3 Practical Steps to a More Balanced and Harmonious Workspace

Nov 8, 2019

3 Practical Steps to a More Balanced and Harmonious Workspace

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You can balance and harmonise the energy in your workspace through feng shui. 

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system designed to create balance and harmony in our lives through cultivating chi (or the energy flow) around our homes. We call it ‘Earth Luck’.

This practice is based on the principles that everything in our Universe is made of energy at the subatomic level and is connected energetically. Our personal energy is therefore connected and affected by our home energy.

I have 7 simple ways to share with you that will kick those distractions to the kerb! And instead you will have a more intentional and focused work day, which will turn into an effective week, year, life…!

Why is feng shui beneficial for your workspace?

You may not be able to see your home’s chi energy, but you will be affected by it, both positively and negatively. 

You’ve probably had that feeling when you walk into a room and you feel “bad vibes” or feel the “atmosphere”. This is because you are connected to your surroundings and you have a subconscious understanding that your environment does affect you.

Your workspace can, therefore, impact your mood, behaviours, and motivation.

When you are creating your business from home, you don’t want to be tripped up by your workspace. You will want an environment that supports and maximises your business growth and successes.

Feng shui can guide you towards success and abundance.  This is a complex practice – you’ve probably heard of yin & yang and the 5 elements of feng shui – but here I will share my top three beginner tips to start creating more balance and harmony in your workspace.

1. Clear Your Clutter

Have you ever wondered why you feel so calm and serene working in cafes or hotels? 

There is one simple similarity – you have no clutter around you! It’s important to acknowledge that your clutter can have an impact on your life; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Clutter is essentially low, stagnant and blocked energy. Feng shui believes that clutter drains you and steals your vital personal energy. 

In practical terms, workplace clutter is anything that does not align with your business mission, vision and goals. It could be too many things in a small space or anything unfinished, untidy or disorganised.

The stagnant energy that surrounds you will create tiredness and lethargy, you will be past focused, have low mood, lack of clarity and focus, feel disorganised, be distracted and procrastinate, feel “stuck” in life and business, and have a financial burden.

Clear the clutter and clear the stagnant energy in your workspace! 

It will remove obstacles for a harmonious flow of energy, and creates space to allow new opportunities to enter our lives and workspace.

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2. Increase Energy Flow

When energy (chi) is not stagnant, it is constantly moving and tends to move forward.  Clearing your clutter will release stagnant energy, but you can also assess your space to maximise the energy flow in your workspace.

The quickest improvement is to move your desk into the ‘Power Position’. 

The Power Position in feng shui means that your desk is turned to face towards the door where the energy is flowing through (although not directly in front of the flow though!). 

Many people ‘optimise their space’ by placing their desk against a wall or a window. But this creates stagnate energy against that wall area and creates too much vast space in the middle of the room.  

By placing your desk in this position, you allow a natural flow to circulate around you.  

Also, by turning your desk around and seeing the door, you will notice a significant shift in your body, mind, and productivity. Your brain waves will be less alert, to enable more concentration, notice opportunities and produce more joy!

3. Be Intentional

Everything in your workspace has an energetic vibe and will create an emotional response in you, consciously or subconsciously. 

To create more balance and harmony, you will need to be more intentional with what you surround yourself with. 

Everything you see or feel in your workspace – the colours, imagery, sounds, textures, smells, and words – will all have an impact on you. They will determine what you think, how you behave and your motivation levels.

Ask yourself if the items around you demonstrate balanced and harmonious emotions for you. If not, remove them from your workspace and start being intentional with what you bring into this space.

The key here is that balance and harmony are never “perfect”. It’s an on-going journey of improvement and adjustments as we and our environments change.

These three steps will provide you with a great starting point to start creating more balance and harmony in your workspace! x

Becky Stanton
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Becky Stanton

Effectiveness Coach

Becky Stanton is an organiser who specialises in personal and home energy. She helps business owners create their ‘work sanctuary’ at home so they can have a more purposeful and intentional space to maximise their business success.

Becky has a passion for success habits, organisation, interior design, and spirituality.

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