In this blog post you will learn how to grow your Personal Brand Awareness so you can attract more ideal clients and grow your expert status. 

When you create more personal brand recognition and brand awareness your brand value increases and you start to attract opportunities beyond your imagination.

Your Personal Brand awareness is how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how easily they recognise it. By having a strong brand awareness, you are creating trust and association with your target audience and desire to work with you. So what are the 4 key steps to personal brand awareness? 

How Do You Build Brand Awareness for Your Business? 

There are many different ways to build strong and powerful personal brand awareness, and the key is finding what method works best for you. Moreover, many of these methods will require a small to medium-sized budget. Of course, you can do it all organically (not using paid advertisement); however, it may take longer to see results. 

Brand awareness is also the first stage in the Buyer’s Journey, and therefore must be thought of strategically.

“Since customers already recognise your brand, they will be more likely to buy from your business than, say, a competitor’s business with which they’re not as familiar” (Walgrove, 2019). 

1- Be Personable and Tell Your Story

Today, so many consumers are tired of the same messages over and over again. It is essential that as a business, you cut through the online noise and shine through to your target audience with your unique message. 

One way to do this is through relatable content; share your personal story and show up as yourself. Without you, there wouldn’t be this amazing business so don’t be afraid to show up. 

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Storytelling is one of the best ways to reach your target. Show your true and authentic self to your audience, and don’t be afraid to show your flaws. We are all humans, and we make mistakes. Relate to your audience, and this will increase their trust with you and your brand. People will be always drawn to personal stories, your background, experiences and unique perspective. This is what builds your irresistible brand and trust with your audience. 

2- The Power of Social Media 

Social media has truly become a tool that all businesses should be using at this point. It’s a great way to reach many people quickly and allows businesses to find incredibly niche and targeted audiences. 

Below are a few tips and suggestions for creating a robust social media campaign that will hopefully increase your brand’s awareness within your target market. 

  • Strong and powerful post designs
  • Hashtags to attract new audience 
  • Tag other people in your network or other businesses
  • Comment and start discussions with people 
  • Be consistent with your content and posting schedule
  • Use catchy captions to attract more views 
  • Have paid advertisements on social media platforms 
  • Start niche groups to bring more pre-qualified leads
  • Partner with social media influencers and leverage 
  • Share your expertise on a podcast, joint lives or video 

Learn more about your Customer’s Journey in our blog post ‘Your Buyer’s Journey: 5 Simple Steps that Results in Sales‘. 


3- Your Website and SEO

Your website is a powerful tool when it comes to building trust. This is where most customers will go to see if you are a credible source. By having blogs on your site, you will not only increase the trust between you and the reader, but you will also impact your search engine optimisation (SEO). It is understood that your target market will be using a select group of keywords. Research those keywords and see how you can improve your search engine results. 

Ensure that you utilise the keywords in all of your content, blogs, and across your website. This will help your page rank higher than others when someone searches for that particular keyword. Don’t go too crazy with the keywords though as you could be penalized for that!

4- Other Tips on Increasing Your Personal Brand Awareness

There are many ways that you can increase your personal brand awareness, and it is all about finding what works for you. Be creative with your options, test different strategies, run your ads at various intervals, and so on. 

  • Start a podcast
  • Host or sponsor an event
  • Create innovate packaging
  • Start an affiliate or referral program
  • Have merchandise giveaways/freebies
  • Use advertisements on search engines (pay-per-click)
  • Share user-generated content
  • Foster relations with press and journalists 

By increasing your personal brand awareness, you can establish your brand as trustworthy, accessible, and at the top of customers’ minds. This is the ultimate goal, creating top of mind and loyalty through personal brand awareness. 

Are you going through re-branding of your business right now? Read ‘What do I need to know before branding or rebranding my business‘.

What are other ways you have implemented a brand awareness strategy? Leave a comment below and share other tips you have used!

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J. Rachel West
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J. Rachel West

Marketing Executive | Women Thrive Media

Rachel West is a marketing & branding devotee who loves empowering women in business. She is a “she-boss” running her own marketing agency, JRW Consulting LLC. When she's not at her desk you can find her traveling the world.


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