Brand Guidelines Template

As your business and team grow, it’s easy for a brand to get stretched too thin and start to look inconsistent. Creating your own set of brand guidelines is the answer.

Brand guidelines Template will help you to:

– Bring all of your ideas for your brand together into one cohesive file
– Allow your team and other freelancers to support you by sharing one simple file
– Ensure consistency across your business through your visuals helping you build a brand that’s recognised and visible

With our simple, easy to use brand guidelines template, you can drop all your brand elements into one place. Using Canva, just pop in your colours, fonts, logos and elements and you’re done!

A super simple, super effective and super affordable solution that will help you build a high quality, consistent brand identity online.

No more guessing when it comes to your brand colour codes or fonts – because you are a truly organised business owner!

Grab your template and get started today!



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