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Learn How To Build Instagram Followers Fast!

I’ve absolutely loved IG training by Raimonda Jan! I’ve learned so much not only about how to grow my following but also about how I want my business to grow. Thanks to the training I got clear on my vision and shaped my account accordingly both visually and content-wise. I even got some new clients thanks to my new strategy and posts! It was worth all the money and time I invested! 

Veronika Nemeth @stylishfemalesociety

“Success is in equal proportion to your commitment.”

My Story

Raimonda Jankunaite  – Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor
and Founder of Women in Business Club

Hey, my name is Raimonda and I am the founder of  Women in Business Club. I started this community as a passion of mine, to bring together like-minded women from all around the world.

My mission is to empower, educate and inspire women who dream of running their own successful business online.

I created Instagram Mastery training for entrepreneurs, business owners, creatives, bloggers and women who want to expand their reach, build instagram followers fast and increase engagement with the use of Instagram.

When I first started our Instagram page, I never imagined it to be such a huge success. In just 4 months I had generated over 10k followers and influence in my field. Very quickly that turned into 100k followers with collaboration and sponsorship opportunities flooding our inbox. Having an Instagram following like this really changed the game for us as a business, and I want the same for you! Yes, you can also build Instagram followers fast!

Today, I still receive messages of how our Instagram account has inspired someone or helped them get through their day.

Instagram has changed my business and created influence that no other platform can achieve. It helped us sell out our live Women in Business events and attract world-class speakers to our stage, get incredible speaking opportunities and make consistent money online, all because of Instagram.

I now want to share my strategies and techniques with you on how you can also build instagram followers fast.

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Learn to build Instagram followers fast with

Instagram Mastery Training

Embark on a brand new journey to learn all about how you can build instagram followers fast:

  • Epic content creation and design for growth
  • How to attract and connect with your ideal audience
  • How to run successful promo posts that generates interest and sales
  • Content you can start sharing with your audience that makes an impact
  • How to engage your followers to gain more likes and comments
  • How to implement design changes that will attract more audience every day

In less than one year, I grew our Instagram following from 0-100k plus and I want to show you all the strategies and techniques I learned along the way. 

Using simple and consistent strategies and techniques to build Instagram followers fast, you too can become someone with influence and raving fans, and it doesn’t have to take years to achieve it. Yes, you will be able to build Instagram followers fast.

In this 3- week live and interactive Instagram Mastery training I want to show you how you can do it too!

I can’t recommend Raimonda Jan and the amazing Instagram Mastery course enough. Raimonda is a fountain of knowledge and so passionate and full of energy.

The Women in Business club has a huge Instagram following and it is based on this experience that Raimonda can deliver a first-class course. Loads of practical advice, tips and great workbooks to work on how to build Instagram followers fast.

You have to put the effort in to get the rewards but I’m so glad I made the decision to invest in myself and join this course. I have learned so much. Thank you  

Megan McDonald @SandwickBayCandles

Where do I even begin!? In October 2018, I was a part of a 5 week Instagram course with Raimonda and it was the best course I ever attended!! My followers on IG went up 500 and it’s slowly going up all because I took her tips and did some “tweaking” to make a difference in the IG feed! My IG went from a complicated IG to an organized/beautiful IG! 

Another thing, I’m a DEAF mama of 3 boys. Yes, you read that right! A successful deaf mama. Raimonda did a fantastic job making sure I understood everything and would answer any questions that didn’t make sense for me! You will totally get your money’s worth if you sign up for the IG course with Raimonda! 

Chelsea Jackson Villines @deafboymom

What’s Included?

In this Instagram Mastery three week live and interactive group training, I will be revealing my Instagram secrets including our strategy and design and growth secrets on how to build instagram followers fast @womeninbusinessclub. You’ll also learn about the importance of consistency, the best times to post, how to engage with other accounts, as well as tips on creating and sourcing amazing content.

If you want to learn to build Instagram followers fast,  know how to make your posts outstanding and engaging you will love this course.

Training begins on 5th of November 2019 and will run for 3 weeks, with live / virtual training sessions taking place every Tuesday at 4pm (GMT) via a dedicated CrowdCast webinar room.

You will be able to join live or watch it on a replay at a time to suit you.  Once you enrol on this course you will be invited to join our private Facebook Group, where you can also connect with fellow course attendees and our alumni. 

The investment for this 3 week group training is a one-time fee of $249.00 or two by-weekly payments of $149. 

Replay available for minimum of 1-year after the training has ended. 

Register now and pay in two affordable by-weekly payments of $149.

Instagram Mastery 1

Pay all in one $249 one time fee.

Instagram Mastery 1

Instagram Mastery Begins in









  • E-book on how to create & run your first marketing campaign and effectively collaborate with influencers $129
  • Hashtags tools and strategies to help you build your following in your targeted niche worth over $179
  • Our Insider Secrets on how to generate organic Instagram Growth worth $490
  • 3x Live Masterclass training with Women in Business Club founder plus 12 months of replay access worth over $599 (total of over 4 hours of training)
  • Private Facebook Group where you can connect with other amazing women in business on this course
  • 3 x Workbooks to help you plan and implement your strategies
  • Checklist to help you nail your Instagram posts every single time
  • List of the latest Tools to help you create unbelievable content  for your instagram feed and more

A HUGE thank you to Raimonda Jan and all of you lovely ladies ?!
Just finished watching the replay of the 5th training and loved every bit of it.

Over the past few weeks of this training, I went from around 600 followers to over 1,000 today, experiencing so much more engagement and genuine interest from my followers!

Thank you Raimonda for sharing your knowledge so generously – and give us so much great advice for Instagram and beyond!

Dedicating time to Instagram has become a daily routine and it pays off. I’m so excited to see where all our accounts will be growing into!

I’ll stop my gratitude ramble now ?. Have a lovely day 

Nicoline Huizinga @nicoline_huizinga

Extra Bonuses Included:


  • Instant Access to workbooks and our Private Facebook Group with alumni from our previous  Mastery Training
  • Our Insider Secrets on how to Convert your Followers into Customers / Buyers – worth $197
  • 3 in-depth workbooks plus my favourite tools to help you implement your new Instagram Strategies

Instagram Mastery 3
Instagram Mastery 4
Instagram Mastery 5

Register now and pay in two affordable by-weekly payments of $149.

Instagram Mastery 1

Pay all in one $249 one time fee.

Instagram Mastery 1

What our Instagram Mastery Alumni had to say about this course…

A huge THANK YOU to Raimonda Jan and all the amazing Women In Business Club members! I just finished the Instagram Mastery course and my followers are almost double to when I started. What a difference in the look and feel of my Instagram. Lots of great tips and hints and lots of accountability. Looking forward to growing more. Thank you so much for a terrific training! 

Susan Lane McLaughlin @SMCVentures

Raimonda Jan’s Instagram course was absolutely brilliant. It helped me figure out the style, content and who my audience are for my IG page. 

Her knowledgeable, supportive and motivational approach helped me get off to a great start in my IG journey, helping me reach more people who are genuine, engaged and supportive of me. 

I felt listened to, understood and inspired throughout the course. Better yet, I met some amazing ladies on the course who support each other to this day. I would highly recommend this course! 

Altan Mashaa @Iamgoldenpeacock, London, Entrepreneur

“I really loved Instagram training with Women in Business Club. Raimonda shared a lot of tips and pointers on how to create a beautiful IG feed, create more engagement and grow followers organically. In just two weeks I have grown my business Instagram account from 150 followers to over 3000 real and most importantly local followers! And it definitely won’t stop there!

Using the techniques Raimonda thought us we’ll keep on growing and converting our followers into customers with ease! Thank you Women in Business Club & Raimonda for such invaluable information!”

Gintare @Blooms_and_Candy

Imagine what you can learn from our Instagram Mastery group training in 3 weeks! 

Spaces are limited to 50 seats per training, so join us now for $249.00 one-time fee. 

Wondering if this course is for you?


Are you looking to grow your business and become a true influencer on Instagram? Perhaps you know that your business has a huge potential of being successful, but all you need is more people looking at your stuff. If only you could reach your ideal audience and people who truly genuine cares about what it is that you have to say and offer?


Imagine having a truly loyal fan base, following of over 10k and people who anticipate your next post, live or product / service announcement. They are raving about you to their friends and followers, and always tag you in their posts. They give you shout outs and often refer to you as ‘The Go To Person’. 

Imagine how much your business would change if you had the power of influence on Instagram. 

If you feel passionate about your business, the way I do about Women in Business community, if you know that people will love what you have to offer, if you know you can dedicate time and effort in order to grow, then you are absolutely in the right place.

This course is for you, ambitious, dedicated, visionary woman who can not wait for the world to find out who she is. You are ready to show up to the world and shine your light, and become the influence in your niche. I got you girl, together we will conquer the Instagram world make your business the success you always wanted.

What else are you going to learn? 

Not only are you going to learn all about Instagram strategies, meet other likeminded women, have the benefit of accountability, but also have the ability to interact during live training sessions where you can ask questions and hang out with others via virtual weekly sessions.

We will also use our dedicated Facebook group and engagement pod to stay connected, report on our progress and support your journey fully.

You will learn all about Instagram algorithms, latest trends and tips on content creation, feed design, hashtags strategy, growth techniques, branding advice, how to target your ideal audience, and even how to successfully run collaborations and promote your products or services.

We have tried many different ways of doing things, and have hosted many promotional campaigns, and we know that our unique approach works. We hardly spend anything on Instagram ads, but always fill places at our events, courses and training days. All due to our unique approach to how we use Instagram.

During this course, not only you will get to work closely with our club founder Raimonda, but also ask questions about your individual dilemmas. What are you waiting for? Only 30 places are available on this course. Once fully booked, that is it. We only open IG Mastery training twice a year, and this is your opportunity to be part of it!

Register now and pay in two affordable by-weekly payments of $149.

Instagram Mastery 1

Pay all in one $249 one time fee.

Instagram Mastery 1

The scariest part when you are just starting out in business?  It’s investing in yourself or your business for the first time… It feels like – this is it, I’m really doing this now!!! There is no way back!  Yes, making that leap to invest in your business or your own personal growth is scary and is perhaps risky, but you need to take risks in order to win… You need to speculate to accumulate… You need to grow in order to achieve more…

Freebies in life, will only take you so far, doing it all alone will only take you at certain pace, when you commit yourself to growth and take a leap of faith, universe will be right behind you, supporting you along the way…  If it feels scary, just ask yourself- how bad do I want this? And what am I willing to do to make this work? Am I willing to invest in myself and my business in order for it two grow?

Are you ready to make this investment in yourself and your business? So you can become visible and build your business to success?

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