Ever since “The Secret” book was released in 2006 people have been captivated by the truths about manifesting. Yet over the years, many misconceptions have arisen too.

The truth is that everything  you desire is attainable in this life. Your desires are your road map. Following them and creating a life that aligns with your hearts desires is the key to not only a fulfilling life but also living your life on purpose.

If you’re wanting to create new goals and set intentions in a way that you finally sees results, read on for the keys to help you create it.

1. In Manifesting everything is Energy

Manifestation is about energy. Because everything is energy, it needs to be charged in the right way to work. When it comes to manifesting, what we need to understand is that there is a vibration frequency to everything that you desire.

In order to be able to receive what you truly desire, you need to match your energy with that frequency. Things such as happiness, joy, freedom and wealth all vibrate at a higher level, so we have to raise our vibrations to meet them at that higher level. We need to act like a magnet to our desires. It all starts with your thoughts and mindset. To learn more about mindset, visit our blog ‘Success Mindset- why the biggest obstacle to your success might be you‘. 

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2. Manifesting is Visualising Your Dreams into reality

Aligning your energy with that of which you desire takes real thought and commitment. You need to think about how it would you would feel if you already had those things. Spend time day dreaming about them because you have to really understand how it would feel to have them, not just want them. 

In order for manifestation to work, you want to visualise and think of the goal or outcome as if it has already happened. The internal belief is going to help you attain that goal faster. Not sure how to set goals? Visit our recent blog on ‘Goal Setting Ideas for 2021‘.

3. Manifesting is positive mindset

 When you are in the right space, you feeling grateful and fulfilled, that is when you start to vibrate at a higher frequency that will start to manifest your desires.

If you are constantly stressed out, or your thought pattern is that ‘I don’t have’ or you are in a space of lack, you will only attract more of the same. As difficult as it sometimes seems to let go of these thoughts, the only solution to manifesting more of positive things in life is to let go off the feeling of lack, worry, anxiety and neediness. 

Only feeling of gratitude and abundance is going to bring more abundance and that frequency is what you need to cultivate and maintain in order to receive the abundance that life has for you.

That’s why the saying happiness is the key to wealth rings true! The happier you are in your life, the greater the vibration, the easier it is to manifest things that make you happy. If you wondering how to cultivate this feeling, read our blog post on ‘Manifest anything you desire in your life with these 4 easy steps‘.

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4. Being aligned to your goals and dreams

Do you feel truly aligned to your goals and your vision? Have you heard of the famous saying, ‘The universe will give you what you need, not what you want’. We loved reading this blog post from Life Hack about how universe works when it comes to goal setting and manifestation.

Very often our goals are driven by ego, where we strive to achieve certain level of success in order to make our internal ego happy. To feel recognised or appreciated. However, it is most often not what is aligned to our higher purpose. 

When you are truly aligned, everything feels easy, effortless and energy just flows. You don’t need to push or use masculine energy to strive, you can relax into your feminine energy and flow, just like a swan gliding on the water. 

Do you feel aligned to your higher purpose? If not, read our recent blog post on ‘Dream Life, how to align to your higher purpose‘. 

5. Eliminating the blocks

The things that stop our desires manifesting are often called mindset blocks. These are the beliefs that hold us back and keep us playing small. It could be words people have spoken over us, the beliefs our parents had or even beliefs that have come from past failures or times when we really believed something and it didn’t happen.

The key to healing these areas is to ask ourselves “Is it true?” This will give you the clarity to see what is reality and what is based on fear.

This simple question and allowing yourself to observe the answer in a non judgemental way, is often enough to start clearing the manifesting blocks.

6. Surrender to Manifesting 

What we resist persists. Therefore surrender is a key component to manifesting. It is not our responsibility to work out the ‘how’. How something will come about or happen is not our part to play. Our  part is the steps above and then believing it is ours, as if it’s already here… then surrendering.

The surrendering is letting do and allowing God/The Universe/Source to take care of the how and bring it to us.

7. Manifesting is Receiving

As women, we are such givers, that we often find it hard to receive.

How well you are able to receive from others in this life is going to determine how much you are open to receiving from God/Universe too.

One of the keys to increasing abundance and ease of manifesting is to open your heart up to receiving more.

  • The next time someone offers you help, say yes.
  • The next time someone offers to take you somewhere nice, say yes.
  • The next time your man says he’d like to do something nice with you, say yes.
  • The next time someone offers to pay for a meal, or a drink, say yes.

We limit the level of abundance and our ability to receive when we say no. We are telling the Universe, I’m ok, I have enough abundance thanks.

It’s time to open wide the gates of your heart to receiving and receiving abundantly.

Worried about receiving? The Oprah Magazine has this amazing article on manifesting and if you want more, read our blog ‘Why the world needs you to be rich‘.

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