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Come and join us for networking, inspiration, new insights, opportunities and an unforgettable live experience of the Women in Business exclusive luxury events.

We host events for women globally and you can usually find us in London, Ibiza, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Paris, Toronto and Amsterdam.  

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Tips to Be an Effective Virtual Speaker

Switching up your speaking strategy can be a daunting task—especially when it calls for shifting away from being on stage, and toward being on screen. In this time of extreme global uncertainty, many conferences and events are either being canceled, postponed, or...

10 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

10 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

Many people are understandably worried and unsure of what to do during the global pandemic. Every business is being affected and during times like this, it can be easy to slip into non-action due to uncertainty.  But even whilst there are global uncertainties, it is...

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Coach?

 How to carry out due diligence when choosing your service provider or a coach? We all heard horror stories of things going wrong in business relationships, most often then not it comes down to not doing one thing at the start and that is proper due diligence.  This...

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