Launch Month 1

How to start a business in 2020? 

Are you preparing to launch your business, your next product or a service? Wondering how to start a business in 2020? This month we featuring 4 incredible start a business workshops to help you create a truly successful launch campaign, that will drive traffic and sales beyond all your expectations. If you would like to access off of our workshops and corresponding workbooks, why not become a full club member today? For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a member of our growing international community.

Start a business plus how to have a successful launch… 

We know that preparing for a launch can be a daunting and scary experience. It takes a lot of courage to start a business and finally launch something you have been working on for months. You probably can’t wait for people to get their hands on your brand new product or service. But wait! Have you prepared everything you need for a big launch?

When you start a business, you only have one chance to impress your audience with a launch and make it the most exciting and profitable event.

In these video series our chosen experts will help you create a launch that can generate you income that could be worth your whole year worth of sales. If done right, this can not only launch you as an authority in your field, but also create raving fans, and earn your income, as a result of a successful launch.

What to find out more? Scroll down to see our individual expert led masterclass recordings on how to start a business. 


Our Featured Experts

Launch Month 3

What is a launch event and why do you need one?

When you start a business, the best way is to host a launch event. Many people talk about launching a product or service, but often fail to prepare for this exciting event. Launch is probably one of the most important events in the cycle of your business, and if done correctly it can reap huge rewards.

In this session, we will talk about different types of launches, why launch event is so important, and how to do it right the first time around, because you only have one chance at leaving a lasting impression.

This workshop is hosted by Raimonda Jan, founder of Women in Business Club, successful entrepreneur and mentor. She has a decade of first-hand experience in launching businesses. Raimonda has mentored many early stage start-ups at successfully launching their crowdfunding campaigns and reaching their goals within the first few days and weeks of launching their business.


How to have a Massive Launch from a Tiny List

Most people believe that to have a massive launch, you need to have an email list of tens of thousands of people, be a social media celebrity and have Zuckerberg’s personal FB ads strategist on speed dial.

Well, I’m living proof that multi 5 figure launches from online newbies ARE possible even if you’re not a guru or have a tiny list at the time you start a business. And I didn’t even have a product created. My last launch generated nearly $30k in sales from a $1k FB ads spend and a list of less than 500 (no… I haven’t missed off a zero)!

The key? Use the type of launch strategy that’s perfect for where YOU are, right now, in your business and offer a product or service that you are UNIQUELY POSITIONED to offer.

This is exactly what I will be covering in this exclusive workshop where I will be sharing my Purpose + Profit Launch Blueprint that has been responsible for my biggest launches to date.

This workshop is delivered by Business Launch Strategist and Take Action Mentor Ese Eniwumide

Ese is a multi-award winning business owner of the baby product business, founder of the ‘A Purposeful Woman’ movement and the creator of The Purpose + Profit Academy. Having started both her businesses on maternity leave, Ese’s superpower is helping women END THE EXCUSES and take CONSISTENT IMPERFECT ACTION to go from aspiring or struggling entrepreneur, to full-blown purposeful business owner.

Launch Month 4
Launch Month 5

Launching the Online Coaching Business Dream

The truth of what it takes to create a profitable coaching business.

How to launch a coaching business and create £5,000 months within 3 months. In this workshop, Denise will talk you through how she created her online coaching business and sold courses to over 350 people in 2017 with NO paid ads. She will walk you through her story including how a £21 course set her up for success which has led her to a 6 figures income in 2018.

Denise Mortimer is one of the first Master Positive Psychologists in the UK. She is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Originally from New York, she has lived in the UK since 1985.

Denise has an innate ability to make everyone around her feel full of life and ready to celebrate. Denise believes it is criminal to not live joyfully and purpose. When she is at her best, she shines and she wants everyone to shine too.

Denise is a business coach for women who are ready to step up and create the online business of their dreams. Denise helps take their coaching dream and make it into a profitable business.

She was also recently featured in Forbes and am Emerging Female Entrepreneur to Watch in 2018.

Launching Your Network Marketing Business

So you’ve just signed up with a new network marketing business and you’re SUPER excited about all the money you’re gonna make and all the people you’re going to invite into your business.

But now you have no clue HOW to get started. Do you jump on a live? Do you write a list of people to contact and reach out to them?

If you’re curious as to HOW you can get your business started on the right foot – then this training is JUST for you! Join me on learning the tips and tricks to a SUCCESSFUL launch in your business so you can start seeing MONEY come in SOONER rather than later!

This workshop is delivered by Lexie Wilson, a Motivational Speaker based outside of Chicago, IL.

After working as a Marriage & Family Therapist, she quickly realized that she wanted to become an entrepreneur and she wanted to create a community of women who could work together.

Network Marketing became her passion once she realized that it would allow her to mentor women on how to make money and create financial freedom in their life. She enjoys reading, doing regular live videos on her Facebook, and spending large amounts of money at Disney World.


Launch Month 6
Launch Month 7

Wondering where to start with social media?

Join our Women in Business Club today and access all of the above training videos, workbooks and a wealth of training and tools to help you get more visibility online, attract your ideal clients and make sales online. Our Member’s Club vault has over 60 hours of invaulable training, e-books and other superb resources to help you grow your business!

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