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Congratulations, Your Celebrity persona is Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is practical, down to earth with strong ideas about right and wrong. She is orderly, organized, systematic and controlled, and once committed – she employs decisive and methodical steps to problems solving, without giving up easily.

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Your personality type

Just like Oprah, you most likely seeking to establish a solid foundation, and would rather use hard work and long hours to build a business or career than search for “get rich quick” schemes.  You truly have a great potential for success, but only after putting out effort and overcoming the limitations you so often encounter. Courageous and a true survivor, you are a builder and the foundation of any enterprise, and your hard work and practical values pay off to provide you with the rewards you seeks and deserve.

Justice and honesty are sacred to you, making you reliable and dependable, and quite often – a cornerstone in the community. Also, though not a typical idealist, just like Oprah, you are willing to work for a better world in a realistic way.

You tend to work well with others, but it is important to you that you have your own responsibility and well-defined task, because you perform better when your responsibilities are not overlapping with those of others.

Due to the rare discipline and perseverance that you possess, not everyone can keep up with you, and so you have to be careful not to be bossy or rude. You can be also rigid in your ideas and get stuck in convention or too quick in judging others.

Entrepreneurial and progressive, just like Oprah Winfrey you are ever-striving, heading for the top, and enjoying an enterprising, ambitious and determined personality to do things well, and an unyielding dedication to create solid plan until the goals are achieved.

You bounce back easily from setbacks and can overcome any adversities or obstacles thrown your way. 

There is danger, however that her trait of determination and dedication will shift to stubbornness, making you cling to ideas and projects well past their fruitious season. It is a good idea for you to keep fresh pipeline of ideas to make it easier to replace outdated plans by new and better ones.



Who is Oprah Winfrey ? Orpah born January 29, 1954 is an American media executive, actress, talk show host, television producer, and philanthropist. She is best known for her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, broadcast from Chicago, which was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history and ran in national syndication for 25 years from 1986 to 2011.

Dubbed the “Queen of All Media”, she was the richest African American of the 20th century and North America’s first black multi-billionaire, and she has been ranked the greatest black philanthropist in American history. By 2007, she was sometimes ranked as the most influential woman in the world.

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