7 Simple Ways to Minimise Working From Home Distractions

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Working from home?

When you’re building the business of your dreams, you will want oodles of focus, inspiration and motivation while working from home.

But when you are working from home, you will quickly come to realise that your comfy home rarely provides you with this supportive and empowering environment.

Moreover, when you are working from home, you will be surrounded by distractions…

  • Our loving children/pets/family members will usually be the number one distraction at some point.
  • Alongside our other important loved one – our Smartphone!
  • The constant notifications and our finger memory that instantly starts opening Instagram when you meant to check the time.
  • Tempting housework to do – that pile of washing, unloading the dishwasher,
    cleaning the skirting boards (classic procrasti-cleaning move).
  • Or clutter around you – it might not even be yours – but it will make you feel drained just seeing it.

And when you have something to action that feels difficult/scary/boring, it will be easier to procrastinate and “potter about” tidying, cleaning, checking your phone, constantly distracted from the task at hand.

The good news is that there are simple, practical tips that will save you from these

So, if you are working from home, I have 7 simple ways to share with you that will kick those distractions to the kerb! And instead you will have a more intentional and focused work day, which will turn into an effective week, year, life…!

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Working From Home Tip #1. Sacred Morning Routine

The morning is essential for setting yourself up for a successful and intentional day.  I like to split my routine into three sections – something for my thoughts, something for my body, and something for my mind-set.

It could be as simple as journaling for your thoughts, exercising for your body and meditating for your mind-set.

Your mind will feel clearer as you set an intention for how you want your day to be. The movement for your body will wake you up and energise you. And the meditation will connect you to your greater purpose.

This simple routine will energise every part of you and you will feel as though you have already accomplished so much before even starting your working day.

Working From Home Tip #2. Keep It Simple

Set yourself only 1-2 purposeful priorities per day instead of overwhelming yourself with a long list to complete.  By choosing only a couple of tasks to focus on, you will be able to dedicate the time and attention they deserve.

It will encourage you to sit down and just get started – and that often means tackling the big juicy actions first! No more ticking off the easy items first to feel better about your list as this does not help you get closer to reaching your goals and vision.

And… the good thing is… often you finish those priorities by the end of the day and can tick another priority off.  Nothing beats that feeling!

Working From Home Tip #3. Create a ‘Work Sanctuary’

Your workspace should be a place you LOVE to work in. somewhere you are excited and motivated to be in every morning. I call this place your ‘Work Sanctuary’ as it’s free from distractions.

A Work Sanctuary is designed specifically for you in order to maximise your business growth and business success. It’s the connection between your environment and your business vision. A place you will thrive in daily, that inspires you to create and be joyful. A space that energetically aligns with how you want to think, feel and act as the CEO of your business. 

This is your hub of business sanity – away from TV, family, and any other distractions.  And it is achievable if you start being intentional!

Working From Home Tip #4. Silence the Notifications

How many notifications do you get a day? Too many to count? Well, that’s how many times you will be distracted if you have notifications nearby.

If you want to be effective and be in control of your attention, silence the notifications.  Don’t have your emails open on your laptop, turn the volume to silent to avoid any other notifications, place your phone away from you or on airplane mode.

Create a notification detox and allow your creative mind to run freely and create your best work free from the *ping* distraction. Instead, schedule breaks to engage on social media and check emails.  Trust me, you don’t need to check your phone 100 times a day.

Working From Home Tip #5. Pomodoro Technique

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique?  This is a time management system that is designed to keep you focused on one task at a time, and avoid distractions.

  • Start with Priority One – break down the tasks into actionable steps
  • Start the task and place a timer for 25 minutes 
  • When the timer rings, make a note of one block completed and take a 5-minute break away from the task
  • After the break, continue with the task and place another timer for 25 minutes
  • When the timer rings again, make a note of another block completed and take a 5-minute break 
  • Continue this technique for four blocks, then take a longer break (up to 30 minutes)

The working from home rule is that you do not complete any other tasks until this task has been successfully completed. Then you move on to Priority Two tasks.

You can purchase notebooks that help you track your daily progress, or you can make a note yourself in your own notebook or electronically! It’s powerful stuff to keep you away from distractions.

Working From Home Tip #6. Schedule Time

If cleaning and tidying is your nemesis, you’re in good company. When times are tough, you’ll often find me re-organising my cutlery drawer or linen cupboard. It soothes me and will always be my go-to procrastination.

The first step for working from home is to acknowledge this is your “soother”. It could also be YouTube videos, social media scrolling, daydreaming, or anything that you naturally attract to for comfort.

The second step for working from home is to rise above it! When the thoughts come into my mind to take this easy action, write down what is calling you and schedule time to complete it at a later stage.

If it’s an important task, you will make time to complete it and avoid disturbing your current focus. But if it’s a task that was clearly a distraction, you’ve saved yourself wasted time.

Working From Home Tip #7. Tidy Desk Policy

After a super-effective day, always tidy up your desk before you finish working from home

Psychologically, you will feel so much more positive and joyful starting your day with a clean and tidy desk.

Also, it ensures that you assess what’s accumulating on your desk over time.  My no.1 rule for working from home is… if it’s been there for a week and not been used, tidy it away or toss it out!

If you follow these simple techniques for working from home, you will begin to master the distractions at home and be super effective with your time and energy.

And there will be no stopping you! x

Becky Stanton
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Becky Stanton

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Becky Stanton is an organiser who specialises in personal and home energy. She helps business owners create their ‘work sanctuary’ at home so they can have a more purposeful and intentional space to maximise their business success.

Becky has a passion for success habits, organisation, interior design, and spirituality.

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