I have been a huge fan of vision boards and it is something I do every December as a way to help me visualise my goals. I know most of us set goals at the start of each year and think about what we want to achieve for the year ahead. 

But doing it visually helps you see those goals with a real vision. It helps you feel into the feeling of already attaining those goals. It is like creating a visual picture of the future success that you wish to attain. 

Why creating a vision board is important to achieving your goals?

I think vision board is important to have because it helps us keep on track with our goals. I personally love to take 5-10 minutes every day whilst I am taking a break from work or having my morning tea, to sit there and visualise the goals I want to achieve. It gives me instant motivation to keep striving.

Even on the most miserable days in London, my vision board gives me purpose to wake up to in the morning. When the rain is pouring outside, and I look up above my computer and imagine myself walking along side a river surrounded by a cherry blossom in a beautiful Japan in spring. I always dream about travelling there, and often revisit this blog for more inspiration.

Or on the days when I think I want to throw in a towel and give up on my dreams, I see the faces of women and the lives I am yet to change. This gives me instant motivation to keep going. 

Are you ready to set new goals for the year ahead? 

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What goes onto a vision board? 

Here is where you can let your creativity shine, and there is no right or wrong way of doing a vision board. You can put pictures of destinations you want to visit, goals you wish to attain. Cut outs of magazine covers you want to be featured on. Financial goals you want to hit in your business. 

Maybe you want to pay off your credit cards or debt, buy a house or a new car. Maybe you want to find your soul mate or marry your partner. Add those visual representations of your goals on your vision board and imagine yourself already attaining these goals. 

Can vision boards really help you turn your dreams into reality? 

There is one thing for sure – when you see your goals on a daily basis and you feel into the energy of ‘I am attaining this goal no matter what’ your goals manifest into reality. 

Wether you believe in power of manifestation or have or have not read the book ‘The Secret” is it absolutely true that if you believe in the vision of something you want to attain, the universe helps you achieve it, it is called the ‘Law of Attraction’ – read more about it here

Many times we are afraid to ask the universe for our deepest desires, but as soon as you put it out there into the universe about the goal you want to achieve, it starts to conspire to help you achieve it. 

When you start to vibrate at the higher frequency and start to believe in your goals coming true, you suddenly presented with opportunities and people who are placed on your path to help you attain your goal. 

Are you clear on your goals? If not, check out our ‘Goal Setting Ideas for 2021‘. 

So go ahead, dream big and put your goals out into the universe. Not feeling too inspired to dream big yet? Go ahead and read ‘Self Love Will Help You Achieve Your Goals‘ blog post. 

Becoming intentional about your goals

I believe that putting something onto your vision board that you are going to look at for the rest of the year ahead, makes you set your goals with more intention. 

When you are spending time to design something you will love, choosing your images, creating a collage of pictures and arranging your plans into a vision representation of your future on a vision board. 

It also helps you become more reflective and think about your true calling and higher purpose. To learn more about ‘How to Align to Your Higher Purpose‘ make sure you read out related blog. 

    How to make a vision board? 

    Now call me ‘old-school’ but I love physical cork boards that I can hang up on my wall in the office and you will see one hanging up in most of my videos that I record for the Women in Business Club. 

    But it is not the only way to create a vision board. You may choose to use Canva to create a beautiful collage and hang it up in your office. Others may choose Pinterest board to create a selection of beautiful pictures. 

    Or perhaps you want to design your vision board and make it a screensaver on your computer or phone, so you can see it every day. 

    Which ever is your preferred way in creating your vision board, make it your own, in a way that suits you. But before you start designing your vision board, we highly recommend that you read ‘Goal Setting Ideas for 2021‘ blog where we talk about creating the perfect work/life balance using the Wheel of Life. 

    Manifesting goals into reality 

    Last but not least, it is time to manifest your goals into reality. I believe that everything is energy, and in order for anything to come into reality we need to create a vibration for that thing to come to life.

    So remember to focus on your goal, imagine it already attained, pray on it, take action on it and see it manifest into reality. 

    Here is our Blog post on ‘7 Keys to Manifesting Your Desires‘ with a FREE gift inside. 

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    Raimonda Jankunaite
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    Raimonda Jankunaite

    Entrepreneur, Mentor & Founder at Women in Business Club

    Raimonda is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Speaker and Business Funding Expert. She is the founder of the Women In Business international community and events.

    Raimonda launched her 1st business at the age of 21 and has since pursued her entrepreneurial passion, by starting and launching more businesses as well as supporting others to do the same.

    Over the last 10 years in business, Raimonda has learned the power of mentorship and encouragement, therefore is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and make a positive impact on this world.

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