Are you looking to become a public speaker? 

Public speaking is a fantastic way to grow your authority, share your message and even generate substantial income sharing your expertise. We at Women in Business Club host many events, both virtual and in-person events and receive 100’s of applications from both professional and first time public speakers. 

In this blog we wanted to highlight some of the things you may want to include in your public speaker profile if you want to promote yourself as a public speaker land more opportunities to share your voice. 

1. Public Speaker Video 

If you want to become a public speaker, the first thing people will look for are: your public speaking skills. This means checking out your past experience as a speaker. On your public speaker profile or dedicated page, include a video of you speaking. This may be in a form of showreel that is compilation of several talks you have given before, in a short and succinct video showcasing different styles of talking. If you haven’t got one, you can quite easily include a video of you talking, delivering a live, or doing an interview. The more relevant examples you can include the better. Consider including various lengths of videos and in different settings, showing the audience and the impact of your talk. 

2. List of topics you speak on as a public speaker

Every event host wants to find a public speaker that is an expert in their field and is able to offer a unique perspective or deliver a talk that is going to offer something unique to the audience. 

This means they will be interested to learn about the top 5 topics you can deliver a talk on.

Create 5 signature talk titles on your website and showcase what you are an expert in, so a potential event host can choose and invite you to speak on those subjects. 

Very often event hosts will have public speakers on similar subjects so they will need to make a choice of who to invite. You want to give them few options to choose from and position yourself as an expert. 

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3. Testimonials as a public speaker 

If you have done some public speaking before, you may want to showcase your testimonials on your speaker page. This will help you raise your authority and show what feedback you have received from previous event hosts or attendees.

Make it a habit to collect testimonials right after each public speaking event or opportunity you have had, so you don’t have to come back months or even years later after the event, asking for a testimonial or feedback. These are incredibly valuable especially if you want to be a paid public speaker. 

Learn more about landing speaking opportunities and crafting your first talk inside the Women in Business Club

4. Pictures of you as a public speaker

A pictures says a thousand words, and this is certainly true when it comes to selling yourself and positioning yourself as a professional public speaker.

Include any photos that you may have on stage or addressing an audience. This is powerful way to show your stage presence, body language and your confidence as a public speaker so the person selecting you can visualise you as a speaker for their event.

You may also want to include your headshot photo that can be used by the event host for promotional purposes. I love it when podcast or event hosts help themselves to my bio and photos from my speaker profile, showing me that they have taken interest in researching my public pages that I have made available for this very purpose. 

5. Your public speaker bio 

Your speaker bio is the key to selling yourself and positioning yourself as a public speaker. This bit of information will be used again and again, so do make sure you spend some time carefully crafting a perfect speaker bio that helps you position yourself as an authority and as a credible public speaker or expert. 

When you include your bio, don’t make it too long, as event hosts usually have limited amount of space to include your information. In fact, you may want to have two different versions, a short speaker bio 2-4 sentences long, with a professional title and a long bio that may be 2 paragraphs long, so your event host can choose what they need. This should be done in 3rd person, so it could be lifted and put into use to promote you as a public speaker for their event. 

6. Your ‘Why’ as a public speaker

Having a professional page with videos, speaker bio and images are great, but why are you passionate about public speaking and sharing your voice to a larger audience? 

What usually wins over the event hosts is your personal story and your ‘why’ of wanting to share your story. I have interviewed 100’s of speakers and experts for our events and Member’s Club, but the one thing that everyone has is their unique story. 

Stories moves audience, it captivates attention and leaves a long term impression. This is what is going to make a difference for you as a public speaker, having a powerful personal story that you are not afraid to share. 

7. Public Speaker Media pack

When you start to land more and more speaking opportunities, having a folder dedicated to all speaker resources will save you and events hosts lots of time, and something you can use over and over again. 

Your public speaker page should contain a link to this information and inside you should include:

– Speaker Bio (long and short version) 

– Speaker Photos (professional headshot, full body image, black and white image and possibly a lifestyle photo for media) 

– Speaker One Sheet (one page document containing same / similar information as your public speaker page that event host can download and print)

8.  Your Contact Information

Your speaker page should have at least one form of contact so potential event host can get in touch with you. This may be via email, phone number or contact form. I also usually include calendar link so an event host can book a call with me, this makes it fast and convenient way for someone to hop on a quick call with me.

Also, if you have up-coming speaking events, include some of the dates you are scheduled to speak at, so an event host knows of your future engagements and any date clashes. If you haven’t got many speaking opportunities lined up, leave this information out.  

Did you know that we have a wealth of training and resources for landing speaking opportunities, crafting your talk and building your stage confidence inside  the Women in Business Club? We love helping women to raise their authority and public speaking is one of the most powerful ways of doing it, hence why we provide 100’s of opportunities every year to women to share their voice on our platform. 

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Raimonda Jankunaite
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Raimonda Jankunaite

Entrepreneur, Mentor & Founder at Women in Business Club

Raimonda is a serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Speaker and Business Funding Expert. She is the founder of the Women In Business international community and events.

Raimonda launched her 1st business at the age of 21 and has since pursued her entrepreneurial passion, by starting and launching more businesses as well as supporting others to do the same.

Over the last 10 years in business, Raimonda has learned the power of mentorship and encouragement, therefore is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve success and make a positive impact on this world.

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