Everyone is talking about the brand new invite-only drop-in audio social media Clubhouse App and it is definitely worth attention. The brand new social media app has become a big hit with celebrities, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. 

So why should you be jumping on the bandwagon in 2021 to build your authority using Clubhouse App? 

As with all  social media platforms that start out, as an early adopter you have a massive advantage to build a following early, so when everyone else joins you will be ahead of the game. 

Clubhouse App is an audio only platform that means you don’t have to produce or create content, instead you can join conversations that are of interest to you. Much like podcasting but instead, the content you listen to does not live forever. So if you miss it, you miss it. This means conversations are real-time.

As an expert in visibility and authority building, I think this is an app every entrepreneur should be using right now, to raise your profile, connect with new people, join conversations and discover other people doing incredible things.

Especially as the pandemic is now slowing down and we are spending more time working from home, it can feel lonely and isolating to be working alone. With Clubhouse app it makes it easy to connect with new people, listen and join conversations. No wonder this app has been a huge hit.

How to join Clubhouse App?  

At the moment Clubhouse App is an invite-only platform that means you have to be invited by an existing user and every user only has 1 invite. Clubhouse is currently in beta test, so no doubt in the future the app will be open for all, but for now getting access to the platform feels exclusive. Check out their website to learn more

I know lots of people do not have an invite yet as the app is still in Beta but many people wanting to join the app.

When I joined the Clubhouse App, I simply dowloaded it on my phone and used a phone number to register. I did think I may have to wait a while to get signed up but to my surprise, one of my already existing phone contacts sent me an invite to join the app. 

This could mean that if your existing contacts already using the app may receive a notification that you are wanting to join the app and they have the option to invite you. 

I would suggest to have some of your contacts who use the app in your phone book and them to have you in theirs in order to receive a notification. 

Additionally you may want to reach out to your social media followers and ask if anyone does have a spare invite who may be willing to share with you. Note that every user only has ONE invite so once it is used up, they or you can not send another one. 

How to use your Clubhouse App invite?

When you join Clubhouse App you only have 1 invite, but whoever you invite, your name will show up on their profile of who invited them. This is awesome as your name could be visible on someone else’s profile. 

The best way to join the app is to download it on your mobile, connect your telephone number and see if you have any friends who are already using the app. When you join, your existing friends may see your request to join and share their invite with you. So instead of waiting for someone to invite you, take initiative to join and someone may invite you to join. 

If your contacts are already using the app, they may be able to endorse your joining Clubhouse App and you can get access to it instead of waiting. 

How to build authority using Clubhouse App?

If you are an early adopter of Clubhouse App, you should definitely join conversations regularly as a listener, and if you have expertise in that topic, Raise Your Hand to contribute something to the conversation. Moderators may invite you to join conversation and you will be able to share your expertise with the listeners or ask questions. 

Always be mindful and listen in for a little while before asking question to get to know the room and what is appropriate. When asking questions, make an introduction and remember there are people in the room who may be listening who may be perfect collaboration partners or customers. 

It is important to note that you want to fill out your profile bio with some important information, so when you are contributing to conversations others can discover what you do and the topics you talk about. Connect your social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram) and use fun emojis to add some fun factor to your profile. When you join conversations regularly you will slowly start to gain new followers and get traction. 

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If the rooms you are wanting to contribute are too busy and you do not get the chance to share, you can also create your own Clubhouse room where you can be the host of the conversations and invite others to join.

How to create your own room in Clubhouse app? 

Creating your own room on Clubhouse is easy – all you have to do is ‘Create a Room’ open to the public and naming the room using your expert topic and inviting others to join. If your following is still small, it is ok, and mainly your followers may join your rooms.

However, as more people join your conversations your room will be discovered by new audience quickly. So the more conversations you host the quicker you can grow your following and grow your authority.

Generally the hosts asks room guests to invite others into the room so more people can discover the conversations or ask to follow the moderators / hosts and connect on social media.

There is no chat box or option to send messages, therefore connecting on social media is the only way to continue conversation. 

Most rooms usually run for longer than an hour and you can make other guests contributor or moderators of the room so they also have the power to add others into the conversation. So far, the app feels relatively safe and you are able to remove people if they are not behaving appropriately, but it rarely happens. 

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Why Clubhouse feels very social?

Unlike most social media platforms you do not have the pressure of creating forever content and you can drop in or out of the platform at times that suit you. This reduced the pressure of having to show up on video or pictures, show up perfectly or write content that sometime may feel challenging. This means all you need is your audio, your own ideas and willingness to express yourself. 

Also, when you create your own rooms you may have friends from different backgrounds joining your room and making new connections, exploring conversations and diverse subjects that previously may not have been possible. It makes conversations more spontaneous and less scripted. 

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Clubhouse currently has some of the most epic and influential people on there, from business owners, investors, speakers, podcast hosts, celebrities and thought leaders. No wonder everyone is keen to jump on and discover the app. This means you have the opportunity to make truly valuable connections and discover people from all walks of life. 

The best way to connect with people on Clubhouse is join popular conversations, ask questions, add value and follow up with people on other social media platforms outside Clubhouse app. 

How to get more followers on Clubhouse?

Just like with most social media platforms in order to gain more followers you need to be social, that means connecting your connections to the Clubhouse app. Following your friends and people who you find interesting on the app. Once you start following people they may follow you back and help you grow your following on Clubhouse. 

Another way is to spread the word on your other social media platforms to invite people to follow and join your conversations. Search various groups on Facebook who are already using Clubhouse and looking to grow together. There are several Clubhouse Facebook Groups that you can join and connect with other users of the app. 

It is a great opportunity to connect with a new audience, make friends, join fun conversations and grow your own authority by being part of rooms that are aligned with your expertise. 

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How to write a Winning Bio on Clubhouse?

The first three lines are the most important words in your Clubhouse bio. The preview screen shows only your photo, how many followers you have, how many people you’re following, and those three lines. There’s no word or character count limit on your profile, but if your bio is too long, when you try to save it you’ll get a message in red that asks you to try to write a shorter bio. 

Here are some other tips, as Social Media Examiner suggests for building out your Clubhouse profile:

  • Clubhouse is a networking and real-time conversation app so make sure your profile defines the value you bring to the conversation.
  • The only clickable links on your profile are your Twitter and Instagram profile links but you can post other links in the bio. If you do post more links in your bio, make sure they’re easy to remember because others won’t be able to copy and paste those links.
  • List topics you’re interested in discussing to let people know what types of conversations you want to be invited to.
  • Use keywords strategically to help people find you if they use the search function but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Write and edit your bio in an outside app to break up long paragraphs.

Many Clubhouse users opt to write and format their bios in an outside app such as notepad, and then copy and paste the completed bio into their profile. While your bio still won’t have any clickable links, you can add some basic formatting, and emojis this way.

Are you on Clubhouse? Follow me at @RaimondaJan and join our upcoming conversations.

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Raimonda Jankunaite

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Founder at Women in Business Club

Raimonda is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Speaker and Business Funding Expert. She is the founder of the Women In Business international community and events.

Raimonda launched her 1st business at the age of 21 and has since pursued her entrepreneurial passion, by starting and launching more businesses as well as supporting others to do the same.

Over the last 10 years in business, Raimonda has learned the power of mentorship and encouragement, therefore is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and make a positive impact on this world.

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