Other Ways To Get Involved 1

Other Ways to Get Involved

Applied to be a Speaker

But, Did Not Get Selected This Time Around? 

Don’t worry – because there are many other ways to get involved with the Women in Business Community.

We receive many application from women from all around the world, and unfortunately there aren’t enough spots to feature everyone all at once. But – rest assured we have fully considered your application and for one reason or another your application was not selected for the next round. 

However, we have many other ways for you to be involved with our community and events and we would love to have you part of our mission to empower 1 Million Women Globally. 

Our mission is to provide the platform for women to connect, learn, share and thrive together. So with that in mind – we would be honoured to have you join us as our guest for the up-coming Women Thrive Summit happening in April. 

Become Our

Women in Business Club Member 

Our Member’s Club has been designed for women just like you – who have a story to share and a burning desired to serve others. A woman who has seen and experienced many things in life and is at a stage all you want is to be surrounded by like-minded supportive women, who are all striving to build a successful life and create a business that you feel totally aligned with and on-purpose. You want to find other opportunities to connect with women, to be seen and for your message to be heard far and wide. We got you! Because that is what our platform is all about – empowering you to THRIVE in life and business. Use Code THRIVE at the Checkout to receive a discount. 😉 


Other Opportunities

Applications are currently to be featured as a speaker, expert or podcast guest within the Women in Business Community.

Inspiring Women Stories Podcast

Inspiring Women Stories Podcast has already featured some incredible women from our community from all around the world – and this is your opportunity to be featured with your Inspiring Story! Applications are OPEN for our Club Member’s Only!

Other Ways To Get Involved 4

Women in Business Blog

Are you a great writer? Do you have a subject that you feel passionate about and would like to contribute to our community? Why not submit your article to be featured on Our Blog and across our Social Media? The best part about it – your blog will stay on our site forever and have links back to your Website and Social Media. 

What Happens Next?

Your application will stay with us on file for minimum of 12 months and you may hear from us in the future about other speaking opportunities or features as our community expert.

When we organise events and consider speakers for our events there are a number of things we take into consideration, here are some of the things we will consider in the selection process:

– Speaker’s Story & Credibility

– The subject of your talk and suitability for the specific event 

– How does your topic fit into the grand scheme of the event theme and other speakers 

– How professional your photos are and how well your bio is written 

– How active you are on Social Media and your overall visibility 

– How much public speaking and professional experience you may have  

Would like us to remove your information from our database?

No problem – please email us with your request contact (at) womeninbusiness . online 

How Can You Improve Your Chances in the Future?

Stay connected with us and be more active within our community.

Grow your Online / Social Media Visibility and work on your Personal Brand to have more Social Clout. 

Get more Event Speaking Experience and Features Online in order to build your credibility. 

Learn more about what Event Organisers want and how YOU Can Land Your Next Speaking gig. 

How to Land Other Speaking Opportunities?

Thank you!

We just wanted to say – THANK YOU for putting yourself forward for consideration. Thank you for being brave and wanting to share your story with our audience. Thank you for doing the incredible work that you do. Thank you for your support and choosing to be part of our journey at the Women in Business Club. We hope this is not the end of the journey for us – but a mere beginning of our journey together!

Stay Connected! Love & Light.  

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