9 Steps to Launching Your Business

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Are you looking for how to launch business online?

Are you thinking of launching your business, service or product? 

Do you struggle with coming up with ideas to launch business online or for your biz launch strategy and wonder how to find the blueprint to launch success that all 6 and 7 figure business owners use?

We know that most people fail to launch business online successfully or even at creating a successful launch due to lack of planning, preparation and lack of support or accountability. Because launching a new biz, product or service is not an easy task, and there are many parts to executing a successful launch that reaps financial results.

So what does it take to create a truly successful launch? What’s the best way to launch business online?

Imagine for a second, if you sent a message to a complete stranger online, would they be sold to your product or service right away? I am sure that like most of us, you have received cold calls or messages in the past, and you took no notice of it. Why?

Because you had no prior knowledge of what they do, or how brilliant their product or service is. Nor do you like or trust them, to pull out your wallet and buy into their offers. So you simply ignored the offer.

This is not what you want happen to you. Cold sales never works, especially these days when the online space is full of advertisements. So what do you, as a business owner have to do to successfully launch your offer? How to launch business online?

First, you need to know that your prospective clients need to become aware of you and your product, gradually, before they part with their money to buy your product or service that you have to offer. But wait, who are your prospective clients and how do you find them? How do you decide who is your target audience to launch business online? 

 1. Identify your prospective clients or customers

Knowing who your potential target audience is, is the first part of figuring out how to find them and attract to your email list or social media to launch business online. In order to do that you need to look at who is your Ideal Client Avatar, and aim to target them in the best way possible. 

This is your first step to launch business online and for your business success, customer identification and profiling: Who is your ideal customer? What are their pains/worries? What language will get their attention? What solutions would they be looking for right now to solve their pain? Here is a quick useful guide in identifying your ideal client avatar. 

2.  Test your Idea before launching  your business

So many entrepreneurs build and launch business online before testing if there is any market interest. The best solution is to use a simple landing page that will tell them very briefly about your idea and the core benefit you are offering them. Stick with one simple problem and solution that you are going to be offering.

The idea is to identify if your prospect really has the problem you are trying to solve. At this stage, you are simply testing your lead magnet that partially solves their pain that your core offer will address in much more detail. Here is a super useful blog post in how to do that. 

3.  Use Social Media to create awareness for your business

Use your existing network, social media channels to generate some interest and to build ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor with your audience. You want to start attracting some interest in what you are about to launch before you launch business online and then use different types of content that show off your credentials and the expert, and authority in your field. Here are 10 Social Media Content Ideas that you can incorporate into your Social Media strategy right away to launch business online. 

4.  Turn Your Leads into Prospects for Your Business Launch 

As you begin to generate interest in your product or service launch, you need to have a plan of how you are going to nurture your cold leads into warm prospects, who will eventually be ready to buy from you.

Are you going to be using email automations when you launch business online? Facebook Group? Or other means of consistent communication, where your prospect can build trust and become truly bought into your offer, as they go through our launch funnel. Whilst nurturing your audience, don’t forget to use lead scoring, to give more points to audience who are more engaged and would be more likely to buy. To learn more about it, check out this blog by Alexa. 

Keep focusing on the problem you are solving for them and the solution you are able to deliver. If you successfully identified your prospect’s pain points, offering  solutions that speak to their hearts and minds should be a breeze. 

5.  Publicise Before Launching Your Business

Many people forget to build anticipation and excitement before they launch business online – how about sharing a snippet of an upcoming promotion, a business challenge or your product launch?

Build anticipation and excitement and you will have a warm online audience waiting to buy when you launch your business. As a female entrepreneur you should to be raising your authority and brand loyalty at all times, and it is never too early to start preparing for your business or product launch. 

6.  Use Systems for to Launch Business Online 

Before you launch business online, you need reliable systems to help you create a consistent flow of communication, and to provide a repeatable process to nurture your leads into buyers. Making sure you have social media posts automated, your email systems are set up and delivering timely communications. This will help you build up excitement before your actual launch and take off the pressure of having to send emails when you are in the launch mode.  

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 7.  Build Trust with Your Audience 

Trust is a really big deal when it comes to launching a new business, product or service. Every business owner should strive to build trust with integrity and the right values. Because people buy from people and businesses they trust and resonate with. Doing the right thing is important, so your customers can keep coming back knowing you deliver on what you have promised.

Always be transparent, have legally correct opt-in forms, disclaimers and reputable systems that gives your prospect the feeling of safety and security, when checking out with your business. Here are five ways to build trust with your audience blog post from Inc. that we found super useful. 

8.  Use Social Media to Launch Business Online 

Social media is a great way to build awareness and generate new leads. Most platforms are free and offer many great features to get your message out there. Before you launch, make sure you set up your business profiles on social media platforms where you think your potential customers will be.

Use features such as video, pictures, description, links to your business launch landing page. These are just some of the ways you can use social media to prepare for launch business online. Also, don’t forget to automate your social media posts with Social Media Schedulers to help you with your content planning and consistency throughout your business launch. 

9.  Collaborate to Help You Launch Business Online

Collaborations is a huge deal when it comes to creating a successful launch online. No doubt you have a trusting and loyal network of business friends already who are ready and willing to support your launch. Tapping into your network could be a huge deal when it comes to making your business launch even more successful than you thought. Imagine leveraging audience of others and reaching people you never thought you could reach before?

Here is a great masterclass we have inside our Women in Business Member’s Club delivered by the founder of The Content Planner, Kat Gaskin on How to Create Epic Collaborations

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