Money Mindset 

How many time you told yourself – I can’t afford this? Or – I will never be able to charge or earn that sort of money? Over and over again we see women not living to their full potential because of limiting (and false) beliefs their minds tell them. 

Are you one of those women?




March 2019

We all have beliefs about money and perceptions of our worth and value of things. Sometimes, these beliefs are not our own beliefs but something that has been said to us from an early age. Maybe we observed our parents or other family members tell us that money doesn’t grow on trees. Or does it?

The reality is, there are no limits. No limits to what you can earn, no limits to what you can charge and certainly no limits to what you can spend. 

The only limit you have is your own mindset about money. Want to learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs and start letting money flow freely into your life? Join us for these incredible expert-led workshops to find out more! 


This Month’s Featured Experts

Money Mindset & Goal Setting

Join us for a Money Mindset & Goal Setting Masterclass to kick-start a brand new month.

In this masterclass we will cover:

– Why limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving success

– How to feel more confident and self-assured to succeed in business

– How to effectively set financial goals and achieve them

– 5 Ways to start generating consistent income

– How to scale from where you are now to where you want to be in short space of time

This masterclass is delivered by Raimonda Jan, the founder of Women in Business Club.

Raimonda began hosting events for women in May 2017 as a passion project that has quickly turned into a thriving international community of women. Attracting female entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches and speakers from all over the world.

The Women in Business Member’s Club has become the go-to platform for resources, knowledge, expertise, and inspiration for female entrepreneurs. The community has grown from a few hundred women to over 80k strong community and an online following.

Raimonda is most passionate about supporting other female entrepreneurs, mentoring and helping other women build sustainable, consistent income. Help them turn their ideas and passions into successful and thriving businesses.


Money Mindset to Wealth and Abundance 

This workshop is going to show you why we self-sabotage when it comes to money and how we program our minds to BLOCK it from coming into our lives. I’m going to explain the science behind Money Mindset and how you can make changes to your neural network to undo this self- sabotage, so that you can attract the clients and wealth you dream of and journal about!

You will learn and master a super powerful technique that will start re-wiring your brain and undoing your negative money story in minutes! You can expect to experience powerful changes in the way you think about money and how it shows up in your business.


Delivered by Victoria Maskell, a mindset coach who works with female entrepreneurs that are facing road blocks in their business and takes them through her unique program using NLP, BWRT and the latest mindset techniques. She shows them how to banish self-doubt and exterminate the fear gremlins that are stopping them from attracting their dream clients and the wealth and success that they deeply desire.

How to overcome your money blocks and charge your worth

In this workshop, Jaimie will walk you through the most common money blocks service-based entrepreneurs face, where they really come from, and how to overcome them. She will also provide practical steps you can follow to improve the way you package and monetise your magic.

Finally, she will provide quick-fire hot seat coaching for those joining live, to help you blitz your blocks and enhance your offerings.

If you know you’re worthy of more but just can’t seem to get past your resistance towards charging more (or even at all!) for your services, this workshop is for you.

As a qualified Life, Leadership, Business and Executive Coach, Jaimie has already empowered hundreds of visionary leaders and founders to live life on their terms using her unique 360 degree coherence methodology

Jaimie is the CEO and Founder of Definitely Definitely. She is a firm believer in not settling for anything less than a “Definitely Definitely” in any area. Her motto is “If it’s not a Definitely Definitely, it’s a no.”

Her mission, and that of her team, is to empower leaders worldwide to create and continually up-level their lives and businesses so they can be happier and freer while also making more impact and profit.

Financial Freedom for Women Entrepreneurs – How to negotiate and co-create to bring in more money, in a mission driven, purposeful way!

In Business, sales and negotiations go hand-in-hand. It’s the way you bring in more money! In this session you will learn how to co-create with the person you’re negotiating with, so you can both come out of a meeting feeling like winners! In this live workshop you will get to practice your sales and negotiation skills, as practice makes perfect! Also, Kathy will show you how passion, drive and purpose in those negotiations will bring in even more money than you ever thought was possible.

Katy Chen Mazzara is a financial coach & money mentor who helps creative people face their financial fears, stop worrying about their debts, and expand their abundance mindset, so they can spend more time living their best life and creating what they’re meant to bring into this world.

Katy understands how to balance dreaming and doing to create financial freedom. For the past 15 years, she has followed her passion producing and developing television and digital shows for ABC, NBC, PBS, E! Entertainment, VH1, Bravo, Travel Channel, Dreamworks and many others.

Besides her love for music and dancing, she’s read every personal finance book, magazine and even stock prospectus she could get her hands on, and then went on to get certified as a financial and life coach. Prior to her career in television, Katy was an award-winning documentary and news anchor, reporter, writer, editor and producer. She’s a graduate of New York University. 

How are you going to up-level your money mindset this month? 



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