10 Ideas for Quick and Easy Content Creation

Sep 1, 2019

10 Ideas for Quick and Easy Content Creation

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Do you sometimes struggle coming up with content ideas for social media?

Do you feel bored of posting the same old thing all the time?

We get it, coming up with ideas for content is one of the most common struggles for people when it comes to being consistent on social media.

This is why we want to share 10 of our quick and easy content creation ideas to help you master your social media game and start building more online visibility for your start-up business.

1.  List the benefits of your product or service

It is always good to revisit your own services and products and list their benefits. Spell it out to your audience!

2.  Make a list of things your clients should avoid!

For example, if you are in the skin consultation business, make a list of products or things to avoid in the sun. You can use this idea for any other business. Everyone loves a useful list with tips, ideas, and valuable advice!

3.  Share a ‘Must Do’ List, the opposite idea of things to avoid

How about a to-do list? They are super popular and easy to consume for your reader. It can be in a post format or a blog post. It is guaranteed to generate interest!

4.  Answer an FAQ

Do you have questions that are often asked by your customers? Why not make it into a social media post. You can regularly post these questions and answers to educate your audience better

5.  Publicise an upcoming promotion

Many people forget to build anticipation and excitement before a launch – how about sharing a snippet of an upcoming promotion, a challenge or launch? Build anticipation and excitement and you will have a warm audience waiting to buy when you launch. 

6.  Snap those behind the scenes moments

Everyone loves behind the scenes content. It creates a deeper connection and trust with your audience by giving them a sneak peek behind the scenes of your business. You could introduce your team, the processes you use, show them your office or share other ways that give them an idea of what it is like to run your business.

7.  Turn your existing content into videos and stories

Chances are, you already have some great content in your library! How about repurposing what you already have into a different format? You have some awesome pictures, why not turn them into a video? 

8.  Create a top 10 list

Everyone loves a list so why not create a top 10 list of your favourite movies, books, destinations, colour palettes or tools. Whatever business you are in, you are sure to be able to find things you can talk about. 

9.  Create a tip of the day

Sharing your tip of the day is a quick and easy way to create useful content that adds value to your followers and builds trust. 

10.  Interview industry experts

How about collaborating with others and inviting an industry expert for an interview on your platform? It may be a video, live, audio, or blog post. Whatever format you choose, it is guaranteed to build goodwill with your audience and build your trust and authority by the power of association.

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