Ultimate Social Media Toolkit

Your Ultimate Social Media Bundle

You know that you need to show up online to build your business, but you find it hard to be consistently visible.

You tear your hair out trying to create gorgeous Canva graphics and your Canva dashboards full of unfinished drafts.

Some days your mind is blank, without a single idea for a post and so you end up sharing an inspirational quote, again.

We know that showing up consistently online can be difficult, and that’s why we’ve created the ultimate social media bundle to support you! Included is everything you need to create an engaged and loyal audience through your content.

In your bundle, you will receive:

Our WIB Brand Guidelines Template to help you bring your brand together in one cohesive place
40 Social Media Prompts Guide with content ideas, story and reflection prompts
Our gorgeous set of 25 Peach Instagram Templates that are easy to edit and will help you create eye-catching graphics that stop the scroll and get saved
6 Instagram Puzzle Grid Templates so you can make an IG feed that visually wows and captures the attention of your audience.
2021 Inspired Content Calendar packed full of content prompts and ideas to inspire you and make your content creation a breeze.



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