Let’s talk about LevelUp Leader, a tool to help leaders unlock their full leadership potential.

Leadership. A concept many think they understand, yet so often the people in leadership positions aren’t there because they are good at leading. More likely than not, they are a leader because they were the employee with the most years at the company, they were hired externally and promised leadership training that they never fully receive, or they started their own business and had to assume the leadership role. 

What most forget is that leadership plays a pivotal role in achieving goals, inspiring others, and driving positive change. It isn’t simply being the boss or managing people.

It’s about developing your team and inspiring them to believe in the mission of the company. It’s about listening to opinions, concerns, and thoughts knowing that you don’t know everything or always have the best ideas. 

As the Women in Business Club and Women Thrive Media have grown, and my role expanded, I have been given the opportunity to lead a team. It has been a few years since I’ve been in a leadership position outside of my business and I started to realize that I needed a refresher on leadership best practices.

That is when I came across the platform LevelUp Leader.

LevelUp Leader is an online leadership skill-building platform that provides users with summarized content, action videos, downloads, and more. As I’ve been using the platform, I discovered four main reasons why those looking to “Level Up” their leadership skills should have access to LevelUp Leader.

1) Time Saver for Busy Leaders

If you’re in a leadership position, you know your time is the most precious commodity you have. With LevelUp Leader, they understand this. The modules are condensed into easy-to-digest content that any busy leader can read or watch.

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One of the best things about LevelUp Leader is that they take leadership books from experts and summarize them for you. So instead of having to spend time reading the full book, they have done it for you; leaving you with the key takeaways, highlights, and best practices. This eliminates the dread of having to read a book if that isn’t something you’re interested in, or have little time! 

 2) Enhance Your Leadership Skills

LevelUp Leader currently has 54 modules with a wide range of topics and skill-developing content. From Leadership Essentials, Presentations, Coaching & Mentoring, to Working Remotely, Ethical Behavior, and Emotional Intelligence the modules they have are sure to be useful for anyone in a leadership position. 

Not only this, but they regularly update with new modules and work with leaders, experts, authors, and entrepreneurs to bring the best practices and information to their users. What I enjoy about the LevelUp Leader experts is that they are as diverse as the concepts.

They have military leaders, TEDx speakers, coaches, and more that you can hear from directly. It brings in a wave of knowledge, experiences, and lessons you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

As I’ve been going through the modules, I’ve already found useful and actionable skills that I will take into my next team training, as well as learning new concepts like Managing Change, Fostering Innovation, and Effective Meetings. 

No matter how many years of leadership you have under your belt taking the time to develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and learn new concepts makes you an even better leader. You acknowledge that you too have areas of personal growth development; inspiring your team to do the same.

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3) Learn at Your Own Pace

Nowadays, we live in such a digital world that it is almost expected that online learning should be something you do at your own pace. LevelUp Leader understands that everyone’s schedule is different and the amount of time available is going to range from leader to leader. 

With their modules, you are able to jump around and learn the concepts you want to learn first. You are able to prioritize the lessons meaning if something happens during your day where you think, “I could use a Corporate Culture refresher” all you need to do is jump into LevelUp Leader, go to that module, and listen, read, write, or download the lessons you need.

4) Perfect for Solopreneur, Small Business, & Corporate Teams

No matter what role you have, in some way, you are a leader. In some way, you are training to be a leader in your field, an expert in your industry, etc. Even if you are an entry-level team member you will have opportunities to show up as a leader whether it’s through time management skills, being a leader for your peers, or inspiring and encouraging others; everyone has the ability to lead. 

LevelUp Leader is a wonderful tool for any business owner, corporate team, or small business to have because it is an opportunity for you to develop your people from within. Instead of hiring out leaders, you can hire within knowing that they are trained and have skills in leadership.

No longer do you need to promote the longest-standing employee, but rather the person that shows leadership qualities and a willingness to learn, listen, and adapt. 

It’s important to realize that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach and different situations may require different leadership styles. But with LevelUp Leader, you have the tools and resources to develop your leadership style, enhance your skills, and become the leader you’ve known you could become.

With you at the helm, you’ll contribute to the success of individuals, teams, and organizations.

LevelUp Leader
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J. Rachel West
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J. Rachel West

Marketing Executive | Women Thrive Media

Rachel West is a marketing & branding devotee who loves empowering women in business. She is a “she-boss” running her own marketing agency, JRW Consulting LLC. When she's not at her desk you can find her traveling the world.


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