Instagram Puzzle Templates

Are you ready to have a beautifully branded IG feed that visually WOWs and captures the attention of your audience?

Then you are going to love our gorgeous Editable Canva Instagram puzzle templates.

Easy to customize just:

- Add your own branding colours, fonts and logos
- Drop-in some on-brand imagery
- Download and break up the image into 6 posts to create your perfect IG Layout
- Craft an engaging caption, POST and you’re done!

With six designs that each crop into 9 tiles, that means there are 54 beautifully unique graphics that create the wow factor for your Instagram feed.

As you add each tile onto your feed, the story unfolds as your bigger design takes shape. Your followers will keep coming back making attracting new followers simple!

Take all the stress out of creating a beautiful IG feed today and grab your Canva IG puzzle templates today.



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