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Essential Technologies That New Businesses Need

Your new business is about to get serious competition in the next few years. A Leap by McKinsey survey revealed that 55% of business leaders plan to launch new businesses, with one-fifth of these leaders making it their top priority. Unfortunately, building a new business is a difficult challenge for everyone, which is why only less than one in five startups are able to scale successfully.

While the chances are slim in the world of business, you can get ahead and help your startup succeed by knowing all the right tips and tricks. One of these important strategies includes investing in essential technologies, such as the following:

Accounting Software

You may think that the good old Excel spreadsheets and manual record books are still suitable for your new business.

About three million SMEs in the UK are doing the same strategy with their accounting process, affecting their work schedule, business knowledge, and ability to keep up with regulations.

So if you want to optimize your business, you need to invest in cloud-based accounting solutions that can manage your new business’s expenses, monitor its cash flow, and report financial activities during a period. These accounting solutions make it easier to identify how to cut costs and increase your sales.

Card Payment Machine

Do you think that cash is still king? You’ll find it hard to make a sale, especially if you can only support one payment method.

Every customer counts for new businesses, which is why you need a card payment machine that can accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, China Union Pay, and more. You can also take card machines on the move, allowing you to accept payments in your shop, at a fair, or even during delivery.

By expanding your payment methods, you can avoid turning down customers who are interested in purchasing your products and services.

CRM Tools

Aside from offering more payment options, you can also impress your consumers using CRM tools that streamline the entire customer journey.

One-woman teams can leverage chatbots on social media platforms that can answer your customer’s inquiries even when you’re creating goods or running the shop. These chatbots make it easier for you to provide a speedy customer service experience on Facebook and other apps, thus increasing the satisfaction of your customers.

You can also invest in CRM software programs that schedule meetings, improve sales pipeline management, and oversee your consumers’ data in a few clicks.

Security Equipment

Burglars can target your business and your consumers. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for you to manage your shop and protect it at the same time.

For starters, small businesses need security cameras to monitor employee behavior, the customers’ foot traffic, and even the passers-by outside your shop. You can also increase your security by investing in keyless lock systems that prevent unauthorized personnel and customers from entering your shop or office without your intervention.

Alarm monitors also make a good addition to these security systems because they can release a strong sound whenever someone trespasses on your office.

Technologies can be a huge expense for your business, but they can deliver significant returns. By investing in these essential technologies, you can attract more consumers and improve the performance of your business.

Raimonda Jankunaite
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Raimonda Jankunaite

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Founder at Women in Business Club

Raimonda is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Speaker and Business Funding Expert. She is the founder of the Women In Business international community and events.

Raimonda launched her 1st business at the age of 21 and has since pursued her entrepreneurial passion, by starting and launching more businesses as well as supporting others to do the same.

Over the last 10 years in business, Raimonda has learned the power of mentorship and encouragement, therefore is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and make a positive impact on this world.

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