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Looking to sponsor a WIB event?

Welcome To  Women In Business Community

We started our Women in Business events in London, May 2017 and have since grown our community to thousands of women and a social following of over 135,000.  

To date, we have hosted 7 incredible luxury events, 1 international business retreat and 1 international summit for female entrepreneurs bringing together thousands of women from across the globe. Our events attract women with ambition be they business founders, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, coaches, and international speakers and authors.

 In 2020 we are taking our events international due to high demand from our community and following and we invite you to partner and collaborate with us! We would love for you to help us create a truly spectacular experience and events for our guests.

Meet Our Community

We believe that every woman is capable of achieving success – but you can’t do it alone.
That is why Women in Business Club exists. It is here to support you on the journey to business and personal success. 
Our community members are encouraging, supportive, open to collaborations. 
Whether you are running a multi-million dollar business or just starting out in business, the connections you can make within this community will be an invaluable support network for you and your business. 
Truly a global community of women who all share the same values and passion for business and success.

These women are strong, independent. open minded, supportive, encouraging and transformational across or global communities. These women are leaders, go-getters, achievers and sure as hell bread winners. 

They are entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, experts, small business owners, influencers and women from all walks of career paths and expereinces. 

Upcoming Events

Our core audience are primarily in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia. Leading cities include London, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Sydney and Toronto, all of which we intend to include on our international events tour for 2020/2021.

Sponsorship Criteria

We go above and beyond to choose partners that align with our values, understand the reason why Women in Business Community exists and want to work with us to create the best possible experiences for our members.

When we organise events and often collaborate with brands, product makers, creators, skin care brands, service providers, caterers, local businesses and corporate organisation. 

The power of collaboration and working with the right partners to create our incredible events and experiences.

We look for creativity, commitment, vision and the right values when working with collaborators, event partners, sponsors and service providers. 

We want to re-imagine the future for women, and at Women in Business, we invite like-minded brands to participate and join us on this epic journey!  


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Women in Business Community and International Events are on a look out for special collaboration partners and sponsors to help us create unforgettable experiences for our guests, speakers, and community members. 

With a bit of magic, we can make unforgettable things happen! 

Will you join us on this mission to empower more women starting in business?

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 The various sponsors / event partners we are currently looking for:

– Local food and beverage (coffee shops, bakers, food and drink suppliers / brands)

– Personal stylists / photographers who may have some social clout to offer mini consultations / photo shoot teasers

– Décor – balloon, flower, photo backdrop, photo booth instillations to add to the event experience

– Goodie bag sponsors – product makers, candles, crystals, self care, bath bombs, skin and hair care products

– Corporate and enterprise sponsors for exposure, goodie bag inserts, product or brand activation

– Semi influencers – to help promote the event – we are offering % income or perks to be involved

What’s in it for you?

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Why choose to sponsors Women in Business event? We glad you asked, we would love to answer this question for you:

– You gain international exposure via our network, community, members and promotional media coverage and social media 

– Showcase and promote your products through events and gifts

–  You get to share your story with a captive audience of women 

– Get your products featured on our promotional photos and social media posts reaching thousands of women 

– Ability to be featured in our Luxury goodie bag and help create experience room for our guests and speakers lounge for our experts and speakers

– Promote your brand through in-event activation, logo features, live and virtual mentions, in-event stands and other promotional activities  

– Pre and post event promotion, pictures and social media shout outs 


Are you ready to get involved?

Go ahead and put your interest forward to work with us. Our community is waiting for business like yours to come and showcase what you have to offer. Get in touch with our friendly team who will be able to book a virtual coffee with our community founder, Raimonda.   

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