
  • Create irresistible brand that brings in magnetic sales 
  • Create and launch your online course so you can start building new passive income streams 
  • Build collaborations that leverages your visibility and builds your authority status 
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and eliminate fear around money 
  • Build your team and become more free to spend time with your family, travel the world or write the book you have always dreamed of 
  • Learn how to leverage public speaking opportunities and attract press to grow your business 
  • Create systems in your business that will help you make money in your sleep 

Does this sound like something you would like to achieve over the next 6 months? And no, you don’t need to have a huge investment to begin, our membership is affordable and risk-free.

Imagine running your business from anywhere in the world, travelling to attend and deliver talks at world-class events, spending more time with your family and loved ones, all whilsts your bank account is being taken care of with consistent income from your online business. Your customers are knocking on your door to work with you and your diary is booked up 6 months in advance. Your following is exploding and you regularly receive emails for media opportunities.

No, this is not a dream, but a reality of women who have joined the Women in Business Club. It is the reality that is possible for you. But it all starts with you, committing to your goals and your vision.

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We can help you get there, but you need to take the first leap towards your success.

Are You Ready?

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Access to our community… ($900 Value)
70 hours of training content… ($4970Value)
60 beautiful e-books related to marketing, visibility, mindset ($1200 Value)
Member networking sessions ($1500 Value)
Bonus content ($790 Value)
Member’s only blog section ($250 Value)
Music playlist ($60 Value)
Private Members group ($600 value)

Total Value = $9,670

Today’s Price = $37 / Month

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