How To Learn To Love Sales

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How to learn to love sales?

I totally get it…you want to be successful and confidently show up; have a waiting list of your dream clients, be so comfortable with sales it comes easily and naturally to you so how to learn to love sales?

You’re so ready to be fully booked out, financially abundant, with a lifestyle that reflects that.

Trouble is…you’re feeling unsure how to close a sales conversation, full of doubt and questioning what you are doing wrong, wondering where you’ll find your next client who will actually pay you

Sound familiar? So how to learn to love sales?

Read on …

I’ve been running my own businesses for over 24 years and online since 2010, It was when I was running my online businesses I recognised there were lots of things about selling that made me feel uncomfortable and awkward, I’m not joking when I tell you I have literally tried all of the tricks, including the dreaded cold calling, and cold emailing..

There were many, many times I thought about paying someone to do my sales for me because I just couldn’t bear it! Even I wondered how to learn to love sales. How to close those clients?

So I decided there must be an easier way to sell than what I had been doing and had experienced. I read more about how to learn to love sales and I dedicated my time to studying the sales process in search for the best most authentic way that I could love selling. Interestingly the more I studied, the more I realised the psychology and the magnetic energy of selling absolutely fascinated me.

Now I love helping others to realise how to learn to love sales and how it can feel natural and easy, and that all happens when you believe in yourself; are clear who you are selling to, feel aligned with your pricing and offers. Only then you can build the confidence within you and show up as the best version of you.

So today I’d love to share the three main areas to focus on how to learn to love sales.

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Want To Learn How To Fall in Love With Selling?


Building an awareness of your thoughts and feelings that you have about selling and any negative sentences you may have about money, this is something you really need to address first.

When you are selling your services, there really is an energy that surrounds it, think of when you make buying decisions, you’re excited to buy…. it makes you feel good, that’s the exact energy we want to bring to our clients when they are going to make a purchase from us.

If for some reason we are carrying negative thoughts around any of these areas, they will hinder our ability to feel comfortable about charging for our services, and will, therefore, affect the energy around making a sale.

Also, bear in mind that some of these thoughts we’ve had for so long we don’t even know we have them because they are so ingrained in our way of thinking.

So it’s time to raise your awareness, when you feel negative thoughts come up, for example, you could think – “Money is hard to come by” it’s time to reframe that thought immediately into a positive sentence which could be “Money comes to me easily”

How to learn to love sales?


Next step is to feel really comfortable with your niche/speciality, you need to feel 100% aligned with your offering, who its for and how you help them.

If you don’t have this in place you will never really have a good feeling about your pricing. Your pricing needs to feel amazing to you, basically because you have to feel comfortable saying your pricing to anyone who asks! I know pricing can be a really tricky one for lots of people and can so often hold many people back from making important steps forward for their business, and can result in undercharging leading to feelings of resentment. 

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How to learn to love sales?


Now we have covered those areas we are ready to show up as our best version of us and confidently attain new clients, whether this is by creating conversations with previous clients and enquiry’s we’ve received, but also confidently and consistently showing up over social media and marketing channels.

You need to be frequently using call to actions over your social media posts, these actions will soon lead to you having more frequent sales conversations and increased profits for your business.

I see this over and over, that business owners are missing the reason why they are NOT seeing the growth in their business, not realising there is a missing link, unfortunately, this goes on to stall the confidence to sell their services.

Ultimately your confidence will sell your programmes or services, now it’s time to show up as that best version of you.


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Sarah Humphreys

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I’m Sarah Humphreys, as a certified business and confidence coach for female coaches, I provide 1:1 coaching and group coaching programmes for coaches who want to go from being full of doubt to fully booked out, so you can easily sell your coaching services with confidence without ever feeling sleazy or pushy.  

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