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Are you looking to set up your online offers, sales funnels, webinars and start making money without delay? I know that most entrepreneurs worry about the technical stuff, most often having to hire experts costing them $1,000’s before they even got started. Girl, You Don’t Need To Do That! 

It is easier than you thought and you can start making money by the end of the week!!

April 2020

Girl, I know the times are crazy and you are spending every waking hour worrying about how you are going to make money online. 

There are all these great ideas swirling in your head but there is just one thing stopping you! – How on earth are you going to package your offer, deliver that webinar training, get those Facebook Ads set up and finally close that sale with your sales nurture sequence! 

It all sounds way too complicated – so you continue to stall that launch because you got all of this technical stuff to sort out. 

Girl – wait no more! Time to get that webinar sorted, upload them FB ads and start making money online!!!

The world can not wait any longer for you to be ready to launch! 

This Month’s Featured Workshops

Create Your Saleable Offer

Are you ready to start monetising your skills online? Maybe you have some great ideas but unsure how to package them into viable offers? 

Navigating the online space can feel tricky and confusing at times, and knowing how to package online offers is one of the most common struggles that holds women back from putting anything out to the world, thus missing out on sales and passive income.

If you are ready to start making money online- come and join this masterclass to learn how to package your offers, create low dollar and high end offers that your audience will love.

This masterclass is hosted by our WIB Club founder and serial entrepreneur Raimonda Jankunaite, who has over 10 years of business experience. The Women in Business Club has been built on the premise of partnerships and collaborations and in this session, you will get to learn just how Raimonda has fostered successful partnerships and collaboration to leapfrog her business to success.

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Members Get FREE Access to this and many more masterclass training videos and e-books. 

Elevate Your Offer Using Sales Webinar

Axela Rinoa – Business Strategist, Leadership Trainer and Certified Coach

In the past, she led an international creative and marketing team at a leading tech Silicon Valley company. She founded three companies, two of which she manages to date: A Marketing & Creative Consultancy and a Training and Coaching Company. 

Currently, she is helping leaders Elevate and do more with less, so they create more money, experience more freedom and live fulfilled.
Teaching entrepreneurs how to strategically grow their business, create psychology-based marketing and implement Branding/Positioning based on human connections.

She focuses on neuro-marketing and neuro-sales based tools for innovative, non-intrusive promotional and marketing techniques. She believes in business done with integrity. Hence teaches how psychology and human behaviours impact purchasing decisions. As a promoter of The Human Side of business, she has a strong focus on streamlining your business without losing touch with reality and your audience.

She promotes the following approaches:

  • Human In The Centre
  • Integrated and Empathy Based Leadership 
  • Relationship-Based Automation
  • Slow Down To Speed Up

Attract E’m Using Facebook Ads

In this hands-on workshop, Katie will take you through some Facebook adverts do’s and dont’s when setting up ads. She will then walk you through how she sets up FB ads for the Women In Business Club using a live example. So you can learn and put this into practice for your own lead generation.

Katie Colella – an award-winning business mentor, Amazon best selling co-author, speaker and funnel strategist.

She has started and runs various businesses both online and offline, in product and service-based, so has been around in the business world for quite some time. Katie now working with women who are starting out in business and the online world of business to help them figure out their sales and marketing strategies and help implement them.

Katie works with women in business who are looking for help with ‘all the things’ they just feel overwhelmed by, especially tech and launch strategies.

Katie offers both, ‘done for you’ packages, step by step 1:1 sales funnel mentoring service and group implementation programmes.

Marketing & Sales Made Easy 5

Only Available to WIB Club Members.  

Marketing & Sales Made Easy 6

Only Available to WIB Club Members.  

Generate Leads Using Chat Bots

In this training, Our resident Bots Expert Carrie Walters will teach you how to build a lead generation system in a Facebook ChatBot. 

Join Carrie in this click-by-click, hands-on training that will leave you with a live lead generation machine for your business.  Let her show you how you can strategically use automation for select pieces of the conversation with your audience, allowing you the freedom to build relationships while you also generate leads for your business.

*You must have a Facebook Business Page to use ChatBots for your business.

Carrie was an Executive Chef in her first career. She attributes her the ability to see problems as puzzles that need to be simplified and solved to the many years she spent directly impacting small businesses from the inside. She created her own online brand C. Walters Solutions as a way to serve business owners of ALL types through powerful yet affordable automation.

Carrie lives with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs in Holland, MI where they enjoy the beauty of the Lake Michigan coast. 

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Become part of the Member’s Club and enjoy making regular new connections, partnerships and collaborations. Find accountability partners and learn new content every week to help you grow your mindset, expand your business and reach for bigger goals towards success! Your Tribe is waiting for you!!

Member’s Club

The Women in Business Club is designed to empower women to thrive in business under any conditions. If you have been looking for inspiration, support, and guidance to take your business online and make it success, this is your opportunity to access invaluable information, support and community of like-minded women.

Our library of resources has been curated over 2 years of working with the top industry experts, coaches, entrepreneurs, and mentors. The value you gain by becoming a member of our club is worth thousands of dollars. If you had to hire the skills and expertise from the experts we feature it would costs you way over $100,000 – however as a club member you get all of it for just $1 A DAY!

Question is – What Are You Waiting for???

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