Expert Visibility Bundle 1

Women in Business Workshops

This is Your Time to Shine!

Would you like to be featured across our social media and various platforms as the ‘go-to expert” or the ‘go-to brand’? Our women in business workshops are the perfect place to be. Imagine being featured on our blog, podcast and various other channels to help you launch your business or service? What if with one swoop you could reach thousands of ready warm audience? 

How much would that be worth to you and your business?  

Women in Business Workshops

You are probably at the stage of your business where you are ready to shine and reach a much wider audience. Our women in business workshops allow experts to take the centre stage. You have a powerful brand message to share and looking for a huge platform that will align with your values and ethos.  

You are probably looking for a well developed platform of like-minded women who are engaged and ready to learn what you have to say? But perhaps your own social media channels has nothing but crickets there and perhaps you are running out of patience of trying to figure out the ever changing algorithms?

Maybe you just need one women in business workshops platform where you know you can reach thousands of women with one swoop? 

If this is you – we have something special for you… 

You see – we have done the hard work of building a thriving community, engaged audience, social media following and email list. We have run multiple events, promotions, challenges and have developed a unique trusting relationship with our audience…  All who are looking to up-level their business with women in business workshops, their mindset and find the right brand, coach, mentor, or expert that they can go to! And that expert or the brand may be YOU! 

We are opening this unique opportunity for you to take advantage of our incredible GLOBAL PLATFORM of WOMEN – Women in Business Workshops. 

 We are offering a limited amount of women the opportunity to be featured across our channels of communication at our women in business workshops. 

You see – we get 100’s of messages from women who would like to pitch their services, businesses and get featured on our platform… However, we have a process of selection and limited amount of opportunities to do so… Also, it takes us heaps of time to produce this content…

So we found a way where we can offer this  women in business workshops platform to you at a fraction of the cost of marketing and exposure that would cost you to build your own audience or pay for marketing and advertising to reach such audience. Not to mention building trust, visibility and nurture your potential audience ready to buy… With our Women in Business Workshops platform you can get that all in one package that is affordable and accessible to any woman looking to leverage their expertise. 

Want to find out how? Read on….  


Are you the ‘Go-to Expert’ in your industry – looking to reach a whole new audience? Time to let the world know!! 

It is known that an expert is the person who is talked about by others, featured on all the right platforms and able to deliver insane amount of value sharing their knowledge and expertise. Good PR is something money cannot buy – but today – YOU CAN JOIN OUR WOMEN IN BUSINESS WORKSHOPS! 

Expert Visibility Bundle 2

The Expert Visibility Bundle

What’s Included in This Visibility Bundle?

  • Feature on our Blog post with links back to your website and Social Media pages (worth $900)
  • Feature on our Inspiring Women Stories Podcast (worth $450)
  • A Feature on our Instagram Stories x 3 with nearly 140k followers (worth $350)
  •  Post on our Pinterest Account with other 650k Monthly views (worth $290)
  • Post on our Facebook page / Group total of 10k followers and group members (worth $400)

  • BONUS 1 – 10 Minutes IG LIVE with our club Founder Raimonda Jan!!!! (invaluable)
  • BONUS 2 – Inclusion in our weekly email mail out to over 5,000 warm emails subscribers (worth $500)



All of this is worth thousands of $$$$ put together!!

But this month only you get access to this Expert Visibility Bundle at only £397 one time fee!!!

This could potentially be thousands of women coming into your world, hearing your unique voice, buying your products. 

This could be the opportunity you have been hoping for for months if not years.

Opportunities like this DO NOT come around very often – and we will only be accepting VERY LIMITED amount of women to get this EXPERT FEATURE before the prices goes up to $997 or this offer goes away forever. 

This is your time to shine!!! 

What do you need to know?

This opportunity isn’t for everyone… What do you need to qualify for this Expert Visibility Bundle? 

You need to be already established expert in your line or work, business, coaching or expertise. You must be credible person and have genuine product or service to offer that delivers value. You must provide at least one viable reference of previous client you have worked with before. 

We have the full right to decline your application if we feel you are not suitable candidate for our platform or your expertise does not suit the needs of our audience. 

Your content will need to be in line with our branding, values and ethos. We will only feature experts we truly believe are able to deliver value to our audience. 

We can not guarantee exact results as every campaign is different and our audience may have different level of interest in different topics, experts and offers. 

 We will do our best to promote your personal or business brand to our audience and do it in a unique and authentic way that does not come across as promo. However, you can expert to have great exposure across various channels, reach new audience, grow your following and attract new subscribers to your email list. 

You may want to promote your new book launch, service offering, launch or use this opportunity for authority building and exposure. 

We will never give access to our email list – due to GDPR – so please do not ask for this. However, you may want to include links to your landing page or sales page. 


Expert Visibility Bundle 5

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of success?


Go ahead and submit your application to us and our team will be in touch within 5-7 days. Once accepted and all information has been submitted you can expect for your content to be scheduled to be posted within 14 days window. We will require – Blog post article, relevant links, professional images and possibly additional text, bio etc.

Expert Visibility Bundle 2

Member’s Club

Women in Business Member’s Club is designed for women like you – thriving, ambitious go-getter who is looking to learn and grow in business and professional career. With over 70 hours of video training, e-books and bonus content – you are guaranteed to find something of interest. Over the last 2 years, we’ve hosted over 75 experts and speakers through our community and events and continue to expand our Member’s Vault every week.

You can expect to find resources and video content around visibility, marketing, confidence building, mindset, goal setting and launching your business. Practical guides on lead generation, building your landing pages, figuring out the tech and email systems.

Lists of tools and resources to help you systemize your business and help make run things more efficiently, so you can step away from working in your business, and become a true business owner who has freedom and time to live life and enjoy things you most love doing.

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