Leaving a customer unsatisfied with your service is like leaving your favorite pair of suede heels out in the rain. Absolutely nobody wins. 

We all know that, as customers ourselves, we want and expect the proper service that we deserve. So why not expect the same of the needs of our customers? After all, repeat customers equal repeat success! 

So let’s get down to it. What exactly makes customers happy and satisfied? How can you improve your customer satisfaction? Well, I thought you’d never ask!

Here are some effective customer satisfaction strategies that will not only help you improve your clientele services but will also bring in new customers that will rave about their experiences.

Let’s Increase Your Customer Satisfaction!

1) Always Aim to Please

Whether your customer service line is ringing with calls at all hours of the day or you have a newbie wandering in your product aisles that could use a little assistance, make them feel welcomed and supported!

Who doesn’t love to be greeted with a warm “Hello! How can I help you” and a smile? Put yourself in their shoes — even if they aren’t your style.

2) Offer Omnichannel or Multichannel Assistance

Respectfully listening and responding to customers is super important when it comes to supporting their needs. Omnichannel and multichannel assistance will let you accomplish this. 

Multichannel support allows customers to choose an interaction method that is best for them. This is seen in live chats or SMS communication. Omnichannel support allows customers to be transferred through multiple channels. One example of this is a customer communicating through live chats and easily transferring to a phone call.


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3) Make Up for Mistakes

We all make mistakes sometimes, don’t we? Hey, maybe you’ve even ordered the wrong pair of sunglasses or couldn’t punch in your 50% off promo code during checkout. If this sounds familiar, you know how frustrating it can be to finally make the purchase you had originally planned on making.

Use a customer’s mistake as an opportunity to show them that you care. Come up with a solution that they will appreciate such as these ideas. 

  • Lowering the shipping cost of their order
  • Include a discount code for their next purchase
  • Offer free return shipping
  • Send a handwritten note to show how you value their needs

4) Tickets and Times

Getting back to all of your customers can sometimes be a hassle. It’s virtually impossible to have customer service representatives on the telephone or at their computer at all hours of the day, especially if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business.

Think about the order of tickets. If the customer is dealing with a significant issue, consider prioritizing their call first. A customer management system (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software are great for organizing tickets and supporting clients with their needs.

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5) Stay Social Media Active

Keep. it. Posting! Staying active on social media is HUGE for attracting new customers and keeping your normal customers updated. Your social media accounts will be perused by a ton of prospective customers. And, if they like what they see, your business will certainly benefit from their reposts, likes, and last but not least, purchases.

Interacting with customers is important to your business too. Being polite and professional in the face of customer complaints will show how you care for customers, especially publically. Directly responding to customers’ issues and complaints will make them feel like they are listened to when you resolve their problems. 

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can help you stay on top of your company’s following and help you stay trending!

6) Refunds, Refunds, REFUNDS!

What customer doesn’t LOVE a good old refund? I can tell you that customers will definitely be coming back! Having a straightforward refund policy encourages customers to make purchases that they feel comfortable about. 

This guarantees customers that your company can be trusted. Just make sure that the policy can be easily understood in the small bulleted text. Your competitors will wish they had a lenient policy too.


7) Make Your Customers Feel Special

Treat your customers like you would treat a new pair of espadrilles, ie, with love and care. Make sure you make a good first impression. Ask what they might be looking for or if there is anything specific that you can help them with. 

A personalized approach to your customers’ inquiries is useful for building their trust and building your business. Aim to recognize clients’ goals and what they are seeking by contacting you. Here are a few tips on actions you can take to make customers feel heard:

  • Call the customer by their first name
  • Allow the customer to express all of their concerns and questions without being interrupted
  • After you resolve the customer’s issue, ask if there is anything else you can do to help the customer. 

For more customer satisfaction tips, see this infographic from Chattermill.

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Lauren McDermott

Lauren McDermott is a lifestyle and health writer who aims to help readers embrace their wellness and mindfulness. She hopes to not only inspire others to live out their goals but also pursue new career paths.


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