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Do you feel depleted, demotivated and unfulfilled in your career or business? Have you lost the business vision you originally had?

Chances are, you aren’t fully tapped into your purpose yet, and this is costing you energy and willpower every day.

Some of us perceive it as a deep knowing that there must be more to life, others experience it as depression, and yet others feel an invisible pull towards something unknown.

In whatever way you sense it, the difference is whether you heed the call and start uncovering your true mission in this lifetime, or whether you decide not to believe in anything bigger than yourself.


Purpose is a never-ending well of passion, energy and drive to keep going after some bigger mission you believe in so fully that you cannot help yourself but to live it.

Business vision or a sense of purpose is more than motivation, which can rise and fall like a mood, and it is more than inspiration, which is short-lived and fickle.

Your purpose is stable, long-lived and indeed, has been with you your entire life (more about this later).

A purpose comes together in a combination of the following four elements:

Your inborn talents:

You were born with talents and gifts.

These were the activities or behaviours that, as a child, you couldn’t stop yourself from doing. Time and space ceased to exist to you when you engaged in them.

Singing, drawing or dancing, it doesn’t matter. We all have natural inborn talents that are our well of energy and creation.

Remember what they were for you, and you are one step closer to finding your purpose.

Your acquired skills:

Throughout your lifetime, you have been acquiring skills and professional knowledge. Whether this is through formal education such as schooling, apprenticeships or work, or through informal ways such as a mentor or pursued hobby, you have a combination of skills that is unique to you.

If you think about the conventional and unconventional ways of using your skill set in combination with your natural talents, you already tapped into a really powerful combination.

Your life story:

Considering that everything happens for a reason, the life challenges you faced were always meant to be your teachers. These may have been traumatic, disruptive or even recurring moments of pain, suffering and despair, but overall, they made you who you are today.

The suffering and the struggles, once understood, will inform your life purpose.

The key lies in healing these challenges in order to see the lessons they were holding for you, and to be able to show others the way through them as well.

The transformation of healing your moments of difficulty allows you to share healing and life lessons with those who are still going through them.


The last component of purpose is a sense of contribution. Serving and supporting others is hard-wired into us, as community-loving, social beings.

The real fulfillment in the work you do and the life you live lies in being of service to others: helping others work through the challenges that you have mastered, showing others the exit that you have found and teaching them the lessons that you learned.

Contributing to society in a positive, impactful way is part of your purpose. Combine it with the skills, talents and challenges you were given, and you are starting to complete your picture.

Following your purpose is all about following your heart. If you are in touch with your heart, this should be easy. Unfortunately most of us lost our connection somewhere along the way.

But that’s okay, with the right tool and information, everyone can uncover what they are meant to do.

The truth is we all have a purpose, a reason why we are here and a desire to contribute.

Now that you know that, you might wonder why you haven’t found yours quite yet.

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The dangerous imprint of society


Why is it so difficult to know what we truly want to do?

In most of the Western World, society tells us what to do and who to be. Parents, teachers, media outlets tell us what is desirable (money, status, power) and what isn’t (following our hearts!).

From school onwards we are told to stay seated all day and do homework afterwards, when all we want is play and be outdoors.

It becomes obvious that from a young age we are primed that life is about the constant sacrifice of our desires for societal validation.

As a result, we suppress our own intuitive desires, lose touch with ourselves, block our creativity, and stop having fun altogether.

The life society sold us is a lie

Did you know that most of our behavior is influenced by what we were told and by how we interpreted events between the ages of 0 and 7?

Children are like sponges, they are open to the world and ready to learn. However, they are lacking any critical filters which allow them to distinguish between fact and opinion.

As a result, they formulate (consciously or otherwise) their entire worldview based on this information and store it away as absolute truths. These truths influence their thoughts, emotions and behaviour well into adulthood.

Career, relationships, health and money can all fall into this trap.

To find our purpose, we need to look past the firm convictions we hold, release the truths of “impossible”, “never” and “cannot”, and realize that most of these absolutes stem from what we saw, heard and interpreted at the tender ages of 0 to 7 with a child’s mind.

We owe it to ourselves to remember what we always loved doing, what lit our hearts on fire, what made us forget time, and uncover everything that is in the way.

Together with understanding what our challenges taught us, we will realize what we can offer to others today that gives us meaning and joy, and contributes to a better world.

But I don’t have any skills!”

I hear this so much and honestly, I had it too. Despite what my resume said, I thought I had nothing to offer.

Knowing and acknowledging what you are good at is a fundamental part of you finding your purpose. You are gifted and you are skilled, but you just don’t believe it (yet) and would rather hide away.

If you shove your doubts and fears aside for just a moment, and allowed yourself to be honest here, could you come up with answers to these questions?

  • What are you actually really good at?
  • What do your friends come to you for?
  • What are you complimented for all the time?

You know you are unique and there will always be people who will resonate with you. Your clients won’t be anyone else’s clients because they vibe with who you are, how you talk and how you show up.

All you need is to be a couple of steps ahead of those buying from you. You don’t need to be a master when you start out, even if you feel like you must

You can be just a bit better, know a bit more, put a bit more heart into it than your clients. And with time, you will build the experience and confidence to call yourself an expert.

What you don’t want to do is hide away from everyone who needs you and wants to receive your help, wisdom, and talents. Don’t take this opportunity away from them!

A Step-By-Step Research Process to Finding Your Purpose

If you want to know more about yourself and your purpose, you don’t want to miss my talk at the Women Thrive Virtual Summit:

“Tapping into your inner warrior how to be powerful against all odds”

I will be talking about how past wounds are the key to our purpose and how we can reclaim our power in the face of what we have gone through. As an attendee of my talk, you receive access to a free 3-part webinar series where I will walk you through the steps to digging deeper and getting really clear on what you are here to do.

Yes, you have a purpose and yes, you can find it.

Christine Reffo
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Christine Reffo

business & energy coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur

In her coaching practice, she supports women in the process of soul healing, finding their purpose and starting a successful business.

After 7 years working as lead strategist for Fortune 500 companies, Christine dedicated herself entirely to entrepreneurship, energy and mindset work. She has since started multiple companies, worked with a Silicon Valley startup and is now doing what she loves most – helping women live life on their own terms.


She has been featured in various virtual summits and podcasts related to personal development, self-care and entrepreneurship.

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