Creating email marketing campaigns can be a difficult challenge, especially when you are unsure of the structure of email campaigns let alone how to go about writing them. There are many different tips and tricks you can Google, and I found this article to be particularly helpful when creating a strategy on executing the campaign. 

In my opinion, the first and most important part of an email marketing campaign is to know who you are talking to and how to build a campaign based around their needs. For example, if I want to email people in my list who have purchased from me in the past, I’d want to create a campaign that re-targets them and tries to get them to make another purchase. There are so many different ways you can do this like; having an offer, offering a discount, free shipping on purchases, etc.

This blog is going to be a great tool for you to reference when you start building your email marketing campaign and nurturing your readers. This structure is simply to help you generate more ideas and to give you a starting point when writing your email marketing campaign.

Be creative and adjust this structure as you see fit. You know your audience, so make sure you speak to them. Don’t forget this will also help you develop relationships with your leads, so having a strong email marketing campaign in place will help you turn your leads into clients. 

Now it’s time to go over an email marketing structure template that I think will really help you achieve your desired outcomes with your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaign Structure

For many of the email marketing campaigns I have done for clients, it normally consists of three to five emails. This is simply how much it takes me to write the benefits and features of what I want the reader to do and how long I feel it takes to nurture the audience. 

For this blog, we will have an example that someone has just downloaded one of your lead magnets.

Email 1 – First Action

The first email is going to consist of the main action you’d like your reader to do. Since they downloaded your lead magnet this would be a great email to say thank you, and explain a few of the many benefits the reader will receive from downloading this lead magnet. Maybe you’d like to add testimonials from past clients, or a short video from you introducing yourself.

How to become a confident speaker
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Become a Confident Speaker!

We’ll be talking about some of the ways you can overcome the fear of public speaking in this workbook, but one of the main things you need to ask yourself is:

What kind of speaker are you?

Once you understand this about yourself, you will feel much more confident to take to the stage to express your message.

Hello there, 

My name is Rachel and I am so glad that you decided to download my workbook. I truly believe that with this workbook in your hands you’ll be able to transform your day to day sales to an explosive accomplishment. 

In this workbook, I wanted to provide you with concrete tools like how to build a sales strategy and how to price your offer. I find it important nowadays that we price our worth, but sometimes it can be difficult to price our worth when we are unsure of our awesomeness. I hope you find some answers to the questions you had here in this download. 

Not only are you going to find some of the answers you’ve been looking for, but you’ll have a workbook to take with you as you grow and evolve your business. I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing with this workbook! 

I’m so excited for you and the fact that you’re taking this first step towards building and maintaining your sales strategy. 

Rachel xx

P.S. Be on the lookout for my next email! I’m giving you a special treat that you won’t want to miss. 

Email 2 – Check in & Offer a Freebie

Your next email in your email marketing campaign is a great time to check back in with your reader as well as offer them a freebie. Having these emails are the start to nurturing and developing a relationship between your business and your lead.

Remember that a freebie can be anything from a Youtube video, podcast, free product/service, blog, etc. You want this freebie to provide some kind of value while also getting your reader to take more action with your business. 

Remember, the more they interact with your brand, the more likely they are to complete the desired outcome you want.


Hi again,  

I wanted to quickly check in with you and see how you’re doing with your workbook. Has it brought up any unexpecting challenges or helped you brainstorm during a difficult spot? I’d love to hear from you on how you’re getting along, so feel free to hit that reply button and let me know! 

I know what it’s like having to build a sales strategy all by yourself. It’s frustrating, especially when you don’t necessarily have a background in business or sales. I personally hated having to price and re-price my services because I was unsure of what my worth was, let alone what people would pay for these services.

It took many hours of research and believing in myself to be at the place I am today, and I hope that it won’t take you as long as it did me to get to a good and healthy spot. 

As you work your way through the workbook, I’d like to remind you that you can do this! You’re going to find a strategy that works best for you, I know it. 

In the meantime, here is a blog on how to learn to love sales! Enjoy! 

Rachel xx

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Email 3 to 4 – Address Pain Points, Offer Freebies, Up-Sell, Nurture

Between emails three and four, I like to address more concerns regarding the reason the reader is in this specific email marketing campaign. It is always a good idea to have various campaigns for various lead magnets and sales funnels.

This will ensure that you are sending the correct emails in the correct funnel. For example, you don’t want to send an email out of order or send an email that doesn’t make sense to the current reader. 

Have fun and show off your business and personality within these emails. Be relevant and relatable with your reader. Show them that you are a real person who cares about their outcome and goals.


Email 5 – Wrap Up This Funnel and Offer a New One

This email might be the most difficult one for you to write, or at least that is how I feel when I write my email marketing campaigns. I want the reader to go into a new funnel that relates to the reason they downloaded the workbook in the first place, but at the same time, I really don’t want to be too pushy. It’s finding this balance that will help you create a successful campaign. 

 Trust me, it will take sometime to find the perfect structure for you and your reader, and it’s completely okay to write different email marketing campaigns with different structures. Not all of the topics you’d like to cover are going to be easy to do in the structure provided here. 

Remember to always give your reader a choice whether that be going into a new funnel by offering a new download or upsell, or having the chance to no longer receive your emails. Giving your reader the power to choose will be more beneficial than you can imagine. 

I hope this blog has given you more insight into how to actually create an email marketing campaign in terms of structure. It can be difficult to not have a template like this when you are first starting out, so I really hope this helps! There is another blog you can check out on 4 Mistakes to Avoid with Email Marketing and we also have our Nurture Emails and Sales Funnels Masterclass which you can purchase for a small price and rewatch the training. 


Happy Email Marketing! 

J. Rachel West
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J. Rachel West

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Rachel West is a marketing & branding devotee who loves empowering women in business. She is a “she-boss” running her own marketing agency, JRW Consulting LLC. When she's not at her desk you can find her traveling the world.


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