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Is your business looking for more exposure, awareness and real life connection? Did you know that events are one of the best ways to promote yourself and your business. We at Women in Business Club started from hosting events, to now running an international community, all thanks to events. See below to find out more about our upcoming featured workshops. 




April 2019

This month we are focusing on events, exposure, sponsorships and collaborations. So wether you are looking to host your own event, be featured as a speaker or a sponsor, this is the perfect place to start. 

We will be also covering sponsorships and collaborations in much detail, so you can learn and get new ideas from the pro’s who have been there and done that. 


See below, just what we have lined up for you! 


This Month’s Featured Experts

How to get exposure through events & public speaking 

Have you always wanted to be the recognised authority in your field and featured as a headline speaker at the headliner events?  Are you dreaming about taking a center stage at notable events?

Did you know that events are one of the best and fastest ways to more visibility, authority, and success. 

Women in Business community started by hosting events and placing speakers on stage who enjoy an incredible amount of visibility and recognition as an authority. If you looking to become an authority in your field, start looking at events as your next phase of visibility. 

This masterclass is led by Raimonda Jankunaite,  founder of Women in Business Club, a successful entrepreneur and a business mentor. She has a decade of first-hand experience in growing and scaling businesses.

In her career, Raimonda has started a number of successful businesses and has helped many others achieve success. Over the last few years, Raimonda has become an international speaker, advocate and influencer for Women in Business and Women in Tech. Raimonda’s ethos is to empower women and create more world-class women leaders.


How to collaborate and travel the world with events

This is a unique interview with two sisters, who founded Millenial Women podcast and events, traveling the USA and the world with their unique podcast concept, creating local collaborations and making a huge impact for millennial women. Want to find out how they make it possible? Join this unmissable interview with both Melissa and Stephanie.

Melissa and Stephanie Carcache, two sisters, born and raised in the multicultural city of Miami, FL, USA. Growing up in the entertainment industry, the Carcache sisters often felt a lack of resources and representation for them as women of the millennial generation.

Realizing the scarcity for content that spoke to their generation, these sisters decided to build a multimedia company that curates inspirational and resourceful tools for millennials.

Through their traveling podcast, Millenial Women Talk, the sisters sit down with the leading thought leaders, contributors, and mentors around the world. They discuss topics that focus on who we are rather than what we do such as mind, body, and soul. In each city, local millennial women are invited to be a part of an episode in a live podcast recording + meet up event.

Through their podcast, social community and events, Millennial Women has become a hub for sharing perspectives, igniting open + educational conversations, as well as showcasing that fundamentally we are all so much more alike than we are different.

How to land your first event sponsor 

Sponsorship can be an intimidating process! In this workshop, Alecia will show you how to create your own sponsorship process that has resulted in over $3.5 million in Event Sponsorship funding for her clients. Learn all about our 6 step Sponsorship Blueprint Formula, and how you can take action today to land your first sponsor for your event!

This workshop delivered by Alecia May, a transformational event strategist with over 14 years of experience in the event planning industry. She started her company, Eventistry by Alecia, when she realized the need for an expert event planner who could work remotely with clients but still handle almost every aspect of the planning process and put together exceptional live events.

Over the years, she has planned thousands of intimate retreats, corporate seminars, and massive weekend conferences, allowing her to hone her skills and equipping her with the knowledge and expertise to flawlessly design and execute complex events. Alecia takes her services further by implementing her marketing and branding expertise to create tailored strategies and coaching that target the right audience, increase event and brand awareness, sell sponsorships, and sell out your events!


How to create epic collaborations to grow your business

Did you know that it is possible to spend $0 and create an epic launch for your business? This is what Kat Gaskin did in 2018 and sold all of her content planners with 0 ad spend. How? POWER OF COLLABORATIONS! 

Join our upcoming masterclass to learn: 

– How to find your ideal collaboration partners 

– The Typical Process of a Collaboration

– What is your ‘Hitlist’? And why you need one.

– Finding people and brands to Collaborate With Using Keywords

– How to Ace Your Initial Pitch and Always Receive a Reply

– Cross-promotion + Collaboration Ideas

– Planning + Scheduling your Collaborations

Featuring guest expert Kat Gaskin

Kat is a graphic designer turned content creator turned e-commerce solopreneur. She’s successfully founded and launched The Content Planner, an incredible social media planner that is used by thousands of entrepreneurs. She is an online content creator and influencer with her breathtaking photography skills and her love for pineapples and all tropical vibes. 

Kat generated a 5-figure launch in one week with one product and $0 spend on advertising all thanks to collaborations. In this masterclass, Kat will be sharing her insider secrets of how to foster real collaborations and make them work for your business, so you can save your ad-spend and focus more on growth. 

Are you looking for your next content planner? 


Check out The Content Planner by our expert Kat Gaskin. 

Each useful feature of The Content Planner is there to grow your online business day by day, month by month, year by year.

With hard work, consistency and a set plan, your success is always guaranteed.

Using The Content Planner will help you master your brand through exceptional organization and precise event planning. 

The simple act of writing things down is the most effective way to achieve your goals. 

Comes with added stickers and national days calendar. 



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Collaborations and Events

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the founders of the We are Millenial Women podcast Melissa and Stephanie Carcache. Melissa an actress and Stephanie a singer/songwriter founded the podcast as they often there was a lack of resources and representation for...


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