Dream Life – Are you struggling to create your dream life or business?

If you are struggling to create your dream life, you are probably distracted by the “how.” What you should be focused on instead is identifying your calling. I know first hand that nothing else matters if you aren’t following your soul’s purpose. Once you’ve found it, you can align all areas of your life to point in that direction to create your dream life. It is possible to do what you love and live in flow — you just need the right motivation and mindset, and to take the right action. 

1. Understand what your dream life should feel like.

“Living on purpose” means doing what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs. I can’t tell you what that means for you, but you know it when you feel it — and when you don’t. When you aren’t being you, everything is foggy and colourless. You’re bored and busy at the same time, always tired. Even small things feel like work. You take tests to understand why you feel down and pills to fix it. The list can go on.

If you continuously ignore your higher self, it will send you nudges — even a slap in the face — to get your attention. When you’re in alignment, life is right. Things are easy, and everything just works. You feel alive, passionate, and lit up from within. You aren’t concerned with how to get where you’re going; you’re sure of yourself, even if you’re scared at the same time. You know you will create your dream life.

More on creating the life you want read this blog ‘Self-Care Tips: Creating the Life You Want that Includes the Truth of Who You Are‘. 

2. Dream Life – Tap into your calling within.

Stop searching outside yourself for answers. There’s only one: be who you were born to be. You can find plenty of exercises online to identify your calling, but you don’t need them. Deep within, you already know what makes you feel alive. You just have to pay attention.

Not sure what your mission is? Not sure what your dream life is? You’ll be able to put it into words when you stop worrying whether you’re saying it right or others will “get it.” However, sometimes access to your soul is blocked by confusion, especially if you’ve ignored it for a long time. In that case, practice connecting with yourself and tuning in to what’s buried there by asking, “What do I need to know or listen to here?”

Then trust the answer. I find journaling to be the most powerful way to do this, but you can also do this as part of a meditation or while walking or driving. Think of all the things that you would like to do to create your dream life

To be able to tap into your intuition and inner child, we highly recommend reading ‘Top 5 Easy Energy Healing Methods‘ blog.  

3. Trust yourself and forget what others think.

We’re naturally intuitive before we learn “the rules.” But there’s no right or wrong way to live. If you aren’t following your intuition, you’re operating on others’ terms — and no one can tell you how to be you. There’s always another approach to everything. I hated building marketing funnels until I started doing them my way.

Visionary leaders do things differently; that is why they stand out from the rest. They question the norm to find what’s right for them. Imagine that you’re successful. No one would question you because you’re on top of the world. Who would you be? How would you act? Confidence and self-belief are key.

Consciously decide that you know what’s best for you. Put your hand on your heart and tell yourself, “I trust my ability to make the best decisions for me”.

Do this for every area of life that’s important to you to create your dream life. 

4. Feel the fear and take the first step towards your dream life anyway.

If you don’t wake up excited to start your day, rip off the band aid. Make a change or start taking action to create your dream life. While maintaining alignment will take practice, you don’t have to work forever to get there. The unknown is scary. We feel safe and comfortable with how things have always been. Fear is part of us and will always be there, but it can’t rule you unless you let it; so take action toward your goals anyway.

You don’t have to know how or feel ready or worthy. When I finally realized I wasn’t doing my soul work after struggling for years, I moved across the world to start over with my family. With almost no money, I gave myself no choice but to succeed by following my passion for helping others. It paid off, and I never looked back. While your path might not be as extreme, you do have to take the first step to create your dream life.

5. Rethink your dream life to-do list.

Time is precious and you should value how you spend it. If you don’t decide what matters in advance, you’ll spend it all doing things that aren’t moving you forward. I constantly outline my goals and dreams in a document called “Creating the life I want.” I make sure I set those goals for myself (not others), identify the actions that will get me there, and schedule them each week. Here is a list of tools you may want to use to set your to-do lists. 

Fast forward to a year from now when you’re living on purpose. Does the stuff on your to-do list today matter? 

Review the items on your list and either delete them, do them, or delegate them. Sometimes it’s worth paying someone else to do things so that you can focus on what really matters: the tasks that will get you where you want to go if you do them every day.

If you don’t care enough about a goal to take regular action toward it, it might not matter as much as you think it does. That is why it is important to revisit your goals regularly and see if you are still aligned and headed in the right direction. If you need help with goal setting here is our blog post on ‘Goal Setting Ideas‘.

But some things for sure, if you want it badly enough, you’ll suck it up and do the work. When you want to create a dream life, you’d do anything to make it happen.

6. Check in with yourself daily.

Before you get out of bed in the morning, ask yourself what is important today. What would make you sleep well tonight? Most of the things we do all day disconnect us from ourselves, so practice tuning in.

To do that, journal regularly so whatever needs to come out, comes out. Let go of judgment and ignore the outside world — even if you have to start by just noticing the life you have already created for yourself and appreciating it for a while. Gratitude is a powerful practice that can lead to many amazing things. 

If you struggle to disconnect, practicing yoga can be powerful way to disconnect and tap into your inner wisdom. Read more about Yoga practices here ‘Yoga and Meditation for Busy Entrepreneurial Women‘.

Before you make decisions or take action, ask yourself:

Do I want to do this? Does this feel right? Am I excited about this?

Make this a daily practice by setting reminders to check in; otherwise you’ll slip into old patterns. Stay true to yourself to create your dream life.

7. Recognize that you have everything you need.

This may be uncomfortable at first, and it will still feel like work sometimes. But when you’re working toward the right thing, it’s worth it. You can either choose to deny yourself or say yes to your heart and soul, but you choose what you get in life. Do the work today to create the tomorrow of your dreams. If you trust that it will work out, it will. Don’t worry if you don’t get the outcome you want today. 

Want more tips on aligning to your higher purpose and creating success in life? Check out this blog post on ‘Redefining Success – What does success look like‘.

Success takes time, which is why most people give up. You’ll never look back and think “I spent too much time being me”; so keep going. It’s impossible to fail at being you. You have everything you need. You will become who you are meant to be when you realize who you already are. Create your dream life.

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Raimonda Jankunaite

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Over the last 10 years in business, Raimonda has learned the power of mentorship and encouragement, therefore is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and make a positive impact on this world.

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