Manifest Anything You Desire In Life

Manifestation is a powerful tool that we should all be leaning into especially as Entrepreneurs. It helps us to feel supported, get inspired downloads needed for action and eliminates hustle to replace it with a connection.

If you’ve ever tried manifesting something before and it didn’t happen you’re likely missing one essential piece to the process. I’m sharing that with you today in hopes it grounds you in the belief you can manifest whatever you desire but before you dive in, here’s the meaning of manifest according to Cambridge Dictionary.

Now, let’s dive in…

Steps 1 – Know what you want to manifest

Take some time today and sit with yourself and ask, what’s missing in your life that you would love to have, be, or do? I find it super helpful to sit in meditation with this question. When you come out of meditation pull out your journal and start free flow writing. You’ll be surprised at what comes up for you and the new insights that your mind will naturally unlock for you. Then you will gain clarity in what your heart truly desires. 

Step 2 – How do you feel?

The second step is once you’ve chosen the “thing” you desire to manifest ask yourself how you will FEEL when it arrives in your life. So feeling words like joyful, vibrant, connected, grateful, energetic, worthy and so on. This part is crucial to being able to manifest the “thing” you desire. By knowing how you’re going to feel you can then become an energetic match for it.

Becoming an energetic match is super important. Think about energy as a highway. Cars are moving slowly in the right lane, at a medium speed in the middle lane and travelling quickly in the left-hand lane.

If you want to manifest something that is travelling quickly in the left-hand lane but you are travelling slowly in the right-hand lane, you will have to speed up in order to switch lanes right? The “thing” you desire isn’t going to slow down or lower its energy to be a vibrational match to you, it’s your job to raise your vibration so you can attract the thing to you.

Step 3 – Feel it! 
Manifest Anything You Desire in Your Life or Business With These 4 Easy Steps… 1
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Once you have your “feeling” words I want you to cultivate that feeling within you as much as you can throughout the day. This is how you will raise your vibration and become an energetic match for the “thing” you desire.

We can at any moment raise our vibration to feel any way we want to feel. So for example, if your “feeling” word is “joy” then do something that makes your heart sing. Dance around like a fool to a great song, or help someone in need? Be creative with it and go.

Steps 4 – Gratitude

Our final step is to cultivate the emotion of gratitude for the “thing” you want to manifest. Why gratitude? Because if you are feeling gratitude for something it means you already have the “thing” you want. If you think about all the things you’re grateful for in your life you already have them right? More in gratitude and manifestation on Thrive Global here

It’s important to feel the experience of having the “thing” you want to manifest before you actually do. Because this will draw the event closer to you in real time. You are literally training your mind, body and soul that it’s a done deal. The emotion of gratitude can be a magnet for miracles. The longer you linger in gratitude the more you are closing the gap between what you desire and reality.

I want you to get really excited about this part because this is where the manifesting magic comes from. Sit there and envision yourself walking around in that reality.

– How does it feel? How does it look? How does it taste?

– Who’s there with you? What experiences are you having?

– What decisions are you making?

– Who, what, and how are you expressing gratitude for this event in your life?

– Can you teach your body to feel fully in love with the moment?

I want you to embody the emotion of gratitude until you feel like your heart will explode with love. That’s when you know you’ve lingered there enough.

Do these four steps and I can almost guarantee you will have, become, or do the thing you desire to manifest.

I’ve been manifesting some amazing things over the last few years in my life and business and I’m pumped to share this process with you. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes. It’s my mission to support you with having all it is that you desire.

Let the manifesting begin. Check out the recent blog on the ‘7 keys to manifesting your desires‘.

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Tiffany Julie
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Tiffany Julie

Success Coach

Tiffany Julie is a Success Coach helping Female Entrepreneurs manifest a wildly successful life and business.

Tiffany helps her clients grow confidence + energy while mastering their mindset and exploding their income with bold strategic moves.

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